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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 4: Reading (Phần 2) | Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 147-148 refer to the following notice.


Here at Sawadee World Bistro, our talented chefs bring the world to you by serving flavorful specialties from around the globe. Now with the Click of a button, you can share your dining experience with the world!  

Just take a picture of your meal and post it on our Web site. You will automatically be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

What are you waiting for?


 147. Where would the notice most likely be posted?

(A) On the wall of a restaurant

(B) On the back page of a cookbook

(C) On the cover of a photography magazine

(D) On the door of a kitchen supply store

148. How can readers enter a contest?

(A) By writing a review

(B) By creating a recipe

(C) By making a donation

(D) By submitting a photograph


Questions 149-150 refer to the following text-message chain.

Susan Rollins (10:12 A.M.)
I just looked through your preliminary design plans for the Miller house on Greenwood Lane. Everything looks great, especially the kitchen and main living area. My only concern is the practicality of the glass sunroom. Glass rooms often run over budget.

Myles Hart (10. .M.)
The clients insisted I include the sunroom. They’re going to try to find a way to finance it.

Susan Rollins (10:17 A.M.)
We’ll need to make sure that's arranged before we finalize these plans. In the meantime, can you come up with a new design that leaves off this addition?

Myles Hart (10:18 A.M.)
Shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll work on it now. I’d planned to talk to the Millers later today, so I can 1 discuss the budget with them then.


149. Where do the writers most likely work?

(A) At a bank

(B) At a glass factory

(C) At an architectural firm

(D) At a home-furnishings store

150. At 10:18 A.M., what does Mr. Hart mean when he writes, “Shouldn't be a problem”?

 (A) The project is well within the budget.

 (B) He is willing to draft an alternate plan.

 (C) He can meet with the Millers later today.

(D) The Millers have agreed with a suggestion.


Questions 151 -152 refer to the following instructions.


Verita Model JX4lCi—Instructions for Use

- Ensure that the electrical cord is untangled and then plug it into a nearby wall outlet.

- Choose the appropriate setting (floor, low carpet, high carpet) by using the dial on top of the machine.

- Turn the machine on by pushing the power button at the base of the handle. Run slowly and steadily over an area two or three times to pick up dirt and debris.

- If there is still debris in corners or other hard-to-reach areas, connect the appropriate attachment and use it on the specified area.


151. What is the purpose of the machine referred to in the instructions?

(A) Preparing food

(B) Heating

(C) Packaging

(D) Cleaning

152. What are users instructed to do each time before using the machine?

(A) Connect all of the machine’s attachments

(B) Adjust the machine’s controls

(C) Clean every part of the machine

(D) Allow the machine to warm up


Questions 153-154 refer to the following text message.


From: MariaBayardi      8:45 PM.     555-0112

To: Steve Takiff

Hi, Steve. My flight was canceled, and the new one is tomorrow morning. Mr. Zhen’s tour of our facility is also tomorrow morning. Can you show him around? He wants to see our warehousing procedures. He will arrive at 10:00 A.M., and then we’ve planned a lunch for him. The meeting information and the schedule are in a file folder on my desk. Call me it you have any questions.



153. Why did Ms. Bayardi send the text to Mr. Takiff?

(A) To find out when his flight arrives

(B) To ask for directions to the warehouse

(C) To give him an update

(D) To cancel an appointment

154. What does Ms. Bayardi ask Mr. Takiff to do?

 (A) Plan a lunch

 (B) Give a tour

 (C) Reschedule an event

 (D) Call Mr. Zhen


Questions 155-157 refer to the following email.

To: Bo Xiao
From: David Morisseau
Date: May 16
Re: Order #3A556


Dear Mr. Xiao,

Thank you very much for your recent purchase from Yippee.com! — [1] —. We are grateful for your business. We are proud to sell only high-quality products that we believe in and use ourselves. We also take pride in providing you with the best customer service possible. — [2] —.

To say thank you for your purchase, we would like to offer you 15% off your next order as well as free shipping. Visit our Web site at www.yippee.com to place your order. — [3] —. This offer expires 60 (lays from the date of this e-mail.

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best service available, Yippee.com routinely asks our customers for their feedback. Therefore, we invite you to visit www.yippee.com/survey to complete our customer—satisfaction survey. — [4] —.

