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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 1: Reading (Phần 2) | Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following text message.

Chakia Brown [3:32 P.M.]

Hi, Ziva, I just met with the Han board of directors, and they’re interested in our redesign proposal for their downtown office buildings. Amy Han asked for another work sample, but I didn’t have the right portfolio with me. I’m heading to another meeting, so please have a messenger deliver a copy of the Grainger Centre files to hen Include the full set of plans. Thanks!


147. Where does Ms. Brown most likely work?

(A) At an accounting firm

(B) At an architectural firm

(C) At a Web design company

(D) At a market research company

148. What is Ziva asked to do?

(A) Reply to a text message

(B) Create a portfolio

(C) Set up a meeting

(D) Send a work sample


Questions 149-150 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Oak Lane Fashion cashiers
From: Jane Benson
Date: July 8
Subject: Update

Beginning August 1, Oak Lane Fashion will only accept returns or exchanges of unworn and undamaged clothing that has the original receipt. This information will be posted at all checkout counters by next week. We will also send an e—mail to our existing customers so that they are aware of the new rule. If a customer wishes to make a return without a receipt, please call the manager on duty for assistance. Thanks for your help.

Jane Benson

Director of Operations


149. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

(A) To request a sales report

(B) To announce a new policy

(C) To discuss a fashion trend

(D) To describe an upcoming sale

150. According to the e-mail, what will managers do?

(A) Decide how to display new merchandise

(B) Train staff to use the cash register

(C) Help customers with special requests

(D) Decide what items get price discounts


Questions 151-152 refer to the following Web page.

Carmont Media’s Culture

About us:

At Carmont Media, our work culture is mission driven. We hire people who share a common goal of enriching listeners’ minds through engaging and truthful news stories. We also actively recruit a diverse staff to reflect our Trinidadian and Tobagonian audiences. Carmont Media’s diversity contributes to its Star teams. These teams, composed of workers from all levels of the organization, meet regularly to hold brainstorming sessions aimed at improving efficiency and productivity. Carmont Media offers opportunities for professional advancement and encourages work-life balance.


151. What is mentioned about Carmont Media’s employees?

(A) They get experience in various departments.

(B) They enjoy working for the organization.

(C) They come from a variety of backgrounds.

(D) They are recruited through a staffing agency.

152. What is a purpose of Carmont Media’s Star teams?

(A) Seeking new employees

(B) Raising funds for projects

(C) Promoting work-life balance

(D) Finding creative solutions


Questions 153-154 refer to the following text-message chain.



153. What does Mr. Muro want Ms. Santos to do?

(A) Process some orders

(B) Make a hiring decision

(C) Reschedule a meeting

(D) Talk to a job candidate

154. At 9:36 A.M., what does Mr. Muro mean when he writes, “I know“?

(A) He is also surprised by the company’s growth.

(B) He thinks salaries should be higher.

(C) He has met Ms. Crenshaw before.

(D) He is certain his bus will arrive in 30 minutes.


Questions 155-157 refer to the following article from a company newsletter.

Mark Chandler is Back!

The Administrative Services Division welcomes back to headquarters Associate Director Mark Chandler. —[1]—. Mark spent the last month in Ottawa attending an advanced training session about corporate information security. Corporate-security training allows a company to safeguard its sensitive, confidential, and proprietary information.

Mark is among a growing number of corporate executives who have successfully graduated from this rigorous course. — [2]—. A member of the National Organization of Corporate Security Officers (NOCSO), Mark was formally recognized by the organization for his part in developing software that keeps electronic documents safe. —[3]—. Well done, Mark! —[4]—.


155. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To recognize an employee's accomplishments

(B) To introduce a new staff member

(C) To clarify what information is considered confidential

(D) To describe the challenges of corporate security

156. How did Mr. Chandler improve corporate security?

(A) He trained his company’s security officers.

(B) He helped design a system for securely storing documents.

(C) He assisted in developing new safety guidelines.

(D) He recruited employees who specialize in corporate security.

157. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?


“The training included 60 hours of instruction and a comprehensive written exam.‘

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 158-160 refer to the following card.

Congratulations on purchasing Megagroome, the world’s finest rechargeable shaver! To keep your shaver in top condition, clean your shaver weekly by running it under hot water. Once a month, disassemble the shaver and clean the internal portion thoroughly as shown in the owner’s manual. The shaving heads should be replaced every year with the replacement parts listed in the manual.

