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Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 2 – Học Hay

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ETS TOIEC - Test 2: Listening - HocHay

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.






Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


7. Where did you leave the account files?

(A) In your mailbox.

(B) To South America.

(C) No, I live nearby.

8. Who should I call about the broken window?

 (A) The maintenance department.

(B) Try not to leave it open.

(C) Around nine o’clock.

9. You ordered more parts for the motor, right?

(A) I promoted him.

(B) Thanks, it's a new model.

(C) Yes, last week.

10. When is the rent due?

(A) Please send it by Friday.

(B) I do have one.

(C) The new apartment complex.

11. Why don’t we submit the supply request?

(A) OK. I'll print it out.

(B) Yesterday morning.

(C) Yes, we do.

12. Won't you be at the panel discussion tomorrow?

(A) The presentation schedule.

(B) The brown panels look nice.

(C) No, I’m leaving the conference tonight.

13. When did Susan ask for a computer upgrade?

(A) About an hour.

(B) Sometime last week.

(C) To business class.

14. Do you work in marketing or public policy?

(A) It's open to the public.

(B) I don‘t like the new policies.

(C) Neither, actually.

15. Are you available for an interview next Tuesday?

(A) Yes, I'd be happy to come in.

(B) A bit earlier next time.

(C) Sure, let's go over the weekend.

16. How did you make this soup?

(A) Quite a long time.

(B) Here's a copy of the recipe.

(C) For Saturday night.

17. Wasn‘t the office furniture shipped last month?

(A) The delivery’s been delayed.

(B) Ms. Martinez does.

(C) A more modern design.

18. Do you have some paper clips I can use?

(A) The paper comes in several colors.

(B) I found it very useful.

(C) How many do you need?

19. How do | change my password?

 (A) I don’t have any more.

(B) You‘d better ask Ms. Wang.

(C) Yes, you can log in now.

20. You can’t get us an earlier flight. can you?

(A) It’s a wonderful city.

(B) I usually pack light.

(C) No, they're all fully booked.

21. Why is the door locked?

(A) I'm sure security can open it.

(B) Six o'clock every day.

(C) It’s right around the corner.

22. Are you using the copier?

(A) Would you like some more?

(B) You go ahead.

(C) Mr. Tong's office.

23. I really need the updated expense report.

(A) The trip to London.

(B) It wasn't that expensive.

(C) I'll send it as soon as possible.

24. Who's leading the logo design project?

(A) 1 can lead you there.

(B) By the third of October.

(C) We're still deciding.

25. What happened at the workshop yesterday?

 (A) It's been working fine.

(B) I missed it, too.

(C) I like that shop.

26. Is there a dressing room where I can try these sweaters on?

(A) The store opened at 10 AM.

(B) How would you like to pay?

(C) They're all occupied right now.

27. The dinner with the clients is Wednesday.

(A) Four copies, please.

(B) I'm sure that he did.

(C) That's not what I was told.

28. Why is the financial forecast still not finished?

(A) They're forecasting rain.

(B) In the finance department.

(C) You didn't receive it?

29. What did you think about that presenter?

 (A) I wish he could train my team.

(B) Thanks, that's good to know.

(C) About three times a week.

30. Is our production line operating again?

(A) That's a high rating.

(B) Not quite, but almost.

(C) Yes, I have.

31. I'm going to put on my sweater.

 (A) The morning weather report.

(B) I could turn the heat up.

(C) I haven't decided yet.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


32. What is the main topic of the conversation?

(A) A new supervisor

(B) A budget report

(C) An office floor plan

(D) A project deadline

33. What does the man request?

(A) Additional office supplies

(B) Extra team members

(C) A different office

(D) A sample document

34. What does the woman suggest the man do?

(A) Speak with a colleague

(B) Organize some files

(C) Revise a manual

(D) E-mail a memo


35. Who most likely is the woman?

(A) A journalist

(B) A musician

(C) A theater director

(D) A costume designer

36. What does the woman ask about?

(A) A performance date

(B) A guest list

(C) Some seating assignments

(D) Some lighting

37. What does the man say he would prefer to do?

(A) Complete a task at a later time

(B) Ask for a meal to be delivered

(C) Speak with a manager

(D) Conduct some background research


38. What is the problem?

(A) There is a scheduling conflict.

(B) There are no projectors available.

(C) A contract is incorrect.

(D) A deadline has been missed.

