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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 10: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: in this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following receipt.

Siobhan’s Toronto, Ontario

April 14 09:23 am.                             Dine-in

Order: 55234                                      Server: Antonio K.


1 Medium Coffee $2.25
No sugar
No milk


1 Large Coffee   $2.75
3 sugars
No milk


2 Croissants        $4.00


Subtotal               $9.00
HST 13%             $1.1 7
Total                   $10.17


Tell us how we did today and get a free medium coffee! Just fill out our online survey at www.siobltans.ca/survey.
You will be given a code to receive a free medium coffee when you buy any regular—priced pastry.



147. What type of business most likely provided the receipt?

(A) A caterer

(B) A vegetable market

(C) A cafe

(D) An online retailer

148. How much money can survey participants save?

(A) $2.25

(B) $2.75

(C) $4.00

(D) $9.00


Questions 149-150 refer to the following advertisement.

Country Gardening Today

Growing plants can be easy. It just takes knowing the right tips and tricks. That’s why our award—winning Country Gardening Today is the most widely read gardening magazine in all of New Zealand. Most of our readers say they had never planted a single seed before ordering our magazine, and now they take pride in their beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables. Our articles Cover every aspect of gardening, and they are written by expert landscape designers, horticulturalists, and botanists. This fun and practical magazine also offers do—it—yourself landscaping ideas, product recommendations (no ads!), and step-by-step guides. Don’t miss this spectacular offer! Subscribe before the end of February and save 25% off the retail cover price! Just go to www.countrygardcningtoday.com.


149. For whom is the advertisement most likely intended?

(A) Beginning gardeners

(B) Landscape designers

(C) Plant store owners

(D) Magazine publishers

150. According to the advertisement, what does the magazine feature?

(A) Product advertisements

(B) Gardening tips from readers

(C) Articles by gardening professionals

(D) Botanical artwork


Questions 151-152 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Pedro Alamilla
From: Emma Golding
Date: 16 April
Subject: Labels

Dear Pedro,

Per your request, below is the text for the labels for the new “Think Green Paper” line. The labels will be placed on the edge of the packaged reams of paper, so their size should not exceed 3 cm by 8 cm. The design should include the tree graphic we discussed yesterday. The text should read as follows:

  • -          Think Green Paper
  • -          100% from recycled products
  • -          90 g/m2 bond
  • -          Bright white

Please create a true-to-size and true-to-color sample version of the label by Wednesday, 21 April, and send it to the attention of my assistant, Dora Kensington. I will be out of the office on Wednesday, but I will review the sample and approve it as soon as I am back in the office on Thursday morning.



151. Who most likely is Mr. Alamilla?

(A) An administrative assistant

(B) Agraphic designer

(C) An accountant

(D) Astore manager

152. What is indicated about the sample?

(A) It will include an image.

(B) It will be larger than its final version.

(C) It will be printed with green ink.

(D) It will require Ms. Kensington‘s approval.


Questions 153-154 refer to the following online chat discussion.


Artie Jeffers [5:40 P.M.]
Sun Jung, the overhead lights in the conference room are blinking oddly. I called the maintenance hotline, but no one answered. Is anyone from maintenance still in for the day?

Sun Jung Park [5:41 RM.]
Oh no! We have a meeting there in 20 minutes with the Larkspur executives. Try sending a message to Patty Grant. She is the head of maintenance and usually works late.

Artie Jeffers [5:45 RM.]
Good news! Patty has already responded. A crew is on the way now to address the problem.


 153. Why does Mr. Jeffers write to Ms. Park?

(A) To schedule a meeting

(B) To find out whether she can work late

(C) To ask about staff availability

(D) To postpone an upcoming event

154. At 5:41 P.M., what does Ms. Park most likely mean when she writes, “Oh no"?

(A) She did not set up the conference room.

(B) She cannot find Ms. Grant‘s phone number.

(C) She is unable to attend an executive meeting.

(D) She is concerned about a maintenance issue.


Questions 155-157 refer to the following form.

Bill Gallardo’s Suits


Item details

Purchaser: Richard Sawyer

Garment: #PC36 (navy/wool)

Price: $89.99         Tax: $5.40

Alteration: no charge (see remarks)

Sold By: Larry Wei

Assigned to: Florian Gartner



Jacket                                   Pants

Collar:                                   Waist:

Sleeves: shorten                    Length:

Shoulders:                             Thigh:

Length:                                                 Knee:

Waist:                                   Hem:



clerical error during initial measurement


155. Who most likely is Mr. Wei?

 (A) A tailor

(B) A designer

(C) A salesperson

(D) A business owner

156. Where does the item not fit Mr. Sawyer correctly?

(A) On his legs

(B) On his arms

(C) Around his neck

(D) Around his waist

157. Why will the alterations be free?

(A) A coupon was redeemed.