The Megagroome shaver has a lithium-ion battery that should last for several years. Please charge the shaver as often as needed. It is not necessary to fully discharge the battery before recharging it. Use only the included charger, because use of any other charger may void the warranty. Complete instructions and details can be found in the owner’s manual.


158. Where would the card most likely be found?

(A) Inside a box with a product

(B) On a bulletin board

(C) In a product display at a store

(D) In the pages of a magazine

159. How often should the shaver be taken apart?

(A) Daily

(B) Weekly

(C) Monthly

(D) Annually

160. What is indicated about the shaver’s battery?

(A) It must run out before charging.

(B) It may be charged whenever necessary.

(C) It is able to hold a charge for a week.

(D) It will work with different chargers.


Questions 161-163 refer to the following Web page.



A Museum of Cross-Cultural History and Artifacts

We are proud to announce our newest exhibit: South American Art.

The exhibit will open on 7 June as part of the museum’s ongoing Arts Around the World programme. All museum patrons who have paid the museum entrance fee may view the exhibit. It will feature historical and contemporary artwork displays from renowned South American artists.

The curator of the six-week exhibition, Julio Carrera, will bring his vast expertise to the museum. Before joining the museum’s management in March of this year, Mr. Carrera was the curator for the Brazilian Institute of the Arts for six years and spent three years studying ancient artifacts for the Centro de la Historia del Arte, an art preservation centre in Venezuela.

The South American Art exhibit will include paintings, sculptures, crafting tools, clothing, jewellery, murals, and clay pottery from six South American countries. Visiting artists from these countries will provide art workshops on select dates in July. The cost for each workshop is £10 in addition to the regular admission fee and includes basic art supplies.


161. What is indicated about the South American Art exhibit?

(A) It is the first exhibit in the Arts Around the World program.

(B) It will be on display only through the end of June.

(C) It includes both old and new art.

(D) It focuses on wall hangings and murals.

162. Who is Mr. Carrera?

(A) A visiting artist

(B) An art journalist

(C) A volunteer tour guide

(D) A museum employee

163. According to the Web page, what can museum patrons do for an extra fee?

(A) Watch a video on South America

(B) Attend an art class

(C) Explore a new exhibit

(D) Sponsor an upcoming exhibit


Questions 164-167 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Oliver Koh (10:15 A.M.)
Hi, Aaron and Denise. Do you know if a package has arrived for me? I was supposed to get a delivery of some documents today, but maybe they were sent to someone else by mistake. It’s from Schrantz Farm Organics and should be labeled urgent.

Aaron Koskinen (10:17 A.M.)
There’s nothing for you here at the front desk. You might want to check with the print shop on the ground floor.

Denise Matova (10:18 A.M.)
There’s a package from Schrantz Farm Organics here in the mail room, but there’s no name on it.

Oliver Koh (10:18 A.M.)
That must be the one for me. Could you please look at the delivery slip again?

Denise Matova (10:19 A.M.)
Sorry, it does have your name on it. It was so small I didn’t notice it.

Oliver Koh (10:20 A.M.)
Great! Could you have the package sent up to my office please?

Denise Matova (10:20 A.M.)
No problem. I’m going upstairs in a minute anyway.

Oliver Koh (10:21 A.M.)
OK, thanks for your help.



164. Why did Mr. Koh start the online chat discussion?

(A) He received a damaged package.

(B) He has a meeting with a client soon.

(C) He is expecting some important documents.

(D) He delivered a shipment to the wrong person.

165. What does Mr. Koskinen recommend doing?

(A) Calling Schrantz Farm Organics

(B) Changing a meeting place

(C) Going to the front desk

(D) Checking a different location

166. At 10:19 A.M., what does Ms. Matova most likely mean when she writes, “Sorry"?

(A) She misplaced a delivery slip.

(B) She arrived late to work today.

(C) She would like Mr. Koh to repeat his instructions.

(D) She made a mistake reading a label.

167. What will Ms. Matova probably do with the package?

(A) Take it to Mr. Koh

(B) Send it out by express mail

(C) Leave it at the front desk

(D) Remove the items from it


Questions 168-171 refer to the following e-mail.


From: Won Ho Kim
To: Management Team
Date: 12 August
Subject: Improving employee satisfaction

Management Team:

— [1] —. Over the next few months, the Human Resources department will be engaging With the Management Team in a variety of conversations about increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. — [2] —.

