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Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 5 – Học Hay

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ETS TOEIC - Test 05 : Listening - HocHay

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.





Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


7. Let‘s meet in front of the theater at five.

 (A) OK, I'll see you there.

(B) I thought it cost six dollars.

(C) It's nice to meet you.

8. When will the sink be repaired?

(A) No, I don't think so.

(B) From the hardware store.

(C) By the end of the week.

9. Have they painted this lobby?

(A) On the last page.

(B) It is brighter in here now.

(C) There's one at the entra nce.

10.Where did you put those budget estimates?

(A) They're on my desk.

(B) Yes, I did.

(C) He's at his attorney's office.

11. Who's responsible for hiring decisions?

(A) Ramon, the managing director.

(B) The last week of each quarter.

(C) I was hired last August.

12. Isn't there a sporting event at the arena tonight?

(A) No, I prefer art exhibits.

(B) I guess he does.

(C) Let me check the schedule.

13. Has your boss approved your transfer yet?

(A) Just put in the request.

(B) If you don’t mind, thanks.

(C) Let’s get off at the next stop.

14. Could you pick Mr. Peterson up from the airport?

(A) I haven't picked one.

(B) A long flight.

(C) Sure, at what time?

15. How do you get to work every day?

(A) We always start at nine.

(B) l take the local train.

(C) It's very busy here.

16. I can't read the patient's handwriting on these “forms.

(A) Ask her to fill them out again‘

(B) It is a well-written film.

(C) That depends on which post office.

17. When is my first appointment today?

(A) Around fifteen percent.

(B) Yes, that's what I meant.

(C) Not until after lunch.

18. Why hasn't the real estate contract been signed yet?

(A) It’s under review.

(B) I‘m not signed up.

(C) A few acres.

19. How many kitchen appliances have been sold this week?

(A) It‘s easy to apply.

(B) Around thirty. l think.

(C) We sell refrigerators.

20. Would you mind if I kept the door open?

(A) Isn't the hallway too noisy?

(B) In the second drawer.

(C) Yes, you can use it.

21. When is the team from Konrad Company expected to arrive?

(A) In the international terminal.

(B) All the way from Amsterdam.

(C) Ahmed made all those arrangements.

22. This is the last interview scheduled for today, isn't it?

(A) It does have a lovely view.

(B) No, there's one more.

(C) They preferred the old schedule.

23. Which caterer is supplying food for the company picnic?

(A) A large supply order.

(B) The same one we used last year.

(C) The orders have come in over the phone.

24. Why don't we ask for two office assistants?

(A) Yes. That's a good idea.

(B) She works in human resources.

(C) No, just a few days.

25. Have we sold more tickets this year than last year?

 (A) l thought I put them in your mailbox.

(B) I didn't organize the concert last year.

(C) It will be held on Tuesday.

26. Should I present the sales figures at today‘s meeting or tomorrow's?

 (A) Tomorrow‘s has been canceled.

(B) Only a slight increase.

(C) Are all purchases final?

27. This jacket isn't as warm as I thought it –I would be. a

(A) With a matching scarf.

(B) According to the weather report.

(C) Would you like to go inside?

28. We can leave our bags at the reception desk, can't we?

(A) It ends at ten o'clock.

(B) Of course we can.

(C) There are plenty of rooms.

29. Why is Shreya leaving the company?

(A) A leader in the business.

(B) I put it next to the window.

(C) She found a job in Chicago.

30. Should we go straight to the office, or stop by the hotel first?

 (A) There‘s room in the taxi.

(B) Either is fine with me.

(C) Yes. You're right.

31. Does the security desk know that Mr. Ito is coming in today?

(A) Maybe later, thanks.

(B) It's in the top drawer.

(C) You’d better call them.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


32. Who most likely is the man?

(A) A Web-site designer

(B) A truck driver

(C) A factory worker

(D) A customer service representative

33. What is the woman trying to do?

(A) Add an item to an order

(B) Change a delivery location

(C) Return a damaged product

(D) Correct a billing error

34. What does the man offer to do?

(A) Reimburse a purchase

(B) Contact a shipping agent

(C) Check a price

(D) Expedite a shipment


35. What will the man do on Monday?

(A) Attend a seminar

(B) Graduate from school

(C) Start a new position

(D) Receive an award

36. Why does the men say he is busy?

(A) He is moving into a different office.

(B) He is meeting with some clients.

(C) He has an upcoming business trip.

(D) He has a project deadline.

37. What does the woman offer to do?

(A) Review an expense report

([3) Arrange a company celebration

(C) Introduce the man to a colleague

(D) Provide the man with supplies


38. What has the man just finished doing?

(A) Negotiating a contract

(B) Repairing a television

(C) Producing an advertisement

(D) Interviewing a job candidate

39. What does the woman imply when she says, “Rashid has worked in television for years"?

(A) Rashid's opinion would be valuable.