(B) The item was purchased online.

(C) The item was sold with a defect.

(D) A staff member made a mistake.


Questions 158-160 refer to the following customer review.


Posted by Padma Pradhan on Friday, September 23, at 12:34 PM.

I took my mobile phone to the Vivi’s Tech Fix location on Rivas Boulevard and 23rd Street for help with a cracked screen. I dropped off the phone on a Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday morning I had received a quote by e—mail letting me know the cost to fix it. I called to accept the quote and give my credit card number, and I was able to pick up the mobile the next day on my way home from work as good as new. If you are looking for responsible professionals, Vivi’s Tech Fix is the right place.


White I was in the store picking up my mobile, another customer came in. She was also picking up a damaged mobile; however, the technicians had informed her that the device could not be fixed because of severe water damage, so she owed them nothing. I was impressed that customers can get a free diagnostic from the technicians and don’t need to pay anything if a device is beyond repair.


158. What is implied about Vivi’s Tech Fix?

(A) It has multiple stores.

(B) It was recently established.

(C) It repairs mobile phones only.

(D) It accepts payment by credit card only.

159. When did Ms. Pradhan pick up her mobile phone?

(A) On Tuesday

(B) On Wednesday

(C) On Thursday

(D) On Friday

160. In paragraph 2, line 5, the word “beyond” is closest in meaning to

(A) superior to

(B) very costly to

(C) in immediate need of

(D) outside the reach of


Questions 161-163 refer to the following memo.



To: All Staff
From: Information Technology Services
Date: July 28

Last night, we experienced an outage 0f the main webmail server that has affected e-mail and web service throughout the company. — [1] —. Our host server, webmail.raass.net, failed overnight, and this has interrupted our mail service. — [2] —. As a result, it takes much longer to open e-mail. In many cases, accounts may not respond at all.

At this moment, service has still not been fully restored. We are investigating the cause of the problem and working to resolve it. — [3] —. We will keep you posted with further notices via automated voice messages, so please do not ignore your phone. We apologize for the inconvenience. — [4] —.


161. What does the memo explain?

(A) How passwords should be changed

(B) How to apply for new e-mail accounts belong?

(C) Why staff have received so many voice messages

(D) Why staff have had difficulty accessing e-mails

162. What are employees asked to do?

(A) Contact the help desk

(B) Post messages on a board

(C) Update their user information

(D) Wait for further announcements

163. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best

“Unfortunately, It Is unclear when that wIll happen."

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 164-167 refer to the following e-mail.


To: ngonzalez@centralavemarketing.com
From: pamison@dantonpubliclibrary.org
Subject: Library update
Date: May 10
 Attachment: Volunteer opportunities


Dear Ms. Gonzalez,

Thank you for your generosity in donating to the Danton Public Library once again last year. Because of donations from you and others, we were able to purchase twenty new computers for our patrons’ use.— [1] —. We also acquired a new collection of nonfiction books for our children’s room. 

At this time, I would like to tell you about another project we hope to complete with additional funds: converting many of our old, worn—out books into electronic files to help preserve their content for future use. This is a costly endeavor. — [2] —. If you are able to contribute even a small amount toward this new goal, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you are unable to make another monetary donation, please consider helping us complete some small renovation projects that we have scheduled for this year. — [3] —. A list of those projects is attached. We hope you Will find one that interests you. — [4] —. We look forward to working alongside enthusiastic and engaged community members like yourself to ensure the library’s future success.


Peter Amison, Community Outreach Coordinator
Danton Public Library


164. Why did Mr. Amison send the e—mail to Ms. Gonzalez?

(A) Because she has a history of helping the library

(B) Because she is overseeing a new project

(C) Because she wrote a book about the town of Danton

(D) Because she is a frequent user of the library’s computers

165. What is most likely true about Ms. Gonzalez?

(A) She is a retired librarian.

(B) She has applied for a job at the library.

(C) She owns a book scanner.

(D) She is a resident of Danton.