Telecommuting, in which employees are permitted to work from home all or part of the time, is an approach that many companies are using because it allows employees to work on tasks that may be difficult to complete in an office full of disruptions. With the building reconfiguration project coming up in January, we would like to take the opportunity to consider whether telecommuting would be a good solution for our company. Our final decision on this matter will influence the way in which the work space is reorganized.

I am writing to ask for your feedback. — [3] —. At this point, Human Resources is simply gathering information. Please complete the telecommuting survey, which is found on the Human Resources Web site. — [4] —. Just look for the link on the left side of the home page.

Thank you in advance, and please let me know if you have any questions.

Won Ho Kim
Human Resources Manager
GHTY Engineering, Inc.


168. Why was the e-mail sent?

(A) To remind employees about a policy

(B) To request participation in a survey

(C) To discuss upcoming meetings

(D) To encourage employees to attend an event

169. What is mentioned as a benefit of telecommuting?

(A) It helps employees work without interruptions.

(B) It frees up space in the building for new workers.

(C) It is good for the environment.

(D) It saves the company money.

170. What is the company planning to do in the new year?

(A) Hire a new human resources manager

(B) Reorganize the management team

(C) Change the layout of its building

(D) Introduce a new Web site

171. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“It should be noted that no decisions about telecommuting have been made."

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 172-175 refer to the following schedule of events.


The Uppsala International Book Fair

22-24 September - Berglund Conference Hall - Uppsala, Sweden

Schedule for Friday, 22 September

Outthinking Public Opinion                        12:00 noon—1:00 P.M., Salon A

Touring to promote his latest book, Outthinking Public Opinion, author Damian Schnauz makes a stop at the Uppsala International Book Fair to discuss his latest subject, take questions, and sign his books.

Introductory Course in Graphic Design                  1:30—2:30 P.M., Visual Media Centre

Professional digital designers Allen Doubek and Ivanette Lacasse will present useful techniques and provide attendees with hands—on practice opportunities.

Seminar on Online Publishing                   3:00—4:30 P.M., Lindqvist Auditorium

Releasing and promoting e-books and audiobooks on the Internet. Speakers: Kenneth Pulaski, editor-in—chief of Vendler Publishing, and Tina Savona, marketing manager at Vendler Publishing. All accompanying materials will be sold at the venue immediately before and after the seminar.

Readership in the Digital Age                    5:00—6:30 P.M., Room 210

Is literacy promoted or inhibited by digital media? Debate moderated by Greg Gunnarson.

- To attend these or any other sessions, purchase a daily admission ticket for 100 kr.

- Note that reservations are not required for any session, but seating is limited, so please arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time to ensure a seat. Also note that while photos are permitted, no video recordings may be made of any presentation.

- Meals are available for purchase at locations throughout Berglund Conference Hall. Information about accommodations may be obtained on our Web site at uibf.se/hotels.


172. What is suggested about the first day of the Uppsala International Book Fair?

(A) It is being organized by a team of publishers.

(B) No sessions are scheduled for the morning hours.

(C) Attendance is expected to be the highest on that day.

(D) Mr. Schnauz will announce the subject of his next book.

173. Where will book fair attendees be able to participate in interactive activities?

(A) In Salon A

(B) In the Visual Media Centre

(C) In Lindqvist Auditorium

(D) In Room 210

174. What is mentioned about the accompanying materials for the seminar?

(A) They can be purchased on-site.

(B) They can be downloaded online.

(C) They are available in limited numbers.

(D) They should be ordered from the presenters.

175. What are book fair attendees encouraged to do?

(A) Ask questions after sessions

(B) Post photos on social media

(C) Rearrange seats as necessary

(D) Arrive early for sessions


Questions 176-180 refer to the following Web page and email.



To: service@mountainandforest.ca
From: jinheeshin@sharemail.ca
Date: 10 January
Subject: Order B75022


I recently placed an order for $135 for hiking boots and a thermal jacket intended for a camping trip this weekend. According to the confirmation I received at the time of my purchase, my order should have arrived yesterday. Since I paid an additional fee for three-day shipping, I was expecting that my order would arrive in a timely fashion. As it has not, I am requesting a refund of the shipping cost. Additionally, if my order has not been delivered by tomorrow, please cancel my order as I will have to purchase similar items at a local shop.



Jin-Hee Shin



176. In the Web page, what is indicated about Mountain and Forest’s shipping?

(A) Standard shipping is free for orders under $25.

(B) Some shipped orders may take up to eight days to arrive.