Thank you again,

David Morisseau
Vice President of Customer Service



155. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?

(A) To offer a refund

(B) To clarify some information

(C) To express appreciation

(D) To advertise a new product

156. What is Mr. Xiao asked to do?

(A) Attend a celebratory event

(B) Evaluate a company’s service

(C) Send an e-mail within 60 days

(D) Visit a new store that is opening soon

157. in which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“Please use code XBB4RD when completing your order to receive the discount.“

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 158-160 refer to the following advertisement.


No job is too small - Licensed and insured - Free estimates

> Laying and removal of carpet, tile, and wood flooring
> Installation of doors and replacement windows
> Construction and repair of decks and porches
> Installation of kitchen countertops and cabinets
> Minor plumbing and electrical work

For high—quality work at affordable prices, call 910-555-0148. If there is no answer, please leave a message, and someone will contact you by the following day. References available upon request.


158. What is indicated about Mr. Cheung?

(A) He recently started a business.

(B) His company is hiring.

(C) His rates are reasonable.

(D) He works part-time.

159. What is NOT mentioned as a task Mr. Cheung can do?

(A) Fixing porches

(B) Painting houses

(C) Replacing floor coverings

(D) Putting in new windows

160. According to the advertisement, what may a customer ask for?

 (A) Tile and carpet samples

 (B) Recommendations from other clients

 (C) Bigger work crews for rush jobs

(D) Discounts for large—scale work


Questions 161-163 refer to the following article.


Washington State to Introduce Its Very Own Apple
By Julia Richards for The Agri Monthly

Scientists at Scales University reported last month that they have completed the development of the “Shiner Crisp," the first apple that Washington state farmers will have trademarked all to themselves. R — [1] —. The first Shiner Crisp is expected to become available to consumers as early as next year. — [2] —.

Apple breeders design new apples especially to better compete with such traditional apple varieties as Reds and Juiceys. The development process involves a considerable investment of time and money in repeated taste tests for their new fruits. — [3] —. Whereas Reds and Juiceys average $1.29 per pound, new types of apples (such as the hugely popular Branburs and Honey—Sweets) are raking in at least three times as much.

These additions have major long—term impacts on the market, too. Two decades ago, Reds and Juiceys comprised over 50 percent of all apple sales; now their sales are less than 25 percent of the market. It is no wonder that apple breeders are racing to come up with the next popular apple!  — [4] —.


161. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To give an opinion on Shiner Crisp prices

(B) To recruit students for Scales University

(C) To provide a detailed explanation of price differences in the apple industry

(D) To announce the design of a new apple

162. According to the article, what is true about Reds and Juiceys?

(A) They are uniquely trademarked to Washington state.

(B) They are less expensive than Honey—Sweets.

(C) They have increased their sales recently.

(D) They were bred by university scientists.

163. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“In other words, these new types of apples are designed for big flavor and big profits.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 164-167 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Theresa Pearle <tpearle@praguequarterly.cz>
From: Marek Koubek <mk0ubek@bistrokoubek.cz>
Re: Press release
Date: 15 March

Dear Ms. Pearle, A

For our phone call earlier today, please find the press release for my new restaurant, Bistro Koubek, below. Thank you again for offering to print it in your magazine. It was interesting to hear your views on the growing English—speaking community in Prague that your publication caters to_ We hope the restaurant will appeal to Czech citizens as well as Americans and other foreigners residing in or Visiting Prague.

Best regards,

Marek Koubek



PRAGUE (15 March)-Bistro Koubek, located at V Celnici 437/4, 110 00 Prague 1, will Celebrate its grand opening with a party on Friday, 21 May, beginning at 6:00 PM.

According to owner and head chef Marek Koubek, the restaurant will feature Cajun—Czech fusion cooking, combining popular menu items from New Orleans, Louisiana, such as gumbo and jambalaya, with traditional Czech cuisine.

Complimentary samples and beverages will be available during the grand opening event, but full meals will not be served. Normal hours of operation are 5:00 PM. until midnight, seven days a week, beginning on 22 May. The menu can be viewed at www.bistrokoubek.cz.