(B) Rashid's resume is out of date.

(C) Rashid should receive a promotion.

(D) Rashid wants to change careers.

40. What does the men say he is concerned about?

(A) Staying under budget

(B) Impressing a client

(C) Arriving on time to a meeting

(D) Satisfying a technical requirement


41. According to the woman, what is taking place next week?

(A) A career fair

(B) A retirement celebration

(C) A promotional event

(D) An anniversary party

42. Why does the woman say, “Have you ever met Mr. Kate”?

(A) To point out a mistake

(B) To introduce a colleague

(C) To recommend a staff member

(D) To complain about a service

43. What does the woman offer to do?

(A) Review some slides

(B) Pay for a delivery

(C) Contact a client

(D) Call a restaurant


44. Why is the man calling the woman?

(A) To congratulate her

(B) To apologize to her

(C) To set up an interview

(D) To organize a client visit

45. What do the speakers say about James Taneke?

(A) He has worked overseas.

(B) He is very talented.

(C) He is familiar with the company policies.

(D) He is easy to work with.

46. What does the woman promise to do tomorrow?

(A) Revise some documents

(B) E-mail some customers

(C) Create a training course

(D) Give feedback to a colleague


47. What are the speakers discussing?

(A) Invitations for a library fund-raiser

(B) Applications for a construction permit

(C) Design plans for a new building

(D) Membership requirements for patrons

48. What is the man concerned about?

(A) How to lower costs

(B) When to hold an event

(C) Who will be in charge of training

(D) Where a room will be located

49. What does the men say he will do this afternoon?

(A) Confirm some information

(B) Purchase some equipment

(C) Reserve a meeting space

(D) Write a book review


50. Why was the woman disappointed with a hotel?

(A) It was far from the city center.

(B) It was crowded with guests.

(C) The staff were inattentive.

(D) The rooms were small.

51. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Call a taxi

(B) Print out a ticket

(C) Check an advertisement

(D) Contact a colleague

52. What does the woman request?

(A) An extra key

(B) A reimbursement

(C) A city map

(D) A room upgrade


 53. Why is the woman traveling to Paris?

(A) To visit a friend

(B) To attend a meeting

(C) To watch a performance

(D) To inspect a store

54. What does the man explain to the woman?

(A) How to avoid a delay

(B) How to reset an electronic device

(C) How to fill out some paperwork

(D) How to retrieve a ticket

55. What does the man suggest?

(A) Going to the train station together

(B) Searching online for an address

(C) Inviting another colleague

(D) Submitting some travel receipts


56. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

(A) A computer malfunction

(B) A company policy

(C) A financial report

(D) A recent holiday

57. Why does the man say, “What if I need to contact my bank”?

(A) To explain why he is concerned

(B) To suggest revising a budget

(C) To request some contact information

(D) To ask for a deadline extension

58. According to the woman, what complaint has been made about some employees?

(A) They need technical training.

(B) They work inconsistent hours.

(C) They waste work time.

(D) They are disorganized.


59. What is the woman invited to do?

(A) Join coworkers for lunch

(B) Travel to a conference

(C) Lead a seminar

(D) Interview for a job

60. What does the woman say she is concerned about?

(A) Not being qualified

(B) Not having enough time

(C) Losing a reserved seat

(D) Missing a call

61. What will the women most likely do next?

(A) Request a refund

(B) Open an account

(C) Speak with a manager

(D) Ask for a menu


62. What does the woman want to buy?

(A) Kitchen appliances

(B) Cooking supplies

(C) Wall decorations

(D) Dining furniture

63. Why will the woman receive a discount?

(A) She is purchasing a large quantity.

(B) She lives close to the store.

(C) Some of the products are damaged.

(D) The store is having a sale.

64. What does the woman say will happen next month?

(A) A business will open.

(B) An inspection will begin.

(C) An invoice will be sent.

(D) A road will be closed.


Error Code


o E- 1

o E-2

o E- 3

o E- 4

Dirty lens

No flash

Low battery

Memory card full


65. Who most likely is the woman?

(A) A workshop instructor

(B) A store clerk

(C) An electrician

(D) A product designer

66. Look at the graphic. Which error code is the camera displaying?

(A) E-1

(B) E—2

(C) E—3

(D) E—4

67. What will the woman most likely do next?

(A) Replace an item

(B) Take a photograph

(C) Read a manual

(D) Show some slides




68. Look at the graphic. Which parking area will be closed?

(A) North

(B) East

(C) South

(D) West

69. What is the woman concerned about?

(A) Building security access

(B) Parking fees

(C) Road conditions

(D) Heavy traffic

70. What does the man say the company will do?

(A) Reimburse employees

(B) Offer a shuttle service

(C) Provide maps

(D) Distribute electronic badges



Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


71. Where does the woman work?

(A) At a furniture store

(B) At a bank

(C) At a law office

(D) At a construction company

72. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) A machine is broken.