(C) The Shipping cost depends on the total weight of an order.

(D) Custom orders are not eligible for standard delivery.

177. In the Web page, the word “direct" in paragraph 2, line 1: is closet in meaning to

(A) address

(B) supervise

(C) prescribe

(D) handle

178. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

(A) To suggest a new service policy

(B) To inquire about an order packing error

(C) To request a personalized item

(D) To report a delivery problem

179. How much did Ms. Shin pay for shipping?

(A) $5

(B) $8

(C) $15

(D) $18

180. According to the e-mail, why might Ms. Shin decide to visit a local shop?

(A) She expects to purchase her items for a lower price.

(B) She wants to support businesses in her town.

(C) She needs to have her items before a certain date.

(D) She hopes to find a greater selection of sportswear.


Questions 181-185 refer to the following schedule and e-mail.


Society for Trade and Industry (STI)
“The Role of Distance Education in Professional Training”
City University of Abu Dhabi, 11—13 October

DRAFT: Schedule for Wednesday, 11 October

7:30 A.M.—9:00 A.M.

Conference Registration

9:00 A.M.—9:10 A.M.

Welcome and Opening Remarks: Yasmin Al Gaood, Conference Chair

9:15 A.M.—10:00 A.M.

Opening Keynote Address: Ayumi Murakami, STI President

10:05 A.M.—-10:50 A.M.

Title of presentation unknown: representative to be selected, Yaounde College of Agriculture, Cameroon

10:55 A.M.—11:40 A.M.

Innovative Online Resources: Chia Po Cheng, Taipei Business Management Institute, Taiwan

11:45 A.M.—1:20 P.M.

Lunch (Turquoise Center, central campus)

1:30 P.M.—2:15 PM.

Distance Education in the Film Industry: representative from Scotland to be selected

2:20 P.M.—3:05 PM.

Improving Course Content Quality: Andrei Durchenko, Moscow Journalism Academy, Russia

3:10 P.M.—4:00 PM.

Learner Support Systems: Marcel Peralta, School of Pediatric Dentistry, Asuncion, Paraguay


From: Ayumi Murakami <amurakami@sti.org>
To: Yasmin A1 Gaood <yasmin.algaood@euad.ae.ae>
Subject: Re: Draft conference schedule for Wednesday
Date: 25 August


Hello, Yasmin,

As per your request, I have filled the slots that were listed as still available on the tentative conference schedule for Wednesday. Dr. Alban Buchanan in Scotland says that he is eager to talk about distance education as it is practiced within the film academies in his country. Also, my contact in Yaoundé wrote to let me know that Ms. Marie-Thérese Tchangou will be the school’s representative.


Mr. Andrei Durchenko has informed me that he is withdrawing from the conference. His replacement from the same school, Ms. Melina Vakhitova, will submit the title of her presentation shortly.

I also wanted to add that I will be arriving in Abu Dhabi at 6:00 A.M. on Wednesday. That should give me plenty of time to set up for my presentation.






181. What is indicated about Ms. Murakami?

(A) She will speak on the first day of the conference.

(B) She was recently elected STI president.

(C) She will be available to answer questions.

(D) She is scheduled to present in the afternoon.

182. When will a specialist in business management be speaking?

(A) At 10:05 A.M.

(B) At 10:55 A.M.

(C) At 2:20 PM.

(D) At 3:10 PM.

183. In the e-mail, in paragraph 1, line 1, the word “slots” is closest in meaning to

(A) reservations

(B) machines

(C) openings

(D) buildings

184. What presentation will have to be canceled?

(A) Innovative Online Resources

(B) Distance Education in the Film Industry

(C) Improving Course Content Quality

(D) Learner Support Systems

185. According to the e-mail, what information is Ms. Murakami expecting to receive?

(A) The title of a presentation

(B) The name of a replacement speaker

(C) The conference schedule for Thursday

(D) The contact information for Mr. Buchanan


Questions 186-190 refer to the following e-mail, list, and article.


From: mstoch@hesidionclinic.com
To: lstawinski@nostilde.com
Date: March 20
Subject: Hesidion Clinic’s Health Awareness Day


Dear Ms. Stawinski,


In appreciation of your loyalty as a long—time patient of Hesidion Clinic, we are pleased to invite you to our clinic’s Health Awareness Day to be held at the clinic 011 Saturday, April 10. We would be delighted to see you attend, as we will offer a number of activities designed to promote health awareness in our community. If you sign up for this special event by responding to this e-mail by March 31, you will receive a code to present at the clinic for a surprise benefit.