39. What does the woman inquire about?

(A) Comparing competitors’ prices

(B) Purchasing new software

(C) Postponing a training session

(D) Arranging a teleconference

40. What does the men say he will do?

(A) Send some materials

(B) Find some supplies

(C) Speak with a supervisor

(D) Contact a client


41. Where most likely are the speakers?

(A) At a medical office

(B) At a bank

(C) At an electronics store

(D) At a library

42. According to the woman, why should Mr. Patel open an account?

(A) To view a presentation

(B) To make an appointment

(C) To receive a free gift

(D) To leave some feedback

43. What does Colin give to Mr. Patel?

(A) An application

(B) A receipt

(C) A registration card

(D) A set of instructions


 44. What does the man say will take place in two weeks?

(A) An awards ceremony

(B) A staff retreat

(C) A grand opening celebration

(D) A professional conference

45. What does the women say she is concerned about?

(A) An inconvenient location

(B) A missed deadline

(C) A parking fee

(D) A canceled flight

46. Why does the man say, “It's twenty dollars to take a taxi"?

(A) To make a suggestion

(B) To express surprise

(C) To complain about a price

(D) To correct a mistake


47. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a local hotel

(B) At an employment agency

(C) At a clothing manufacturer

(D) At a laundry service

48. What problem does the man mention?

(A) A machine is broken.

(B) A deadline is not realistic.

(C) An item is poorly made.

(D) A supplier went out of business.

49. How will the speakers solve the problem?

(A) By hiring additional staff

(B) By purchasing more material

(C) By updating some machinery

(D) By negotiating with a business


50. What has the woman forgotten to bring?

(A) A receipt for an item

(B) A loyalty card

(C) Some coupons

(D) Some shopping bags

51. What problem does the man mention?

(A) A manager is not available.

(B) A product is out of stock.

(C) A computer system is not working.

(D) An advertised price is incorrect.

52. What does the man imply when he says, “I know where it belongs”?

(A) He can tell the woman where to find an item.

(B) He will return an item to the correct location.

(C) A supervisor is not available.

(D) An item has been put on the wrong shelf.


53. Who most likely is the man?

(A) A professional athlete

(B) A store manager

(C) A city official

(D) A television producer

54. What are the speakers discussing?

(A) A health and fitness show

(B) A workplace volunteer event

(C) A road-repair initiative

(D) A bicycle—sharing program

55. What does the woman say is part of the service her company provides?

(A) Wellness screening

(B) Local advertising

(C) Product samples

(D) Event tickets


56. What is the woman announcing?

(A) A design has been approved.

(B) Some employees will be promoted.

(C) Some equipment will be installed.

(D) A security inspection will take place soon.

57. What is being arranged for next week?

(A) A board meeting

(B) A training session

(C) A company luncheon

(D) A job interview

58. What does the women say she will do?

(A) Confirm a time

(B) Test some software

(C) Visit a facility

(D) Review a proposal


59. Who most likely is the woman?

(A) A journalist

(B) A mechanic

(C) An engineer

(D) A plant supervisor

60. What is the main topic of the conversation?

(A) New car designs

(B) The opening of a factory

(C) An increase in costs

(D) Safety ratings

61. According to the man, what will happen in December?

(A) Discounted trips will be available.

(B) An advertising campaign will start.

(C) An article will be published.

(D) Production will begin at a facility.


Wood Flooring Options

Product Code

Type of Wood










62. How did the woman reach her decision?

(A) She did some Internet research.

(B) She asked a friend for a recommendation.

(C) She examined some samples.

(D) She compared prices.

63. Look at the graphic. Which product did the woman choose?

(A) W32

(B) W51

(C) W76

(D) W94

64. Why does the men need to call back later?

(A) He is unsure about some inventory.

(B) He is about to attend a meeting.

(C) He needs to check his work schedule.

(D) He wants to consult a coworker.


Stockton Community Festival


November 5 and 6

Rain Dates: November 12 and 13


Enjoy local shopping and dining!



65. Who most likely are the speakers?

(A) Community organizers

(B) Weather reporters

(C) Jewelry designers

(D) Restaurant staff

66. Look at the graphic. When will the man work at the festival?

 (A) On November 5

(B) On November 6

(C) On November 12

(D) On November 13

67. What does the woman say she will do?

(A) Hang up some posters

(B) Assist a friend

 (C) Prepare some food

(D) Write a review


Natural History Museum


Mammal Hall

Bird Hall

Main Hall



68. Why does the woman talk to the man?

(A) To purchase a ticket

(8) To sign up for a tour

(C) To rent some equipment

(D) To inquire about an exhibit

 69. Look at the graphic. Where does the man tell the woman to go?

 (A) To the Mammal Hall

(B) To the Bird Hall

(C) To the Main Hall

(D) To the Cafeteria

70. What does the man say about the woman's ticket?

(A) It can be purchased in advance.