Chef Koubek lived in Prague until age sixteen, when he moved with his family to New Orleans, where his father opened a restaurant. There, he worked in the kitchen while studying at the Louisiana Academy of Culinary Arts. After graduating, he was hired as head chef at Crescent City Eatery, where he earned four major awards for his unique menus and flair for meal presentation. He is thrilled to return to his childhood home and share the culinary heritage of two cultures with the city’s diners.


164. Why did Mr. Koubek e-mail Ms. Pearle?

(A) To invite her to a party

(B) To provide content for an article

(C) To announce the launch of a new Web site

(D) To request her assistance in editing some text

165. The phrase “appeal to” in paragraph 1, line 4, is closet in meaning to

(A) attract

(B) join together

(C) benefit

(D) call upon

166. What is indicated about the event on  May 21?

 (A) It will begin at 5:00 PM.

 (B) Only a few people have been invited.

 (C) All items will be served free of charge.

 (D) Patrons must have a ticket to enter.

167. What is NOT stated about Mr. Koubek?

(A) He grew up in Prague.

(B) He has traveled extensively in Europe.

(C) He worked in his father’s restaurant.

(D) He has won several cooking prizes.


Questions 168-171 refer to the following online chat discussion.


Peter Harrer [9:30 A.M.] Hi, everyone. I'll make this brief as I know you’re all busy reading the manuscripts for the editorial meeting on Friday.

Cora Grant [9:31 A.M.] Did we change the time for that?

Peter Harrer [9:32 A.M.] It’s still at 2:00, right?

Meili Shu [9:32 A.M.] Yes. At first we talked about having it in the morning, but I have an appointment at 10:00.

Peter Harrer [9:33 A.M.] OK. I'm glad we got that sorted out. I'd like to share Kwang’s idea. Kwang, do you want to explain it?

Kwang Chun [9:35 A.M.] Sure. What if we encourage our customers to sign up to receive a newsletter each month by e-mail? We would include information about our special promotions or book giveaway contests. We could even have some of our authors write occasional articles.

Cora Grant [9:36 A.M.] Yes, they could give insights into their work or maybe discuss a favorite book.

Meili Shu [9:37 A.M.] It's a great idea! This kind of thing Is getting more popular in business these days. And people always like a chance to win free books.

Peter Harrer [9:38 A.M.] Well, keep in mind we are a small press with a small budget. Would one of you like to get this idea off the ground?

Kwang Chun [9:39 A.M.] I suppose I should, since I‘m proposing it. Maybe Meili would help?

Meili Shu [9:40 A.M.] Of course.

Peter Harrer [9:41 A.M.] OK, thanks everyone. See you all on Friday.


168. Who most likely are the participants in the online chat discussion?

(A) Staff at a marketing firm

(B) Reporters at a local newspaper

(C) Presenters at a conference

(D) Colleagues at a publishing company

169. At 9:33 A.M., what does Mr. Harrer mean when he writes, “we got that sorted out”?

(A) The manuscripts have all been assigned.

(B) A meeting time has been agreed upon.

(C) An appointment has been canceled.

(D) New work policies have been followed.

170. What project is Mr. Chun taking on?

(A) Developing a newsletter

(B) Revising a budget

(C) Reviewing a book

(D) Writing an advice column

171. What does Ms. Shu agree to do?

(A) Assist a colleague

(B) Change her schedule

(C) Interview an author

(D) Take a business trip


Questions 172-175 refer to the following document.


Haswell Tire Company Maintenance Warranty

At Haswell Tire Company, we know you depend on your tires to take you where you want to go. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on tire maintenance for every tire you purchase from us. It covers tire inspection, rotation, and repairs free of charge.

Inspection: Our service crew will check the pressure, inflate the tires if necessary, and let you know when the tread is getting low.

Rotation: It’s important to rotate your vehicle’s tires periodically. Our team can perform this service for you in less than half an hour.

Repair: If you have a flat tire, our team will make every effort to repair the damage. If the tire can’t be repaired, we’ll offer you 20 percent off the regular price when you purchase a new tire.

Bring in your vehicle during regular business hours and our friendly service staff will help you get back on the road quickly. No appointment is necessary. Just show the receipt from your tire purchase. This warranty covers service for the life of the tires under the original purchaser and is not transferrable to other vehicles or owners.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Unlike our competitors, we do not just sell tires. During our three decades as a local family-owned business, we have developed lasting relationships with our customers by providing outstanding service. Thank you for your business.