(B) A contract has not been signed.

(C) A price list is incorrect.

(D) An item is out of stock.

73. Why does the woman ask the man to call her back?

(A) To verify his credit card number

(B) To confirm a color choice

(C) To provide his e-mail address

(D) To get directions to a building site


74. Where is the talk most likely taking place?

(A) At a software development company

(B) At a medical office

(C) At a moving company

(D) At a training institute

75. What will happen on October tenth?

(A) A new manager will join the team.

(B) A staff member will be out of the office.

(C) A business will move to a new location.

(D) A new computer system will be put in place.

76. What will the listeners do next?

(A) Schedule appointments

(B)View a product demonstration

(C) Have a discussion

(D) Relocate some files


77. What event is being discussed?

(A) A city tour

(B) A hotel renovation

(C) A company anniversary

(D) A professional conference

78. What are listeners reminded to do?

(A) Sign up early

(B) Bring a camera

(C) Check identification

(D) Read a manual

79. What can listeners do in the afternoon?

(A) Attend presentations

(B) Watch a video

(C) Meet city officials

(D) Visit museums


80. What is the speaker planning?

(A) A fund-raising party

(B) A welcome reception

(C) An award ceremony

(D) An annual picnic

81. What does the speaker imply when she says, “35 people have accepted the invitation"?

(A) She thinks changing a date would be difficult.

(B) She forgot to notify some people about an event.

(C) The current venue is too small.

(D) A ticket price is too high.

82. What does the speaker ask the listener to do'?

(A) Update a database

(B) Prepare some name tags

(G) Help select a speaker

(D) Make some phone calls


83. What is the speaker mainly discussing?

(A) A revised work schedule

(B) New fitness equipment

(C) Opportunities for promotion

(D) Free exercise classes

84. What are the listeners asked to do?

(A) Read about some products

(B) Submit hours of availability

(C) Contact a supplier

(D) Fill out an application

85. According to the speaker, what will occur next week?

(A) A holiday sale

(B) A store opening

(C) A training session

(D) A trade show


86. What does the speaker want to talk about?

(A) Working on a different project

(B) Modifying an agenda

(C) Moving to a new office space

(0) Arranging a client visit

87. Why does the speaker say, “you are right next to the break room"?

(A) To suggest that a location is undesirable

(B) To propose taking a break

(C ) To turn down a colleague’s invitation

(D ) To ask about a convenient place to meet

88. What does the speaker say will take place on Monday?

(A ) A sales presentation

(B) A department orientation

(C) A facility tour

(D) A computer installation


89. Where do the listeners most likely work?

(A) At a clothing factory

(B ) At an electronics shop

(C) At an art museum

(D) At a shoe store

90. Who is Jacqueline Porter?

(A) A store clerk

(B) A corporate trainer

(C) A clothing designer

(D) An advertising executive

91. What does the speaker remind listeners to do?

(A) Turn off mobile phones

(B) Sign a receipt

(C) Complete a survey

(D) Put up a display


Tuesday Schedule


Board meeting

Room 223


Marketing meeting



Product development videoconference

Room 407


All—staff meeting



92. What happened last night?

(A) Some servers were delivered.

(B) The electricity went out.

(C) A Web site was launched.

(D) Some keys were lost.

93. Look at the graphic. Which room will the speaker go to next?

(A) Room 223

(B) Auditorium

(C) Room 407

(D) Cafeteria

94. According to the speaker, what will Li Wei do?

(A) Lead a repair crew

(B) Test out some products

(C) Install some software

(D) Answer a telephone



95. Who gave a press conference today?

(A) A civil engineer

(B) A local student

(C) The city mayor

(D) The company president

96. Look at the graphic. Which building will be affected by the first road closure?

(A) The high school

(B) The post office

(C) The bus station

(D) The museum

97. What information does the speaker say can be found on a Web site?

(A) The location of a bus stop

(B) The schedule for a construction project

(C) Information about job openings

(D) Steps for filing a complaint




To: Los Angeles

Flight: B1205

Gate: 22C                            Seat: 8D

Departure Time: 9:15



98. According to the speaker, why should listeners visit the customer service desk?

(A) To claim a lost item

(B) To check extra baggage

(C) To request a special meal

(D) To volunteer for a later flight

99. Look at the graphic. Which information has changed?

(A) Los Angeles

(B) 31205

(C) 22C

(D) 8D

100. According to the speaker, what is the reason for the change?

(A) Some workers are late.

(B) A door is broken.

(C) The weather is bad.

(D) A computer is malfunctioning.

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