(B) It includes admission to special events.

(C) It is issued only to museum members.

(D) It is nonrefundable.

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


71. Where is the announcement being made?

(A) At an art supply store

(B) At a public library

(C) At a school

(D) At a hardware store

72. What can listeners find on the first floor?

(A) A product demonstration

(B) A discussion-group meeting

(C) Refreshments

(D) Items on sale

73. What are listeners encouraged to do by August 30 ?

(A) Activate a rewards card

(B) Enter a contest

(C) Register for a class

(D) Fill out surveys


74. Who most likely is the speaker?

(A) An appliance salesperson

(B) A repair technician

(C) An apartment manager

(D) A hotel receptionist

75. What is the speaker calling about?

(A) An advertised rebate

(B) An expired warranty

(C) An inaccessible parking space

(D) A broken appliance

76. Why is the listener asked to stop by an office?

(A) To return a key

(B) To collect a package

(C) To drop off a letter

(D) To make a payment


77. What product is the speaker discussing?

(A) A tablet computer

(B) A mobile phone

(C) A radio

(D) A clock

78. What is unique about the product?

(A) Its screen

(B) Its low price

(C) Its range of options

(D) Its size

79. What does the speaker suggest some listeners do?

(A) Call a customer service number

(B) Recycle older products

(C) Visit a sales booth

(D) Log on to a Web site


80. Why has the meeting been called?

(A) To explain a manufacturing process

(B) To announce a merger

(C) To provide details on a contract

(D) To inform employees of an error

81. Why does the speaker say, “it's been a week"?

(A) To express concern about a delay

(B) To praise a team's performance

(C) To remind employees about a rule

(D) To agree with a business strategy

82. What does the speaker ask Masaki to do?

(A) Call a shipping company

(B) Verify some addresses

(C) E-mail staff members

(D) Give a speech


83. Which department does the speaker work for?

(A) Building Security

(8) Public Relations

(C) Technology

(D) Payroll

84. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?

(A) Train her on some software

(B) Send an employee to her office

(C) Check some payment information

(D) Attend an orientation

85. What does the speaker mean when she says, “This form is only one page, though"?

(A) A policy has been changed.

(B) A task should not take long.

(C) The wrong document was given out.

(D) Some instructions are unclear.


86. What product will listeners learn about on the tour?

(A) Watches

(B) Computers

(C) Knives

(D) Batteries

87. Who is Laura Shen?

(A) A company president

(B) A news journalist

(C) A scientist

(D) A client

88. What does the speaker mention about the tour?

(A) Large bags are not allowed.

(B) Photography is not permitted.

(C) The size of a group is limited.

(D) Registration is required.


89. Who most likely is the speaker?

(A) A travel agent

(B) A chef

(C) A farmer

(D) A filmmaker

90. What caused a delay?

(A) Equipment problems

(B) Poor weather conditions

(C) Heavy traffic

(D) Lost luggage

91. Why does the speaker say, ”I’ll be answering questions when it’s over"?

(A) To explain that he will be busy

(B) To ask listeners not to interrupt him now

(C) To encourage people to stay afterward

(D) To correct a scheduling mistake


92. Who is the speaker congratulating?

(A) Executive board members

(B) A new business partner

(C) Marketing staff

(D) Food scientists

93. According to the speaker, what do customers like about the commercial?

(A) The images of families

(B) The video quality

(C) The professional actors

(D) The background music

94. What most likely will listeners do next week?

(A) Interview candidates

(B) Share ideas

(C) Check some statistics

(D) Develop a recipe



James Albertson


Flight: WA15         Gate: B12          Seat: 7A


Boarding Zone: 1



95. What is the announcement about?

(A) Connecting flight information

(B) Alost item

(C ) A flight cancellation

(D) Agate change

96. Look at the graphic. Which number should James Albertson pay attention to now?

 (A) WA15

(B) B12

(C) 7A

(D) 1

97. What will the speaker announce later?

(A) Where to find luggage

(B) How to select a new seat

(C) Whom to contact for a refund

(D) When repairs will be finished




98. What event did the speaker recently attend?

(A) An advertising seminar

(B) An awards ceremony

(C) A managers” meeting

(D) A writing workshop

99. What topic does the speaker report on?

(A) Company finances

(B) Human resources

(C) Advertising

(D) Competitors

100. Look at the graphic. Which store section will be expanded?

(A) Travel

(B) Hobbies

(C) Art

(D) Fiction

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