166. What current project is the Danton Public Library trying to complete?

(A) Purchasing new books

(B) Replacing old computers

(C) Transferring books to electronic format

(D) Reorganizing the nonfiction section

167. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

”It will require both financial resources from dedicated patrons and additional staff hours.”

(A) [1]
(B) [2]
(C) [3]
(D) [4]

Questions 168-171 refer to the following online chat discussion.


Maria Jacinto [10:24 A.M.]:
Good morning, everyone. i want to welcome Aika Okura t0 the chat.

Aika Okura [10:24 A.M.]:
Hi! I’m glad that my bookstore Is able to eosponsor the writers’ conference this year. It is a great new opportunity for us.

Maria Jacinto [10:25 A.M.]:
We are, too. We have expanded the conference to two days, so the additional sponsorship is a huge help. A larger conference means more sessions and additional hotel arrangements.

Arthur Rufo [10:26 A.M.]:
Speaking of the hotels... The Rowtown Hotel was great last year, but it is booked for the dates we need this time around. The Fairmount at Clark has availability for October 17 and 18, though. It might be better since they have a larger meeting space and more options for the buffet.

Maria Jacinto [10:28 A.M.]:
That sounds good. Can you send us the pricing details?

Arthur Rufo [10:29 A.M.]:
They can offer a special room rate for conference attendees, too. As soon as I have the details, I’II e-mail everyone.

Maria Jacinto [10:30 A.M.]:
Great. How are we doing with the keynote speaker?

Aika Okura [10:31 A.M.]:
Delora Lette has tentatively agreed.

Arthur Rufo [10:32 A.M.]:
Oh. I loved her latest mystery! I can see why it became a best seller so quickly.

Aika Okura [10:33 A.M.]:
Yes, she's great, and I‘ve heard she‘s also a wonderful speaker. She has another engagement in October in London, and she wants to make certain she can do both events. She will confirm by the end of the week.

Maria Jacinto [10:34 A.M.]:
OK. It sounds like things are coming together. I'll check in again on Friday.


168. What is true about Ms. Okura?

(A) She publishes novels.

(B) She owns a business.

(C) She has previously met Ms. Lette.

(D) She has helped organize conferences.

169. What is indicated about the conference?

(A) It will take place in London.

(B) It has more than one sponsor.

(C) It is being held for the first time.

(D) It will offer discounted rates until Friday.

170. At 10:28 A.M., what does Ms. Jacinto mean when she writes, “That sounds good"?

(A) She is pleased with the proposed conference site,

(B) She thinks the cost of the hotel is reasonable.

(C) She wants to join Mr. Rufo at the buffet.

(D) She prefers the Rowtown Hotel.

 171. Who most likely is Ms. Lette?

(A) An event planner

(B) A travel agent

(C) An author

(D) A bookseller


Questions 172-175 refer to the following article in a company newsletter.

Employee News

We would like to extend our congratulations to Alicia Portalska, who will be our new Vice President of Marketing from January 1. This follows last week’s news of Vice President Louis Larson’s retirement at the end of the year. Ms. Portalska joined us as a trainee marketing assistant four years ago and was recently promoted to marketing director. We would like to thank Ms. Portalska for her dedication and outstanding contribution to the marketing department. Her work has had a significant impact on our sales figures. It is in part thanks to her tireless efforts that we have exceeded our sales targets this year. Congratulations, Ms. Portalska! Your example is an inspiration to us all.


172. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To inform staff about sales targets

(B) To give notice of an employee’s promotion

(C) To outline this year’s marketing strategy

(D) To announce that an employee has received an award

173. What does the article indicate about Ms. Portalska?

(A) She is popular.

(B) She works hard.

(C) She is innovative.

(D) She lacks experience.

174. The word “outstanding” in paragraph 2, line 5, is closest in meaning to

(A) pending

(B) complete

(C) remarkable

(D) unexpected

175. What is indicated about this year’s final sales figures?

(A) They were better than anticipated.

(B) They were the same as last year‘s figures.

(C) They were discussed at a recent staff meeting.

(D) They were announced at a ceremony on Friday.


Questions 176-180 refer to the following email and text message.


To: Astrid Martin <amartin@elpost.com>

From: Quail Airlines <reservations@quailairlines.com>

Subject: Flight Confirmation

Date: 15 March


Dear Ms. Martin,


The flight information for the ticket you purchased today is below.

