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Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 6 – Học Hay

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ETS TOEIC - Test 06 : Listening - HocHay

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.





Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.

7. Who‘s the new accountant?

(A) Her name is Jee-Soo.

(B) We're behind schedule.

(C) Yes, they're from last month.

8. Did you find musicians for the charity concert yet?

(A) Four or five tickets.

(B) She made a large donation.

(C) I'm not in charge of the music.

9. What still needs to be done before the grand opening?

(A) Outside the store.

(B) Yes. It's still on Friday.

(C) I have a checklist.

10. Where is the picnic being held this year?

 (A) I've made a list of supplies.

(B) Try this gear.

(C) In Madison Park.

11. Do you want to walk in the park or at the indoor track?

(A) It's a bit hot today.

(B) I'll keep track of it.

(C) My favorite pair of shoes.

12. The report says our sales for this quarter are low.

(A) She's sitting in row fifteen.

(B) A marketing request.

(C) I'll look at the results again.

13. When are you going to submit the monthly report?

(A) It'll be ready by the end of the day.

(B) That’s more money than expected.

(C) He's a reporter for the local paper.

14. Would you care to try a sample of our new fruit juice?

(A) That’s a good point.

(B) Is there pineapple in it?

(C) I never knew that.

15. Could you revise this budget?

(A) A reservation, please.

(B) Ming, James, and Ana.

(C) I may have time tomorrow.

16. This stapler is Fernando‘s, isn't it?

 (A) Would you mind doing that?

(B) In the newsletter.

(C) Yes—you can leave it on his desk.

17. Should we ask the waiter to bring us some water?

(A) For about an hour.

(B) Sure, when he comes back.

(C) No. I haven’t.

18. Why did you rearrange the tables in the boardroom?

(A) Eighteen chairs.

(B) I'll have some coffee, thanks.

(C) Because I had to make more space.

19. Excuse me! do you have this shirt in red?

(A) What size do you wear?

(B) She went to that store, too.

(C) A thirty-day return policy.

20. What did you think of Ms. Delgado's job application?

(A) She seems highly qualified.

(B) At the job fair in Singapore.

(C) Yes, I met him last week.

21. How far along are you on the quarterly report?

(A) I'm almost finished with it.

(B) That's a good idea.

(C) It's not very far from here.

22. Don't we have enough supplies to finish painting the house?

(A) I prefer to live by the train station.

(E) Mary is checking the inventory now.

(C) It pays twenty dollars an hour.

23. You already booked your flight, didn't you?

 (A) No. I'll do it tonight.

(B) | read that.

(C) Just a suitcase.

24. Where can I find the first-aid kit?

 (A) Isn’t it in the cabinet?

(B) Usually every evening.

(C) It’s very fast.

25. Don't we have to review Joshua's presentation?

(A) Yes, we were introduced.

(B) It‘s a fantastic view.

(C) He's given that presentation before.

26. Do you want Mike or Hyun-Jung to be at the product launch tomorrow?

(A) That lunch was delicious.

(B) Sure, it was quite exciting.

(C) Aren‘t you going?

27. How do you change your password on the new system?

(A) Unfortunately, they didn't pass.

(B) I haven’t used the new system yet.

(C) Let's change the ink in the printer.

28. Who was the keynote speaker at today's conference?

(A) It's held every March.

(B) About innovation.

(C) Here’s the conference schedule

29. Didn't we select an image for the newsletter already?

(A) We did, but I don't like it.

(B) A few pages long.

(C) What type of computer?

30. I don't know how to download mobile phone applications.

(A) It isn't difficult.

(B) A printed copy.

(C) The road is dosed.

31. Are you going to the lawyer's office for a meeting, or for something else?

(A) Yes, the door on your right.

(B) Just dropping off some forms.

(C) It's a good few firm.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B). (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


32. Where do the speakers most likely work?

(A) At a movie theater

(B) At a construction firm

(C) At an art gallery

(D) At a furniture store

33. What problem are the speakers discussing?

(A) A display area is not clean.

(B) An appliance is broken.

(C) Some bills are not paid.

(D) Some materials are missing.

34. What will the man most likely do next?

(A) Request a recommendation

(B) Reserve a rental car

(C) Look for some replacement parts

(D) Contact some local companies


35. Why does the woman say she is visiting the city?

(A) To see a museum exhibit

(B) To attend a conference

(C) To receive an award

(D) To look at some real estate

36. What does the women say she is concerned about?

(A) Being unable to get a ticket

(B) Booking a hotel room

(C) Having a wrong address

(D) Arriving late for an event

37. What does the man recommend doing?

(A) Looking at a map

(B) Checking an online site

(C) Buying a weekly pass

(D) Calling a friend


38. Where does the woman work?

(A) At a hotel

(B) At a cafe

(C) At an airport

(D) At a car rental agency

39. What is the man’s complaint?

(A) An Internet connection is slow.

