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Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 4 – Học Hay

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ETS TOEIC - Test 04 : Listening - HocHay

Part 1


Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.





Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


7. Who was hired to be the manager's new assistant?

(A) Jacob got the job.

(B) OK, I’ll give them a quick tour.

(C) At this afternoon's staff meeting.

8. When is the final budget due?

(A) Tomorrow at five o'clock.

(B) For the advertising department.

(C) Mr. Tong’s office.

9. The store has another location in Brentwood, doesn't it?

(A) It’s on the top shelf.

(3) A twenty percent discount.

(C) Yes. there‘s one in the historic district.

10. Would you care to join us for dinner?

(A) She was late for work.

(B) Please be careful.

(C) Sorry. I have other plans.

11. Did Lisa pick up the invitations from the printers?

(A) On letterhead stationery, please.

(B) No, she hasn't gotten to it yet.

(C) The annual fund-raising banquet.

12 Which dance performance did you like the best?

(A) They were all so good.

(B) Our seats are near the stage.

(C) It should be very entertaining.

13. You're going to Melbourne soon, aren't you?

(A) Yes. I leave at 3:00 PM.

(B) Because it's too expensive.

(C) No, they weren't.

14. When can we expect the shipment?

(A) A large number of tables and chairs.

(B) Not until next Tuesday afternoon.

(C) At the post office on Main Street.

15. Can you handle this client‘s complaint?

(A) Yes, of course.

(B) The accounts manager.

(C) No, I didn't.

16. How much will it cost to fix this computer?

(A) It'll be ready next week.

(B) Replace the hard drive.

(C) Is it still under warranty?

17. Won't Ellen be organizing the conference this year?

(A) A well—organized event.

(B) We've decided what to bring.

(C) No. she's taking a year off.

18. Where are the half-price shoes?

(A) A missing price tag.

(B) Sure, we'll buy those.

(C) That sale ended yesterday.

19. Does the apartment building have a parking area?

(A) There's a public garage close by.

(B) Many trees and flowers are in bloom now.

(C) A two-bedroom apartment.

20. When were these forms authorized?

 (A) He's written several books.

(B) Our supervisor will know.

(C) Another batch next Tuesday.

21. The table should be set before the guests arrive.

(A) No, twelve people at seven o'clock.

(B) How was the party?

(C) I’ll do it right now.

22.  Today's all staff meeting wasn't well attended, was it?

(A) Many employees are out of the office.

(B) It's in room five on the second floor.

(C) Ten o'clock every day.

23. Didn't you reschedule your vacation for August?

(A) From Thailand and Vietnam.

(B) A new travel agent.

(C) No, I booked a trip in July.

24. Which of this week's training sessions should I sign up for?

(A) It'll last about four hours.

(B) Attendance was fairly low.

(C) They've been postponed until next month.

25. I‘d like you to present your proposal at the next council meeting.

(A) Thank you for the nice present.

(B) Sure, I'd be happy to.

(C) Yes, it was an interesting meeting.

26. Should we make copies of the budget for the team or e-mail it to them?

 (A) A yearly Statement.

(E) Not everyone needs a copy.

(C) They did well in the competition.

27. I'll pick you up at the bus terminal at eight- thirty in the evening.

(A) Great. I'll be there waiting.

(B) I think Soc-Hee has them.

(C) It's sold out.

28. Will we hire one delivery driver or two?

(A) Where's the license bureau?

(B) His brother works here.

(C) We really need two.

29 .Has the new software been installed on your computer yet?

 (A) He's from the Information Technology department.

(B) I just got back from vacation today.

(C) Several hundred dollars.

30. Why are they cleaning the carpets now?

(A) I'll see if one’s available.

(B) Is the noise bothering you?

(C) No thanks. It's already been done.

31. I thought we were moving to the new office next week.

(A) There was an e—mail update about that.

(B) Next to the break room.

(C) To buy the packing supplies.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


32. What are the speakers discussing?

(A) An arrival time

(B) A seat assignment

(C) A ticket price

(D) A travel policy

33. Where is the conversation taking place?

(A) In a parking garage

(B) At a car rental agency

(C) On a train

(D) In a baggage claim area

34. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Show his identification card

(B) Gather his luggage

(C) Ask for a refund

(D) Speak with a supervisor


35. What most likely is the woman‘s job?

(A) Lab technician

(B) Receptionist

(C) Pharmacist

(D) Doctor

36. What does the woman want to change?

(A) The quantity of items in an order

(B) The location of a seminar

(C) The time of an appointment

(D) A payment schedule

37. What will the man do next?

 (A) Update his calendar

(B) Submit his medical records

(C) Review an invoice

(D) Prepare an agenda


38. Where do the speakers work?

(A) At a phone company

(B) At a retail store

(C) At a hotel

(D) At a theater

39. What does the woman tell the man about?

(A) A new restaurant

(B) A music performance

(C) A group discount

(D) A maintenance request

40. What will the man do after lunch?

(A) Listen to his phone messages

(B) Send a confirmation e-mail

(C) Return some tickets

(D) Go to the woman’s office


41. What does the man ask the woman to do?

(A) Place an order

(B) Recommend a product

(C) Explain a feature

(D) Reduce a price

42. What does the man say he will do with a video camera?

(A) Document his travels

(B) Use it for a class

(C) Record staff meetings

(D) Make a commercial

43. What does the woman say about the

(A) It has a rechargeable battery.

