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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 10: Listening – Học Hay

Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 10 – Học Hay

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ETS TOEIC - Test 10: Listening - HocHay

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.




Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


7. Which restaurant did Mayumi recommend?

(A) I don't think 50.

(B) Dinner at eight o'clock.

(C) The French one.

8. Could you find a different shirt for that customer?

 (A) Main Street.

(B) Sure, what size?

(C) A suit and a tie.

9. When did you send me the invoice?

(A) Because I‘ve done a lot of work.

(B) Keith from the marketing department.

(C) Sometime last week.

10. Where's the computer programming handbook?

 (A) Jim had it this morning.

(B) A fifteen percent discount applies.

(C) The printing company called.

11. Isn‘t Mr. Akbar] leading the accounting seminar?

(A) Let's close the account.

(B) The electric bill was paid.

(C) No. I think it's Ms. Garcia.

12. Why is traffic so slow today?

 (A) Just a rental car.

(B) Because of road construction.

(C) No, I worked yesterday.

13. Let me help you fix the scanner.

(A) Thanks, but I'm almost finished.

(B) He's a new hire.

(C) About twenty documents.

14. There a code to unlock the door, or is it open?

(A) It should be open.

(B) There's a clock 'In here.

(C) Just around the corner.

15. What color folders would you like me to buy?

 (A) I'd prefer the blue ones.

(B) Yes, please hold this for me.

(C) At the stationery store.

16. How can I request expedited shipping?

(A) The last shipment.

(B) Complete an order form online.

(C) Overnight to Singapore.

17. Don't we need to purchase more fabric samples?

 (A) Yes. I'll do that now.

(B) Downstairs on the left.

(C) I've already read it.

18. Where can I find the Human Resources department?

(A) Upstairs, to the right of the elevator.

(B) All new employees have to watch it.

(C) She‘s been working here for ten years.

19. Who did you speak to about renting the apartment?

 (A) I think it was the property manager.

(B) On the first of every month.

(C) There's a part missing.

20. Are you going to the museum or watching the baseball game?

 (A) About thirty euros.

(B) I don't like sports.

(C) Put your name here. please.

21. Would you like me to review the budget report before you submit it?

(A) No. I don't know him.

(B) Yes, that'd be helpful.

(C) At least 500 dollars.

22. Do you plan to walk to the convention center?

(A) At the job fair.

(B) it was built last year.

(C) Pablo has a car.

23. We're out of flyers for our weekend sales event.

(A) A newspaper article.

(B) Is her flight on time?

(C) There's a printer in my office.

24. Weren't you planning to see a concert tonight?

(A) The tickets are sold out.

(B) I'll finish it right now.

(C) A very famous painter.

25. When will the presentation materials be ready?

 (A) New company policies.

(B) I have two slides left to make.

(C) A seat by the window.

26. Who’s working the closing shift next Monday night?

(A) On the corner of Maple Street.

(B) I'll take a look at the calendar.

(C) Maybe the computer's not working.

27. Can you call the Research Department to get a project update?

(A) I’m meeting with them at two.

(B) It's an old model.

(C) Three months ago.

28. Doesn’t the dentist's office open at seven A.M.?

(A) I think it opened last year.

(B) Not on weekends.

(C) What a great offer!

29. The supplier said the cabinets will be delivered late.

(A) The storage room is that way.

(B) That's going to put us behind schedule.

(C) Some new kitchen appliances.

30. Ms. Jones arrived at four today, didn't she?

(A) All flights were delayed.

(B) No. departures are on the first floor.

(C) Actually, a twenty percent bonus!

31. How long did the team meeting last?

 (A) Production costs are high.

(B) There was only one item on the agenda.

(C) No, we were the first to arrive.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


32. Where does the woman work?

(A) At a computer store

(B) At an accounting firm

(C) At a medical clinic

(D) At a post cities

33. Why is the man calling?

(A) To change an appointment

(B) To discuss a billing error

(C) To buy some supplies

(D) To ask for directions

34. According to the woman, what happened last month?

(A) Some software was installed.

(B) A business relocated.

(C) A schedule changed.

(D) Some shipments were delayed.


35. What is happening next weekend?

(A) A retirement dinner

(B) A grand opening

(C) A birthday party

(D) A wedding

36. What is the woman's specialty?

(A) Baking cakes

(B) Cooking vegetarian meals

(C) Designing kitchens

(D) Arranging flowers

37. What will the women most likely do next?

(A) Clean a workstation

(B) Choose an assistant

(C) Look at an order form

(D) Find some equipment


38. Who is the woman?

(A) A financial adviser

(B) An art gallery owner

(C) A delivery driver

(D) An apartment manager

39. What problem does the man mention?

(A) A room is poorly lit.