(B) A garage does not have enough parking.

(C) There is a billing error on a receipt.

(D) There are too few choices on a menu.

40. What does the woman say will happen next week?

(A) A price will increase.

(B) A construction project will begin.

(C) A Shipment will arrive.

(D) A celebration will take place.


41. Where most likely are the speakers?

(A) At a bookstore

(B) At an art supply store

(C) At a clothing retailer

(D) At a supermarket

42. Why is the woman unable to receive a refund?

(A) She purchased a discounted item.

(B) She has lost a receipt.

(C) A store has changed a policy.

(D) A product has been damaged.

43. What does the man suggest?

(A) Exchanging an item

(B) Speaking with a manager

(C) Returning at a later time

(D) Applying for a rewards program


44. What plan is the company considering?

(A) Expanding its inventory

(B) Updating its filing system

(C) Hiring a new marketing director

(D) Opening another location

45. What does the man imply when he says, “the marketing team has done the research”?

(A) He is happy to not be assigned a task.

(B) He disagrees with a colleague.

(C) He does not want to hire more staff members.

(D) He hopes an advertising campaign will begin soon.

46. What will take place in January?

(A) A job interview

(B) A board of directors meeting

(C) A storewide sale

(D) A focus group test


47. What department does the men work in?

(A) Product Development

(B) Maintenance

(C) Human Resources

(D) Accounting

48. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) A password does not work.

(B) A calculation was incorrect.

(C) Some equipment is broken.

(D) Some interns are unavailable.

49. What will the man most likely do next?

(A) Speak with a supplier

(B) Revise a document

(C) Prepare an invoice

(D) Call an assistant


50. Why did Mary miss her appointment?

(A) Her meeting ran late

(B) Her bus was delayed.

(C) She misread her calendar.

(D) She overslept.

51. What is mentioned about Dr. Garcia?

(A) He recently won an award.

(B) He is traveling for his job.

(C) He writes for a medical journal.

(D) He is an experienced surgeon.

52. What will Dr. Watanebe do next?

(A) Sign a contract

(B) Write a prescription

(C) Order some lab supplies

(D) Read a patient file


53. What does the woman ask the man about?

(A) Building a patio

(B) Renovating a lobby

(C) Installing a light fixture

(D) Constructing a parking garage

54. Why does the man recommend delaying a project?

(A) His company is very busy.

(B) Materials could be damaged.

(C) Equipment costs may decrease.

(D) A building permit is needed.

55. What will the women most likely do next?

(A) Call another company

(B) Consult with a manager

(C) Read some online reviews

(D) Send photographs


56. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

(A) Updating a Web site

(B) Upgrading some machinery

(C) Developing a new product

(D) Planning a sales display

57. What does B Thompson International do?

(A) Provide vendor references

{3) Analyze online advertisements

(C) Deliver packages

(D) Conduct market research

58. What will the speakers probably do next?

(A) Get a cost estimate

(B) Interview some job candidates

(C) Organize a team meeting

(D) Finalize some designs


59. Who will be visiting the company?

(A) An international client

(B) A building superintendent

(C) A local politician

(D) A news reporter

60. Why does the woman say, “I’m attending the all-day software training on Monday”?

(A) She needs help with a technical problem.

(B) She is concerned about an expense.

(C) She is unable to fulfill a request.

(D) She is excited about an opportunity.

61. According to the man, what does the company hope to do next year?

(A) Promote some employees

(B) Open another office

(C) Improve public relations

(D) Publish an updated handbook



62. What is the man surprised about?

(A) The size of an office

(B) The length of a line

(C) A course requirement

(D) A registration fee

63. What does the man say he will do in July?

(A) Take a vacation

(B) Start a training course

(C) Buy a new car

(D) Move to another city

64. Look at the graphic. Which window does the woman send the man to?

(A) Window 1

(B) Window 2

(C) Window 3

(D) Window 4



65. What does Bangalore Designs make?

(A) Household appliances

(8) Wooden furniture

(C) Construction equipment

(D) Paper products

66. Look at the graphic. Where will the man deliver some materials?

(A) At door A

(B) At door B

(C) At door C

(D) At door D

67. What will the woman do next?

(A) Go outside

(B ) Send a text message

(C ) Call a supervisor

(D) Prepare a payment



68. What do the speakers mainly discuss?

(A) Break—room renovations

(B) Updated cafeteria hours

(0) A healthy-eating program

 (D) Results of an employee survey

69. Look at the graphic. Which fruit will the man most likely add to his diet?

(A) Watermelon

(B) Banana

(C) Orange

(D) Papaya

70. What does the man suggest doing?

(A) Ordering some lunch

(B) Providing feedback

(C) Attending a seminar

(D) Seeing a health—care provider

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


71. Who most likely is the speaker?

(A) A software developer

(B) A magazine editor

(C) A hotel manager

(D) A travel agent

72. What is the talk mainly about?

(A) A travel itinerary

(B) A corporate merger

(C) Computer upgrades

(D) Work assignments

73. What does the speaker want the listeners to do tomorrow morning?

(A) Write some reports

(B) Buy airline tickets

(C) Fill out some time sheets

(D) Visit some local attractions


74. What kind of team does the speaker coach?

(A) Tennis

(B) Basketball

(G) Volleyball

(D) Badminton

75. What does the speaker say about his players?

(A) They practice every day.