Martin Stoch, Communications Director, Hesidion Clinic



Hesidion Clinic Health Awareness Day, April 10

Tasks and Responsibilities


- Communications: Martin Stoch

- Advertising: Adilene Walker

- Presentations: Jillian Opala (Nutrition), Lance Verhoeven (Fitness)
- Kids' Health Game: Susan Hayashi

- Health Checkups/Talks: Anne Spillane, Rami AI—Araj, Kurt Yin, Thierry Daumas



Health Day at Hesidion Clinic
by Shai Herzog on April 14


Hesidion Clinic hosted a successful Health Awareness Day this past Saturday. The event was held as a way to thank the community for supporting the clinic over the past 15 years. It was well attended by both Hesidion Clinic patients and members of the general public.


Attendees participated in a variety of presentations and everyone received free water bottles, notepads, and other items from event sponsors. Participants who provided a special code were offered a complimentary physical checkup from the team of clinic physicians. During the event, a sizable line formed at Dr. Thierry Daumas’ table. “I came out today to learn about skin care and advances in eye—care technology. But Dr. Daumas’ talk about how to prevent cavities and improve oral health provided me with the most helpful information,” said attendee Liana Stawinski. By far the most popular event was nutritionist Jillian Opala’s presentation on healthy eating habits. More than 100 people, many of them retirees, flocked to hear the latest on super foods. The event took nearly twice as long as expected, as Ms. Opala answered a steady stream of participant questions.


Children were delighted to take part in a health contest involving questions about general health and hygiene. The winners received toys and certificates from the game host. The day was such a success that Hesidion Clinic director, Lance Verhoeven, is already considering making it an annual event.



186. What is Ms. Stawinski encouraged to do?

(A) Complete a survey

(B) Go to an event

(C) Organize some activities

(D) Meet with Mr. Stoch

187. How did some attendees get a free health checkup?

(A) By arriving when the clinic opened

(B) By attending Dr. Daumas’ talk

(C) By responding to an e-mail from Mr. Stoch

(D) By winning a competition

188. What does Dr. Daumas most likely specialize in?

(A) Skin

(B) Ears

(C) Eyes

(D) Teeth

189. What is indicated about the presentation on food?

(A) It was filmed.

(B) It was postponed.

(C) It attracted a lot of attention.

(D) It was given by a retired clinic employee.

190. Who most likely distributed certificates?

(A) Mr. Stoch

(B) Ms. Hayashi

(C) Ms. Spillane

(D) Mr. Verhoeven


Questions 191-195 refer to the following brochure, review, and e-mail.




The Singapore Business School (SBS) is located in the heart of Singapore‘s financial district. We offer a range of high-quality courses aimed at preparing students for graduate school. Between classroom sessions you can explore the city and cultivate business connections. We offer content-based classes, such as finance, economics, and international marketing, as well as classes on preparing graduate school applications, including developing CVs and writing personal statements.


We have helped thousands of students gain entry into graduate programmes around the world. We boast a number of high-profile part-time instructors who are experts in their fields, including Diara Rhodes, chief financial officer of Auto Drive Korea, and Farah Wan, vice president of the Kuala Lumpur Union Lenders. For more information about our impressive faculty and course offerings, or to enroll online, visit our Web site at www.sbs.edu.sg.


What Our Students Are Saying
3 June by Atsushi Koshi


I took a finance course at SBS. The school I am now attending in the United Kingdom had a prerequisite that I had not fulfilled while earning my Bachelor’s degree, so the eight-week course was convenient. However, I couldn’t afford the high rent in the area, so I had to commute, and the traffic in that area is terrible. I wish SBS offered a dormitory for students at the school. The quality of instruction was superb. My lecturer was Diara Rhodes. Though she tended to rush through lectures, discussing a Wide range of topics in a small amount of time, I did learn a lot from the reading and from her descriptions of real—world experiences. The way she solved business problems was a source of inspiration during my graduate school interview, and it is also helping me in my current classes.



To: atsushi.koshi@scholarmail.co.uk
From: lsommersell@sbs.edu.sg
Subject: Your review
 Date: 15 August


Dear Mr. Koshi,

Thank you for your feedback. You’re not the first person to voice this particular concern. Just so you know, we plan on addressing it by following your recommendation. Students who take classes with us starting as early as 1 January will be able to take advantage of this new benefit. Please be sure to mention this to anyone you know who is thinking about taking a class with us.