(B) A machine is too noisy.

(C) A space is too small.

(D) A location is inconvenient.

40. What does the woman offer to do for the man?

(A) Renovate a room

(B) Lower a price

(C) Hire a technician

(D) Rent an appliance


41. Where do the speakers work?

(A) At a botanical garden

(B) At a landscaping company

(C) At a jewelry shop

(D) At a travel agency

42. What did the woman recently do?

(A) She made a large sale.

(B) She finalized a budget.

(C) She organized activities for a celebration.

(D) She received a certificate.

43. What will the woman do next?

(A) Give a tour

(B) Read a manual

(C) Call a vendor

(D) Rearrange a display


44. Where is the man going?

(A) To a trade show

(B) To a community festival

(C) To a board meeting

(D) To an orientation session

45. What does the man mean when he says, “it's just one small bag”?

(A) He does not have space to bring an item.

(B) He does not need help.

(C) He thinks a product is too expensive.

(D) He needs to buy new luggage.

46. Why is the man leaving early?

(A) He has to catch a flight.

(B) He needs time to eat lunch.

(C) He is worried about traffic.

(D) He has to practice a presentation.


47. Where most likely are the speakers?

(A) At a train station

(B) At a movie theater

(C) At a restaurant

(D) At a furniture store

48. What will begin at two o’clock?

(A) A building inspection

(B) A press conference

(C) An awards ceremony

(D) A job fair

49. Why do the men decide to call a business?

(A) To order tickets

(B) To get driving directions

(C) To complain about a service

(D) To make a reservation


50. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a car manufacturer

(B) At a law firm

(C) At an Internet-service provider

(D) At a fashion magazine

51. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

(A) A staff assignment

(B) A salary increase

(C) A safety procedure

(D) An equipment upgrade

52. What does the man offer to do?

(A) Review a portfolio

(B) Consult a colleague

(C) Submit an application

(D) Schedule a business trip


53. Where do the speakers work?

(A) At an employment agency

(B) At a bank

(C) At a pharmacy

(D) At a supermarket

54. Why does the woman say, “I’ll probably have to work late tonight”?

(A) To offer a solution to a problem

(B) To decline an invitation

(C) To ask for some help

(D) To correct a misunderstanding

55. What does the women say she has to do by tomorrow?

(A) Review a resume

(B) Set up a display

(C) Prepare a demonstration

(D) Finish a summary


56. Why is the woman late?

(A) She could not find a tool.

(B) She did not submit a report on time.

(C) She had to park far away.

(D) She was waiting for an assistant.

57. What problem does the man mention?

(A) Some signs are missing.

(B) Some floor tiles are loose.

(C) A handrail is broken.

(D) Some lights will not turn on.

58. What does the man say he will do after lunch?

(A) Change a light bulb

(B) Look a room

(C) Conduct an interview

(D) Get a supervisor’s approval


59. What business does the woman work for?

(A) A software company

(B) A stationery store

(C) A real estate agency

(D) An accounting firm

60. What does the woman want to do?

(A) Purchase a printer

(B) Dispose of old documents

(C) Renew a lease

(D) Ship some boxes

61. What will Raj most likely do next week?

(A) Meet the woman at her office

(B) Send the woman a catalog

(C) Attend a small-business seminar

(D) Pick up flyers from a printshop


Personal Trainer Schedule










62. What is the man’s job?

(A) Flight attendant

(B) Taxi driver

(C) Hotel manager

(D) Salesperson

63. Look at the graphic. Who will the man’s trainer most likely be?

(A) Maria

(B) Ali

(C) Lior

(D) Ema

64. Why does the woman make an appointment for the man?

(A) He has to take a fitness assessment.

(B) He has to complete some paperwork.

(C) He wants to practice using some equipment.

(D) He wants to tour a fitness center.



65. Why is the man at the store?

(A) To interview for a job

(B) To make a delivery

(C) To complain about a service

(D) To buy some merchandise

66. Look at the graphic. Where does the woman direct the man to go to?

(A) Area 1

(B) Area 2

(C) Area 3

(D) Area 4

67. What does the man show the woman?

(A) An invoice

(B) A discount coupon

(C) A corporate policy

(D) A product brochure



Accountant Jobs

- Senior Accountant

No travel

- Management  Accountant

Local site visits

- Property Accountant

Work from home

- Manage Accountant

Global trips


68. What does the man say he likes about his current job?

(A) His boss is supportive.

(B) His company offers bonuses.

(C) The office is close to his home.

(D) The work is interesting.