(B) It has positive customer reviews.

(C) It is a new model.

(D) It is easy to use.


44. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a medical clinic

(B) At a catering company

(C) At a convenience store

(D) At a manufacturing plant

45. Why does the woman say,“This isn’t the  first time this has happened”?

(A) She is frustrated with a vendor.

(B) She does not agree with an idea.

(C) She knows how to solve a problem.

(D) She wants the listener to be more cautious.

46. What will the woman most likely do next?

(A) Check some equipment

(B) Speak with a manager

(C) Load a vehicle

(D) Go to a store


47. What is Dorota's field of study?

(A) Economics

(B) Marketing

(C) Chemistry

(D) Accounting

48. What does the man want to review with Dorota?

(A) Payroll procedures

(B) Safety precautions

(C) Admission requirements

(D) A building directory

49. Why has a training been postponed?

(A) A computer server is down.

(B) A facility has been closed.

(C) Some materials are missing.

(D) Transportation is unavailable.


50. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) An invoice is incorrect.

(B) A window is broken.

(C) A job is incomplete.

(D) A water pipe is leaking.

51. According to the man, what caused the probfem?

(A) Poor maintenance

(B) Weather conditions

(C) Low-quality products

 (D) Inexperienced workers

 52. What does the man say he will do right away?

(A) Send a warranty

(B) Contact a supervisor

(C) Pick up some supplies

(D) Adjust a schedule


 53. What type of business is the woman calling?

A) A library

(B) A computer store

(C) A fitness center

(D) A magazine company

54. What does the man suggest?

(A) Replacing a membership card

(B) Calling back later

(C) Purchasing an online subscription

(D) Updating contact information

 55. What does the woman ask about?

 (A) A discount

(B) A refund policy

(C) Overnight delivery

(D) Hours of operation


56. What are the speakers discussing?

(A) A budget

(B) A client survey

(C) A new employee

(D) A presentation

57. What type of company do the speakers work for?

(A) A financial—planning business

(B) An insurance company

(C) A marketing firm

(D) A law office

58. What does the woman say should be emphasized?

(A) Creating innovative products

(B) Expanding the customer base

(C) Building an effective team

(D) Reducing expenses


59. What is the woman preparing for?

(A) A training session

(B) A job interview

(C) A safety inspection

(D) A product review

60. What does the man imply when he says, “I finished my project early”?

(A) He wants feedback on a task.

(B) He has time to offer assistance.

(C) He would like to leave for the day.

(D) He thinks he deserves a promotion.

61. What will the man most likely do next?

(A) Postpone a meeting

(B) Follow up on a request

(C) Check a piece of equipment

(D) Review a policy



62. What are the speakers concerned about?

(A) Finding a parking space

(E) Missing a flight

(C) Paying an additional charge

(D) Avoiding heavy traffic

63. Look at the graphic. Which exit does the woman tell the man to take?

(A) Exit 10

(3) Exit 11

(C) Exit 12

(D) Exit 13

64. What does the man say he hopes to do?

(A) Buy some food

(B) Pick up a map

(C) Make a phone call

(D) Purchase souvenirs



Seniors Hotel review


Location                            ****

Hotel facilities                    ****

Guest services                   **

Room appearance               **


65. What does the woman say she is worried about/

(A) Exceeding a budget

(B) Hosting a conference

(C) Losing customers

(D) Passing an inspection

66. Look at the graphic. Which category will be discussed in the next staff meeting?

(A) Location

(B) Hotel facilities

(C) Guest services

(D) Room appearance

67. What does the man suggest doing?

(A) Buying new equipment

(B) Changing a reservation

(C) Providing a discount

(D) Hiring a consultant



 68. What industry do the speakers work in?

(A) Car repair

(B) Appliance sales

(C) Food manufacturing

 (D) Packaging design

69. Look at the graphic. Which machine is being discussed?

(A) Machine 1

(B) Machine 2

(C) Machine 3

(D) Machine 4

70. What does the woman say she will do next?

(A) Taste some samples

(B) Request some maintenance

(C) Print another report

(D) Check some specifications

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.