Kind regards,

Lauri Sommersell



191. Who is the brochure intended for?

(A) Business professionals

(B) Potential graduate students

(C) Instructors seeking employment

(D) Aspiring writers

192. What is indicated about SBS?

(A) It is located in a busy area.

(B) It offers financial assistance.

(C) It provides internship opportunities.

(D) It has employment-assistance services.

193. What does Mr. Koshi mention about his lecturer?

(A) She required a lot of reading.

(B) She covered topics quickly.

(C) She provided few examples.

(D) She encouraged in-class participation.

194. Where does Mr. Koshi’s instructor work when she is not teaching?

(A) At SBS

(B) At a bank in Singapore’s financial district

(C) At Auto Drive Korea

(D) At Kuala Lumpur Union Lenders

195. How will SBS be addressing Mr. Koshi’s complaint?

(A) By hiring more faculty

(B) By reducing the length of classes

(C) By adding more transportation options

(D) By building student housing on campus


Questions 196-200 refer to the following advertisement, application, and letter.



The Delphine Street Grill is a high-profile restaurant serving New Orleans since 1924. We are seeking a line cook to prepare select sautéed items and sauces under the supervision of the executive chef. The ideal candidate will have at least one year of related cooking experience or will have completed a two-year apprenticeship in a well-established restaurant. Demonstrated ability to prepare innovative dishes as well as Classic Cajun-style cuisine is required. To apply, go to www.delphinestreetgrilI.com/careers.



Name: Anton Hoang

E-mail: antonh94@textmail.eom

Phone: 504.555.0177

Related education: Associates degree in culinary arts, Boudreau Community College

Current employer/title: River Ferry Cafe’, Line Cook        Time employed: Six months

Previous employer/title: Hotel Lenoir, Apprentice            Time employed: Two years

Previous employer/title: Picard Seafood, Intern                                Time employed: Three months

Résumé: Attached

Reference list: Attached


Cover letter:


I am very interested in the position of line cook at the Delphine Street Grill. For the past six months, I have been the line cook for a cafe serving traditional Cajun meals. Since the café has only recently been opened, I am responsible for preparing nearly all menu items. I completed my apprenticeship at the famous Hotel Lenoir, working side-by—side with Celebrity Chef Eugenie Mirone. In addition, as Ted Overbeck (my mentor and instructor at Boudreau Community College) can confirm, I am able to develop creative new recipes. In fact, while at the college, I was awarded the Excellence in Innovation Prize for a Vietnamese—style sandwich recipe I crafted, which is now on the menu at the college’s cafeteria.





School of Culinary Arts


Marie Beaumont
Delphine Street Grill
3248 Delphine Street
New Orleans, LA 701 17


Dear Ms. Beaumont:


I am writing in regard to Anton Hoang’s application for employment. Since Mr. Overbeck is on leave this semester, he asked me to respond in his place. Mr. Hoang, who graduated in the top five of his class, demonstrated exceptional culinary skill and a strong desire to learn. He received a glowing review from Sabine Riou, the renowned chef who supervised his three-month internship. I am confident Mr. Hoang will be a valuable asset to your establishment.



Liz Flores
Associate Director of Culinary Arts



196. What is indicated about the line cook position?

(A) It is a two-year contract.

(B) It requires working the Iate-night shift.

(C) It includes supervising the apprentices.

(D) It involves preparing a limited variety of dishes.

197. What is true about Mr. Hoang?

(A) He is applying to work at several restaurants.

(B) He meets the requirements of the position.

(C) He has appeared on television with Ms. Mirone.

(D) He taught at a culinary school in Vietnam.

198. Who is Mr. Overbeck?

(A) An executive chef

(B) An associate director

(C) A culinary teacher

(D) A restaurant owner

199. What is suggested about Boudreau Community College?

(A) It gives out culinary awards.

(B) It offers free cooking workshops.

(C) It needs a new chef for its cafeteria.

(D) It invites celebrity chefs as guest speakers.

200. Where does Ms. Riou most likely work?

(A) At the River Ferry Café

(B) At Hotel Lenoir

(C) At Pieard Seafood

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Trụ sở cơ quan: Số 145 Lê Quang Định, phường 14, quận Bình Thạnh, thành phố Hồ Chí Minh.
Điện thoại: 028.35107799
Email: marcus.lehai@gmail.com


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