172. The word “perform" in paragraph 3, line 2, is closest in meaning to

(A) entertain

(B) operate

(C) portray

(D) complete

173. According to the document, when will Haswell Tire Company provide a discount?

(A) When a customer buys a replacement tire

(B) When service takes longer than half an hour

(C) When the company holds a special sale day

(D) When a customer purchases tires for more than one vehicle

174. What must a customer have in order to receive a service covered by the warranty?

(A) Proof of tire purchase

(B) Documentation of a previous inspection

(C) A copy of the warranty

(D) A scheduled appointment

175. What is suggested about Haswell Tire Company?

(A) It offers lower prices than other tire stores.

(B) It emphasizes good customer relations.

(C) It manufactures the tires that it sells.

(D) It is an international corporation.


Questions 176-180 refer to the following e-mail and article.


To: Miehael Kaelo <mkaelo@hawthorneclinic.bw>
From: Sophie Thabado <sthabado@Gaboronestar.bw>
Date: 20 February
Subject: RE: Event
Attachment: Dinner and lunch menu options


Dear Mr. Kaelo,

Thank you for considering the Gaborone Star Hotel for your event. Regarding your inquiry, we have four ballrooms that accommodate large groups: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Venus. They seat 400, 300, 200, and 100 guests respectively.


I’ve attached some lunch and dinner menu options, but we are happy to work with you regarding specific requests. We can arrange a sit-down meal or buffet—style service. We also provide audiovisual equipment for business presentations or celebrations.


Please let me know if you need any additional information.



Sophie Thabado, Director of Events




Gaborone Times
20 May


Local Happenings

On 15 May, family members, friends, and colleagues of Dr. Patrick Matambo gathered at the Gaborone Star Hotel to celebrate his retirement, which will take effect on 1 June. For twenty years, Dr. Matambo has been the director of the Hawthorne Clinic, located near Hawthorne City University. Among the nearly 180 well-wishers in attendance were also some former patients who attested to the honoree’s kindness and professionalism.


Dr. Matambo has also been a familiar face at local charity events, and in particular, he has helped to raise money for many area schools. His immediate plans are to take a month-long vacation on a cruise ship with his wife, Alicia Matambo.


Although Dr. Matambo is retiring, he will remain involved with the clinic as a consultant. A new director has been approved by the Hawthorne Clinic’s board of trustees and is expected to be announced later this week. 



176. Why did Ms. Thabado send the e-mail?

(A) To promote a new hotel

(B) To offer special hotel discounts

(C) To confirm her attendance at an event

(D) To respond to a request for information

177. What was sent with the e-mail?

(A) Photographs of event ballrooms

(B) Information about meal choices

(C) A list of hotel services

(D) A form for ordering audio equipment

178. In what ballroom was the celebration most likely held?

(A) Jupiter

(B) Saturn

(C) Neptune

(D) Venus

179. What is NOT mentioned about Dr. Matambo?

(A) He is planning leisure travel.

(B) He moved to Hawthorne City twenty years ago.

(C) He was in charge of a medical facility.

(D) He has helped many local schools.

180. According to the article, what does Dr. Matambo plan to do?

(A) Remain professionally active

(B) Spend more time on hobbies

(C) Teach some classes

(D) Interview his replacement


Questions 181-185 refer to the following email and schedule.


To: Vincent Reister <vreister@hexagonrnail.com>
From: Florence Zhang <fzhang@zhtours.com.hk>
Re: Hong Kong Tour
Date: 3 May
Attachment: Tour Schedule


Dear Mr. Reister:

Thank you for your inquiry about tours with Zhang Hong Kong Tours, Inc. Thank you also for the compliment-l am very happy to hear that your business partner, Mr. Brown, was satisfied with our Creative HK tour last month and that he recommended our services to you.


We have a number of tours scheduled during your short visit to our city during the week of 24 May. I gather from your e-mail that you are most interested in viewing historical landmarks. We have a couple of options that I believe you would especially enjoy. As you can see from the attached schedule, one of those [ours is already fully hooked. I suggest that you book soon if you would like to secure a place on the other tour. I will be more than happy to reserve a seat for you as soon as you confirm. I look forward to your reply.