Traveler                               Flight Number                                  Seat                                       Confirmation Number

Ms. Astrid Martin             QA566                                                   18D                                        EV4363592

Date of Travel                   Departing                                                                                            Arriving

10 April                                 Brussels, Belgium, 10:35 A.M.                                              Toronto, Canada, 1:00 PM.


Boarding Time: 9:35 A.M. to 10:05 A.M.


Baggage Reservation: 1 checked bag, 1 carry-on bag

On the day of travel, proceed to the Quail Airlines counter to receive your boarding pass and check in your baggage. As a Quail Travel Card member, you are allowed one Checked bag and one carry—on bag free of cost. See the Chart below for an explanation of baggage charges.



1 bag

2 bag

3 bag

4 bag

Checked Bag








In the event of an airline delay of more than three (3) hours, you may use your Quail Travel Card to enter our Quail Preferred Clubroom. There you may relax, use our high—speed wireless Internet service, and enjoy complimentary food and refreshments at our snack bar.




To: Astrid Martin
From: Quail Airlines Flight Q1666
Date: 10 April, 6:00 A.M.


This text message alert is to inform you that your flight QA566 today to Toronto, Canada, has been delayed 4 hours due to poor weather conditions. Boarding will now begin at 1:35 P.M. We apologize for any inconvenience.



176. What is true about Ms. Martin?

(A) She is from Canada.

(B) She is flying with a group.

(C) She is taking a business trip.

(D) She is a Quail Travel Card member.

177. How much must Ms. Martin pay for her bags?

(A) $0.00

(B) $30.00

(C) $60.00

(D) $90.00

178. Why was the text message sent to Ms. Martin?

(A) To confirm her ticket purchase

(B) To notify her of a price increase

(C) To inform her of a time change

(D) To tell her what departure gate to use

179. What can Ms. Martin receive on April 10 ?

 (A) A free travel bag

(B) A free snack

(C) A free seat upgrade

(D) A free flight reassignment

180. In the text message, the word “poor” in paragraph 1, line 3, is closest in meaning to

(A) bad

(B) weak

(C) little

(D) thick


Questions 181-185 refer to the following e-mails.

To: custserv@xanthusflowers.co.uk
From: mnair@nortraxpetrol.co.uk
Date: 27 July
Subject:  Order #9871


Dear Sir or Madam:


On 24 July, I placed an online order for £180 for three arrangements of white roses and pink lilies on behalf of my company, Nortrax Petroleum. The flowers were meant to be delivered by IO A.M. the following day for a company banquet that evening.


Unfortunately, the flowers did not arrive until noon. Moreover, the bouquets consisted of pink and white carnations. Worst of all, many of the flowers were either wilted or were shedding petals and thus could not be used to decorate the banquet room as planned. I was surprised and disappointed to be let down by Xanthus Flowers, a company we at Nortrax Petroleum have come to trust and depend on over the last five years.


Since the flowers were for a one—time event, a replacement order is not really an option. Consequently, I would like to receive a refund.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Mindy Nair

Corporate Event Coordinator

Nortrax Petroleum



To: mnair@nortraxpetrol.eo.uk

From: custserv@xanthusfiowers.co.uk

Date: 28 July

Subject: Order #9871


Dear Ms. Nair,

We sincerely apologize for the problems you recently experienced with your order. We have recently transitioned to a larger facility and have experienced a few challenges as we adjust. It is our goal to provide on-time delivery and high-quality flowers for every order. We regret that this order did not live up to our high standards.


A refund cheque in the amount of £180 has been issued to your company. Because we are at fault, we would like to offer you a 20% discount plus free delivery on your next order.


Thank you for being a loyal customer. We look forward to serving you again in the near future.



Bill McCabe

Customer Service Manager



181.When did the banquet organized by Nortrax Petroleum take place?

(A) On July 24

(B) On July 25

(C) On July 27

(D) On July 28

182. What is NOT true about the flowers mentioned by Ms. Nair?

(A) Their condition was unacceptable.

(B) They were the wrong kind.

(C) They were too expensive.

(D) They were delivered late.

183. What is suggested about Ms. Nair?

(A) She works for an event—planning company.

(B) She would like to have flowers delivered monthly.

(C) She ordered more flower arrangements than she needed.

(D) She has done business with Xanthus Flowers in the past.

184. What does Mr. McCabe offer that Ms. Nair was not expecting?

(A) A discount on a future order

(B) Free delivery for all future purchases

(C) A refund for the entire cost of an order

(D) New flowers to replace some unsatisfactory ones

185. What is mentioned about Xanthus Flowers?

(A) It is known for its fast service.