69. Look at the graphic. Which job will the man most likely apply for?

(A) Senior Accountant

(B) Tax Accountant

(C) Property Accountant

(D) Management Accountant

70. What does the woman say she will do soon?

(A) Start her own company

(B) Transfer to another department

(C) Plan a vacation

(D) Go to graduate school

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


71. Where does the speaker most likely work?

(A) At a bank

(B) At an electronics store

(C) At a printshop

(D) At a museum

72. What does the speaker say he has e-mailed?

(A) An invoice

(B) A brochure

(C) A trade-show calendar

(D) A reference letter

73. What does the speaker ask the listener to do on a Web site?

(A) Sign a document

(B) Fill out a survey

(C) Submit an application

(D) Register for a class


74. Who is the intended audience for the announcement?

(A) Cooks

(B) Customers

(C) Walters

(D) Hosts

75. Which menu item does the speaker mention?

(A) A soup

(B) A salad

(C) A main course

(D) A dessert

76. What does the speaker ask Mark to do?

(A) Sort through some food items

(B) Apologize to a customer

(C) Stay for a later shift

(D) Clean some dishes


77. What is the focus of the workshop?

(A) Interviewing techniques

(B) Leadership skills

(C) Collecting consumer feedback

(D) Time-management tips

78. What should the listeners do at home?

(A) Create a schedule

(B) Work on a resume

(C) Read some articles

(D) Watch a video

79. Why does the speaker say, “Kenta has worked here for over twenty years”?

(A) To announce Kenta’s retirement

(B) To explain Kenta’s promotion

(C) To recommend Kenta’s services

(D) To agree with Kenta’s opinion


80. What type of event is taking place this evening?

(A) A holiday parade

(B) An arts fair

(C) A music concert

(D) A sports competition

81. What does the speaker advise the listeners to do?

(A) Save their tickets

(B) Take public transportation

(C) Bring a camera

(D) Arrive early

82. What will the listeners hear next?

(A) A celebrity speech

(B) A weather report

(C) A new song

(D) A business update


83. What does the listener want help with?

(A) Completing a building design

(B) Planning a grand opening

(C) Selling a home

(D) Purchasing furniture

84. What does the speaker say she will do first?

(A) Get city approval

(B) Contact a bank

(C) Submit a payment

(D) Visit a property

85. Why is the speaker unable to meet until next week?

(A) She will be out of town.

(B) She is busy with another client.

(C) Her car is being repaired.

(D) Her house is being renovated.


86. Who most likely is the speaker?

(A) A health inspector

(B) A store supervisor

(C) A maintenance worker

(D) An interior decorator

87. What does the speaker ask the listeners to do?

(A) Send accurate time sheets

(B) Save important documents

(C) Recommend a job candidate

(D) Keep an area neat

88. What does the speaker imply when he says,

“the store‘s opening in a few minutes”?

(A) Customers should be patient.

(B) Employees should work quickly.

(C) A schedule was changed.

(D) A meeting is ending.


89. Who is Martina Santos?

(A) A reporter

(B) An architect

(C) An artist

(D) A gardener

90. According to the speaker, what is Martina Santos‘ source of inspiration?

(A) Travel

(B) Nature

(C) History

(D) Music

91. What does the speaker say the listeners can receive at the front desk?

(A) Some tickets

(B) Some headphones

(C) A receipt

(D) A postcard


92. What event is taking place?

(A) A product launch

(B) A going-away party

(C) An awards ceremony

(D) An anniversary celebration

93. Why does the speaker say, “sales of our new cosmetics line increased by ten percent”?

(A) To request additional staff

(B) To express disappointment

(C) To recognize an accomplishment

(D) To describe a new advertising strategy

94. According to the speaker, what is Alina going to do?

(A) Transfer to another location

(B) Buy a house

(C) Start a new business

(D) Write a book



95. According to the speaker, where did the feedback come from?

(A) A trade magazine review

(B) A board member

(C) A group of employees

(D ) A marketing research firm

96. Look at the graphic. Which feature will the listeners work on?

(A) Appearance

(B) Processing speed

(C) Sound quality

(D) Weight

97. What does the speaker ask the listeners to do by the end of the week?

(A) Talk to their managers

(B) Suggest some ideas

(C) Revise some documentation

(D) Approve some specifications



98. Look at the graphic. Which trail does the speaker recommend?

(A) Yellow

(B) Blue

(C) Red

(D) Green

99. According to the speaker, what will happen at 3:00 P.M.?

(A) The bus will leave the parking area.

(B) Some team events will begin.

(C) A photograph will be taken.

(D) A park ranger will give a lecture.

100. What does the speaker say he will do next?

(A) Lead a hike

(B) Meet with the company director

(C) Distribute some beverages

(D) Go to the visitor center

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