(B) They will play in a competition.

(C) Most of them live far away.

(D) Many of them have jobs.

76. Why does the speaker say, "You‘ve got the courts reserved from five to six”?

(A) To confirm an appointment

(B) To express surprise

(C) To request a change

(D) To congratulate a colleague


77. What does the speaker thank the listeners for?

(A) Making donations

(B) Packing some boxes

(C) Looking for some missing files

(D) Providing some suggestions

78. What is the speaker looking forward to?

(A) A sports activity

(B) A special performance

(C) A dinner

(D) A holiday

79. What will happen this afternoon?

(A) A client will Visit.

(B) An office will close early.

(C) A construction project will end.

(D) A contract will be signed.


80. What does GS Incorporated manufacture?

(A) Commercial vehicles

(B) Cleaning supplies

(C) Fashion accessories

(D) Electronic devices

81. What has GS Incorporated recently started to do?

(A) Use environmentally friendly packaging

(B) Sell some products internationally

(C) Collaborate with another company

(D) Donate to charitable organizations

82. What will the listeners hear after the commercial break?

(A) A song

(B) A weather forecast

(C) An interview

(D) A traffic update


83. What is the main topic of the broadcast?

(A) Eating habits

(B ) Stress management

(C ) Exercise routines

(D) Steep issues

84. Why does the Speaker say, “That’s not a lot of time"?

(A) To express concern about a deadline

(B ) To complain that a broadcast is too short

(C ) To emphasize the benefit of a program

(D) To compliment some coworkers

85. According to the Speaker, what should the listeners do first?

(A) Ask a friend for help

(B) Make a list of goals

(C) Create a timeline

D) Purchase a handbook


86. What will happen at the Newport Museum on Saturday?

(A) A parking area will be unavailable.

(B) An award will be presented.

(C ) A gift shop will give discounts.

(D) An interactive exhibit will open

87. What does the speaker say about some Newport University students?

(A) They raised money for some equipment.

(B) They published a research paper.

(C) They will give demonstrations at the museum.

(D) They should submit job applications to the museum.

88. According to the speaker, what should the listeners do in advance?

(A) Read about robots

(B) Download a mobile app

(C) Register for a class

(D) Buy tickets


89. Why does the speaker say, “most of our sales team is new"?

(A) To make a complaint

(B) To decline a request

(C) To extend an invitation

(D) To give an explanation

90. What does the speaker show the listeners?

(A) A company vacation policy

(B ) A sample time sheet

(C) A list of organizations

(D ) A flow chart

91. What are the listeners expected to do by Friday?

(A) Look at Internet sites

(B) Obtain an identification badge

(C) Provide an estimate

(D) Respond to some questions

92. Why is the speaker calling?

(A) To set up an interview

(B) To finalize travel arrangements

(C) To offer employment

(D) To discuss an upcoming workshop


93. What does the speaker say the listener will be required to do?

(A ) Apply for a passport

(B) Revise a document

(C) Provide letters of recommendation

(D) Move to another city

94. What does the speaker say will happen next week?

(A) His company will be closed.

(B) A holiday party will be held.

(C) Registration will begin.

(D) Some prices will be lowered.



95. What type of business does the speaker own?

(A) A taxi service

(B) A local grocery store

(C) A chain of restaurants

(D) A flower shop

96. Look at the graphic. In which neighborhood does the speaker want to offer a new service?

(A) Newbury

(B) Uptown

(C) Downtown

(D) Easton

97. What does the speaker want to discuss next?

(A) Advertising strategies

(B) Hiring procedures

(C) An updated vacation policy

(D) A renovation project



98. Why is the speaker unable to participate in one of the interviews?

(A) She is leaving for a business trip.

(B) She has a medical appointment.

(C) She is stuck in traffic.

(D) She has to finish an urgent assignment.

99. Look at the graphic. Who is the listener asked to interview?

(A) Bob Heilig

(B) Jihoon Lee

(C) Susan Petersen

(D) Maya Gomez

100.What does the speaker say she will do?

(A) Set up a training schedule

(B) Organize a teleconference

(C) Revise a job description

(D) E-mail some materials

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