(B) It is operating from a new location.

(C) It recently purchased delivery vehicles.

(D) It plans to expand its selection of flowers.


Questions 186-190 refer to the following Web page, order form, and e-mail.




About Us



Contact Us

Singh Supplies LLC


Singh Supplies LLC is your leading source for shipping and packaging materials. Our founder, Chatar Singh, started the business more than 30 years ago, when he coined the company’s motto, “Expect the best for less.”


How do we, his children and grandchildren, make his pledge a reality today? We buy all materials in bulk and pass the savings along to our customers. You will receive the lowest prices and highest quality as well as the most attentive customer service in the shipping-supplies business.

-          Each order is filled within 24 hours.

-          You may phone, fax, e—mail, or text your order.

-          Customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-          Five shipping centers in the Northeast minimize costs and shorten delivery times.


This is our satisfaction guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, you may return your order within 10 days of purchase for a full refund. After 10 days you may return an order for a credit that is valid for up to one year. Please note that the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.



Singh Supplies LLC

Date: July 10                       Name: Montjoy Antiques, attn. Shipping Department

Shipping address:  102 Danbury Street, Valleyville, New Hampshire 03038


Product number



Unit Price

Total Price

MB 01267

cardboard box (large)




MB 01257

cardboard box (medium)




MB 01268

reinforced crate




TR 01345

tape roll




BW 01456

bubble wrap roll




Thank you for your business!

Subtotal:                 1372.00

Deliver y Charge:   140.12

Total:                      1512.12


To: Jung Hee Kim <jhk@montjoyantiques.com>

From: Francine Mayo <fmayo@montjoyantiques.com>

Date: August 12

Subject: Order problem


Hi, Jung Hee,


I just checked with our deliveries department and I am pleased that our July 10 order was delivered promptly by Singh Supplies as usual. However, now that we’ve finally moved the items into the warehouse, it appears we inadvertently ordered far too many of the sturdy crates. We use this item rarely, so it could take us years to go through this many. In addition, they’re big, so we’ve had to stack several in the restoration department, where space is already at a premium. Could you contact Achint Singh today and find out if we can send half of them back? Please forward me any instructions he gives you and I’ll take it from there.


Thank you!





186. What is indicated about Singh Supplies?

(A) It is a relatively new business.

(B) It is operated by members of a family.

(C) It ships its products all over the world.

(D) It manufactures the products that it sells.

187. Which aspect of business does the Web  page emphasize?

(A) Attentive service to clients

(B) A wide selection of products

(C) Partnerships with other companies

(D) Conveniently located retail locations

188. In the e—mail, what does Ms. Mayo praise about Singh Supplies?

(A) It is easy to contact.

(B) It packs Items securely.

(C) It delivers orders quickly.

(D) It sends product samples.

189. Which product does Ms. Mayo want to return?

(A) MB 01257

(B) MB 01268

(C) TR 01345

(D) BW 01456

190. How will Mr. Singh most likely respond to Ms. Kim‘s request?

 (A) By sending Ms. Mayo additional items

(B) By apologizing to Ms. Kim for an error

(C) By issuing a credit to Montjoy Antiques

(D) By giving Montjoy Antiques a full refund


Questions 191-195 refer to the following article, e-mail, and outline.

Tolley Praises Local Farms


MANCHESTER (June 2)—Local horticulture expert Cassandra Tolley is scheduled to deliver a lecture Friday night at the Burton Auditorium in Manchester. The owner of Green Ridge Farm in nearby Windham County, Ms. Tolley will discuss the importance of supporting and promoting local farmers.  


A strong advocate for small-seale farmers and a small—scale farmer herself, Ms. Tolley has traveled extensively over the past few years to deliver her message of “eating locally.”


“If we make an effort to source our ingredients locally, we not only sustain and assist the local economy, we also encourage variety in the marketplace,” says Ms. Tolley. “And that is beneficial to consumers.”


“Everyone should spend their weekends browsing the regional farmers’ markets,” she adds. “It’s the best place to get your groceries during the summer.”


Friday night’s lecture begins at 7 PM. It is free, but seating is limited. Please arrive early. To view a comprehensive listing of statewide summer farmers’ markets, visit www.vermontfarmersmarkets.org.