71. What does the speaker announce?

(A) A company merger

(B) A schedule change

(C) A revised travel policy

(D) A new contract

72. According to the speaker, what has Skycloud Aviation requested?

(A) Extra luggage space

(B) In-flight entertainment

(C) Movable seats

(D) Wireless internet technology

73. What are listeners asked to do?

(A) Update their calendars

(B) Discuss a project plan

(C) Submit expense reports

(D) Contact some clients


74. Why is the speaker calling?

(A) To schedule a meeting

(B) To ask for an e-mail address

(C) To provide an invoice number

(D) To review employee training plans

75. What does the speaker mean when she says, ”there's a team meeting this afternoon"?

(A) She will be late to another meeting.

(B) Materials need to be prepared.

(C) A staff member is busy.

(D) A project has already been completed.

76. What will the speaker do tomorrow?

(A) Meet with Mariko

(B) Attend a party for Angelo

(C) Finish a proposal

(D) Print a set of documents


77. What type of business is Kendris?

(A) A new car dealership

(B) An auto parts manufacturer

(C) An electronics importer

(D) A local marketing firm

78. According to the speaker, what is special about a new product?

(A) It is the least expensive on the market.

(B) It is endorsed by a celebrity.

(C) It can be customized.

(D) It is made to last longer than others.

79. According to the speaker, what will take place in August?

(A) An industry trade show

(B) A company merger

(C) A radio interview

(D) A sporting event


80. What is available at the back of the room?

(A) A list of materials

(B) Refreshments

(C) Protective clothing

(D) Name tags

81. What does the speaker imply when he says, “Space is limited”?

(A) A class will meet in a bigger room.

(B) A building will be renovated.

(C) A mistake should be addressed.

(D) A decision should be made soon.

82. What will the listeners do next?

(A) Pay a materials fee

(B) Watch a demonstration

(C) View sample artwork

(D) Meet a famous artist


83. What industry does Janet Colthrup work in?

(A) Event planning

(B) Accounting

(C) Tourism

(D) Interior design

84. What will Janet Colthrup discuss?

(A) Tips for starting a business

(B) Strategies for international trade

(C) Modern home—decorating styles

(D) Effective speech-writing techniques

85. What does the Speaker request that listeners do?

(A) Take a handout before they leave

(B) Submit their questions in writing

(C) Move to the empty seats in the front

(D) Split into small discussion groups


86. What event took place last Weekend?

(A) An art exhibit

(B) An opening ceremony

(C) An outdoor concert

(D) An awards dinner

87. Why is the city raising money?

(A) TO build a park

(B) To improve roads

(C) To open a museum

(D) To create a monument

88. Why was the event rescheduled?

 (A) Ticket sales were low.

(B) A location was unavailable.

(C) A celebrity guest canceled.

(D) The weather was bad.


89. Why has the tour bus stopped?

(A) To let the passengers out for shopping

(B) TO purchase fuel.

(C) To allow the guide to point out a view

(D) To pay atoll

90. According to the speaker, why is Fremont historically important?

(A) It used to be a center of trade.

(B) It is the oldest town along the river.

(C) An important battle took place there.

(D) A famous author was born there.

 91. What will the tour group do next?

(A) Watch a documentary

(B) Take a group picture

(C) Board a boat

(D) Have lunch


 92. What is the Health Monitor?

(A) A television program

(B) A wearable device

(C) A medical Web site

(D) A fitness center

93. What does the speaker mean when she says, “Who wants to do that"?

(A) A task is inconvenient.

(B) A project requires more volunteers.

(C) An event is no longer popular.

(D) An application period has begun.

94. Why are listeners encouraged to act soon?

 (A) Some stores are closing.

(B) Tickets are almost sold out.

(C) A product is temporarily discounted.

(D) A deadline has been changed.


July 3—Afternoon


Session 1

Maria Garcia

Session 2

Klaus Bauer

Session 3

Naoko Ito

Session 4

Jeff Harper


95. Who is the conference intended for?

(A) Video-game developers

(B) Photojournalists

(C) Health-care professionals

(D) Automobile engineers

96. Look at the graphic. Which session has been changed?

(A) Session 1

(B) Session 2

(C) Session 3

(D) Session 4

97. How can listeners enter a contest?

(A) By submitting a work sample

(B) By providing some feedback

(C) By subscribing to a newsletter

(D) By moderating at a session



98. Why is a change being made?

 (A) To improve efficiency

(B) To follow a safety procedure

(C) To make some repairs

(D) To prepare for new hires

99. Look at the graphic. Where are the new shelves located?

(A) Area 1

(B) Area 2

(C) Area 3

(D) Area 4

100. What does the speaker say listeners can find in the office?

(A) Some work badges

(B) Some equipment manuals

(C) A sign-up sheet

(D) An employee handbook

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