Florence Zhang, Zhang Hong Kong Tours, Inc.

Zhang Hong Kong Tours, Inc.—May Tour Schedule
*For more information about these and other tours, visit www.zhtours.com.hk*



Primary Stops


Price (US$)


25 May

HK tor Shoppers

§ Mall of Hong Kong

§ Hong Kong Markets

9 A.M.—3 P.M.

(6 hours)


4 spaces left

26 May

Creative HK

§ Film Archive

§ Gallery of Modern Art

12 noon—5 P.M.

(5 hours)


3 spaces left

27 May

HK History

(Central District)

§ Lo Pan Temple

§ Bishop's House

§ Queen's Pier

10 A.M.—2 P.M.

(4 hours)


Sold out

28 May

HK Outdoors

§ Kowloon Park

§ Cheung Sha Beach

1 P.M.—6 P.M.

(5 hours)


3 spaces left

30 May

HK History

(Islands District)

§ Tin Hau Temple

§ Yeung Hau Temple

§ Yuk Hui Temple

10 A.M.—2 P.M.

(4 hours)


2 spaces left


181. What is the purpose of the e—mail?

(A) To provide a referral

(B) To answer a question about a company’s service

(C) To update an itinerary for a new customer

(D) To confirm a booking

182. How did Mr. Reister hear about Zhang Hong Kong Tours?

(A) From a colleague

(B) From a travel agent

(C) From an advertisement

(D) From an Internet search

183. What did Mr. Brown most likely see on his tour?

(A) Markets

(B) Temples

(C) Paintings

(D) Parks and beaches

184. What is suggested about Mr. Reister?

(A) He is on a limited budget.

(B) He will soon start a business.

(C) He is interested in Chinese cuisine.

(D) He will be in Hong Kong temporarily.

185. According to Ms. Zhang, what tour is most suitable for Mr. Reister?

(A) HK Outdoors

(B) HK for Shoppers

(C) HK History (Islands District)

(D) HK History (Central District)


Questions 186-190 refer to the following Web page and e-mails.







The Aeolus Jetbake 3 Convection Oven


This high—yield commercial oven uses circulated, heated air to cook food evenly and efficiently.



- Flexible user—installable options

- Spacious interior~104 cm deep

- 5 racks and 11 different positions

- Removable wheels

- Bright internal LED lighting

- Selectable fan modes



From: Aldo Castro <aldoc@businessdining.com>
To: <customerseryice@aeolusovens.com>
Subject: Temperature question
Date: May 1

To Whom It May Concern,


I’d like to share some feedback about the Aeolus Jetbake 3. Our company runs the dining service for the businesses located in the Red Umbrella Complex in downtown Austin. We purchased an Acolus Jetbake 3 last month. This oven is by far the most efficient oven we’ve encountered, with its large capacity and rapid cooking times. This is critical, as my employees prepare meals for a large number of people each day. The lighting is great, so we can easily see what we’re cooking, even with three or more racks in use at once. However, our croissants—a favorite, but tricky to make—are not turning out right and our pastry chef can’t seem to find the right temperature settings. Also, why are the units on Wheels? They are heavy, and we don’t need to move ours around the kitchen, but the Wheels take up space unnecessarily. I am not exactly sure what, if anything, we are doing incorrectly. Please let me know at your earliest convenience how we can bake more effectively.


Thank you for your prompt reply,

Aldo Castro


From: Iris Martz <imartz@aeolusovens.com>
To: Aldo Castro <aldoc@businessdining.com>
Subject: Your question
Date: May 5


Dear Mr. Castro,


Thank you for your recent e-mail about the Aeolus Jetbake 3. My guess is that the trouble you are having is related to the 1.0 control panel that is standard on most of our models. This is interchangeable with panel 2.0, which allows for finer adjustments and includes a feature to set the heat-circulating fan to three different modes. I will ship one to you without charge. Please reply with your shipping address and the serial number of your oven. It is located on the back, just under the factory inspection certificate.


Thank you for your purchase!