To: Cook Today Writing Staff

From: Zack Hernandez, Editor-in-Chief

Ha: Cassandra Tolley talk

Date: June 8


To all staff,


Cassandra Tolley is giving a talk on Friday. Please let me know it' you can go. I’m  confident she’ll provide some good material for an article on local growers. I had a chance to hear her speak last year at Green Ridge Farm. I found her not only brilliant but funny as well.





Features Outline for the August Issue of Cook Today Magazine

Feature Title



Local Made Good

Sourcing and showcasing local producers and ingredients

Ira Newton

Herbs All Year

Growing and maintaining an indoor kitchen herb garden

Makalah Young

Vegan Delicious

Modern, nutritious, organic vegan recipes

Keyon Davis

Amazing August

A calendar of events in August

Jae—eun Park


191. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To advertise a local business

(B) To discuss the local economy

(C) To promote an upcoming event

(D) To profile a new shopping market

192. What does Ms. Tolley encourage people to do?

(A) Visit her Web site

(B) Read her book

(C) Grow their own produce

(D) Shop at farmers‘ markets

193. What is indicated about Mr. Hernandez?

(A) He is a friend of Ms. Tolley’s.

(B) He organized Ms. Tolley’s talk.

(C) He has visited Ms. Tolley’s business.

(D) He is selling tickets to Ms. Tolley's talk.

194.  What featured article will help readers grow a garden inside their home?

(A) Local Made Good

(B) Herbs All Year

(C) Vegan Delicious

(D) Amazing August

195. Who most likely attended Ms. Tolley’s talk?

(A) Mr. Newton

(B) Ms. Young

(C) Mr. Davis

(D) Ms. Park


Questions 196-200 refer to the following postcard, form, and e—mail.


Mr. Brian Carelli

815 Irving St.

New York, NY 10005

Madera Hotels Member Rewards

**April Specials**


Make a reservation by April 30 for a three-night or longer stay at any of our hotels between April 1 and August 31, and receive a choice of:


(1) 20 points per dollar spent + 500 bonus points

(2) $50 restaurant gift card for use at any Madera Hotel restaurants

(3) 40% discount off spa services during your stay

(4) A discount on a car rental booked at the same time as your stay


We appreciate our frequent customers and thank you for continuing to choose Madera Hotels.




Madera Hotels Member Rewards Customer Support:


Please complete this form with as much detail as possible so that we can better assist you.


Today’s Date: July 14

Property Name: The Grand Madera                        Reservation Number: XWQ43R2

Location: (select one)   [ ] Denver              [X] Los Angeles                [ ] New York        [ ] Washington. DC

Hotel Stay Start Date: May 12

Name: Brian Carelli

Membership Number: B11932013

Email: bcarelli@pointinvesting.com

Phone Number: 555-0101



I recently took advantage of if your April Specials when I booked a stay at the Los Angeles Grand Madera for May. I requested the bonus points offer when I made my reservation online, but when I received my June Member Rewards statement, I noticed that the points had not been applied to my account. Please let me know if I will still receive the bonus points. Thank you.



To: Brian Carelli <bcarelli@pointinvesting.com>

From: Oliver Beltran <obeltran@maderahotels.com>

Date: July 15

 Subject: Your Inquiry – B11932013


Dear Mr. Carelli,


Thank you for being a valued member of the Madera Hotels Member Rewards program. We appreciate you choosing Madera for your business conferences and personal trips. I looked into your request, and it seems that you are correct; we did not credit your account with the bonus points for your stay. Instead, we sent the restaurant gift card to your business address. I apologize for this mistake and will credit your account right away. Also, to compensate for our mistake, I will double the offer.




Oliver Beltran

Senior Manager, Customer Support

Madera Hotels


196. Why most likely did Mr. Carelli receive the postcard?

(A) He frequently reserves rooms at Madera Hotels.

(B) He rented a vehicle in May.

(C) He last visited a Madera Hotel in New York.

(D) He enjoys eating in hotel restaurants.

197. What is likely true about Mr. Carelli’s hotel stay?

(A) It was for a conference.

(B) It included a spa visit.

(C) It was at least three nights long.

(D) It was paid for in advance.

198. According to the form, when did Mr. Carelli report an issue with his account?

(A) On April 1

(B) On May 12

(C) On June 30

(D) On July 14

199. What special April reward did Mr. Carelli mistakenly receive?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

200. What does Mr. Beltran offer to do?

(A) Upgrade a membership

(B) Change a reservation

(C) Give additional bonus points

(D) Schedule a business conference

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