Yours sincerely,

Iris Martz
Customer Care



186. In the first e-mail, the word ”critical” in paragraph 1, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) judgmental

(B) important

(C) dangerous

(D) unexpected

187. What feature of the oven listed on the Web page is NOT referred to in Mr. Castro’s e-mail?

(A) Ability to select tan modes

(B) Spacious interior

(C) Use of multiple racks

(D) Bright internal LED lighting

188. What does Mr. Castro’s company do?

(A) Prepare meals for business employees

(B) Design food service equipment

(C) Supply baked goods to local restaurants

(D) Publish an online food magazine

190. What does Ms. Martz ask Mr. Castro to do?

 (A) Ship a part to her

 (B) Send her some product information

 (C) Consult an online resource

 (D) Write a follow-up review

189. Why does Ms. Martz write to Mr. Castro?

 (A) To provide information on how to remove the oven’s wheels

 (B) To give him guidance in addressing an installation issue

 (C) To request his assistance with a cooking seminar

(D) To offer a solution to a baking problem


Questions 191-195 refer to the following e-mails and Web page.


To: jacknaiarian@sellomail.com
From: guestservices@pamakanihotel.com
Subject: Surfing lessons
Date: May 10


Dear Mr. Najarian,

Thank you for writing to us at the Pamakani Hotel to ask if we could recommend a surfing school nearby. You will be happy to know that Lauloa Surf School (www.lauloasurfsehoolcom) is located on the beach just a few steps from our hotel. The prices are fair, and their lessons are quite good. Having taken a 4-hour lesson with the legendary Alana Kapaku myself, I can personally recommend them.


We look forward to greeting you and your daughter when you arrive on June 4. Please let us know if you have any further questions or needs before or during your stay. We are at your service.



Regina Manibog
Representative, Guest Services, Pamakani Hotel





Lauloa Surf School - 2495 Kekau Road, Honolulu, HI 96815 -  808-555-0142

Group Lesson

For beginning and Iower-intermediate  surfers. Group lessons consist of  3 instructors and a maximum of  12 students. We’ll form a group for  you if you don't already have one. 

-          2-hour lesson / $75 per person 

-          Must be at least 13 years old.


Private Lesson

For all levels, beginning through advanced. You’ll have our instructor all to yourself, and you’ll learn whatever you want to learn about how to surf.

-          2—hour lesson / $125 per person

-          For safety reasons, children under 13 years old require a private lesson.

Family and Friends Lesson

For beginning to upper—intermediate  surfers. No more than 4 people. This lesson is for those who want one instructor  just for themselves. You will surf more waves than in our regular Group Lesson. 

-          2-hour lesson / $100 per person

-          Must be at least 13 years old.


Professional Lesson

For advanced surfers. Learn advanced techniques from former professional surfer Alana Kapaku. Alana competed professionally for over 10 years. Her students have included famous movie stars!

-          One-on-one 4-hour lesson/$200 per person

-          Must be at least 13 years old.


All surf lessons include: protective swim shirt, reef shoes, board leash, and surfboard rental.


To: Information@1auloasurfschool.corn
From: jacknajarian@sellomail.com
Subject: Surfing lessons
Date: June 17



I’m writing to thank you on behalf of my 12—year—old daughter for the wonderful surfing lesson she had during the week when she and I visited Hawaii. I’ve already told her that when we Visit again, I’ll purchase another lesson and even sign up with her this time, so we can both learn more about how to surf.


Thank you again. We can’t wait to get back and enjoy the beach and waves together at Lauloa Surf School.


Jack Najarian


191. Why did Ms. Manibog write the first e-mail?

(A) To confirm a reservation

(B) To reply to an inquiry

(C) To obtain a recommendation

(D) To introduce an instructor

192. In the first e-mail, the word “fair” in paragraph 1, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) generous

(B) objective

(C) reasonable

(D) light

193. What is most likely true about Ms. Manibog?

(A) She is an advanced-Ievel surfer.

(B) She is the manager of Guest Services at Pamakani Hotel.

(C) She previously worked for Lauloa Surf School.

(D) She is a close friend of Mr. Najarian’s family.

194. How much did Mr. Najarian pay for his daughter’s lesson?

 (A) $75

 (B) $100

 (C) $125

(D) $200

195. What is indicated about Mr. Najarian and his daughter?

 (A) They met Ms. Kapaku on the beach.

 (B) They travel on vacation to Hawaii every year.

(C) They plan to stay at the Pamakani Hotel again

(D) They expect to take a surfing lesson together.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following articles and program notes.

Pop Superstar Coming Home


LAFONT (May 23)—Sonia Benitez is coming back to where it all started, and she’s giving back. The international pop superstar announced that she has added a free concert in Lafont to her Long Road tour, which begins on June 2. Benitez will perform in Lafont on July 17.


Born in nearby Ollender, Benitez moved to Lafont with her family when she was five years old. She graduated from Jasper High School, Where she first caught the attention of peers and teachers by winning the school- wide talent show at the age of fourteen, the first time she ever set foot on a stage. Since then, she has embarked on a professional career that has taken her to five continents and has won her millions of fans all over the world.


Benitez made the decision to add a concert in Lafont when her manager, Jeremy Hampton, brought to her attention a three— day break after a show in Chicago. “It was obvious to both of us,” Benitez said in a phone call from her recording studio in Los Angeles. “To be so close to Lafont with an extra three days and not do a show would be unthinkable. It was a very easy decision to make.”


The only challenge was finding a venue that would accommodate all of Benitez’ hometown fans. The town’s largest theater seats only 1,200. Lafont Mayor Ellis Swanson came up with a creative solution. “He suggested an outdoor concert,” said Benitez. “Not at a stadium, but at a local farm outside of town. That way there won’t be a limit on how many people can attend. We’ll just set up a stage in the middle of a huge field.”


Local radio DJ Taylor Wendel estimates that as many as 8,000 fans might turn out for the concert.


“Considering how popular Sonia is around here, and considering the concert is free, I think that’s a conservative estimate,” says Wendel. “It’s going to be a memorable event.”


Benitez Plays to Big Crowd


LAFON T (July 18)--Sonia Benitez’ homecoming concert last night in a field at Gingham Hills Farm was nothing short of phenomenal. The crowd of 10,000-plus was delighted to welcome the hometown hero, who was making her first trip back to Lafont in more than 12 years. Benitez put on quite a show, extending her usual two—hour set of songs by another hour with an additional eight songs.


The evening’s most memorable moment (of which there were many) came when Benitez was joined onstage by pianist Genevieve Parker, another native of Lafont and friend of Sonia’s since the age of six. While perhaps not as well known as Benitez, Parker is an equally accomplished musician, having studied Classical piano in Vienna and having toured internationally with the Vienna Touring Orchestra.



Sonia Benitez in Lafont
Special Notes


Gingham Hills Farm is proud to host Sonia Benitez’ homecoming concert. Among the songs that Sonia will perform tonight are those listed below, which have special significance for Sonia and the Lafont community.

“The Butterfly Song”

Sonia’s first composition, cowritten with her sister when she was eleven years old

“Dinner by the Riverbank”

A song about the Walton River, which runs through Lafont, with backing vocals by the Jasper High School Choir

“A Single Morning”

Sung by Sonia at her first-ever performance during high school

“Everybody Smiles”

Sonia will be accompanied by a childhood friend on the piano


196. What is suggested about Lafont?

(A) It has a new mayor.

(B) It is Ms. Benitez' birthplace.

(C) It is located near Chicago.

(D) It will be the first stop on a concert tour.

197. According to the first article, what problem with the concert had to be addressed?

(A) Finding extra musicians

(B) Locating a large enough space

(C) Determining a possible date

(D) Setting an affordable ticket price

198. What is indicated about the song “A Single Morning”?

(A) It is about life in Lafont.

(B) It is usually performed with a choir.

(C) It was Ms. Benitez’ first song played on the radio.

(D) It was sung by Ms. Benitez at a talent show.

199. How did the concert in Lafont differ from Ms. Benitez‘ usual concerts?

 (A) It was an hour longer.

 (B) It was held in the daytime.

 (C) Attendees were seated in a stadium.

(D) The Vienna Touring Orchestra opened the show.

200. What song did Ms. Parker perform in?

(A) “The Butterfly Song"

(B) “Dinner by the Riverbank”

(C) “A Single Morning”

(D) “Everybody Smiles”

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