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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 7: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Questions 147-148 refer to the following advertisement.


Sedwick Electronics Hiring Event

March 2, 10 A.M.—-5 RM.
22 Myer Street, Hanover, PA 17331

Sedwick Electronics is opening a new manufacturing facility in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and we need to fill many positions. We offer a wonderful work environment and great benefits to our employees.

Come to the event and hear from employees from our Lancaster facility about their El experience, learn about the open positions, and speak with our recruiters. No RSVP El is necessary. Bring copies of your résumé.


147. For whom is the advertisement intended?

(A) Recruiters

(B) Job seekers

(C) Local business owners

(D) Current Sedwick Electronics employees

148. What is stated about Sedwick Electronics?

 (A) It is moving its headquarters.

 (B) It offers a training program for new employees.

 (C) It requires employees to wear uniforms.

(D) It will have more than one location.


Questions 149-150 refer to the following notice.

Aguni Plumbing Supply Returns

Beginning March 1 at all Aguni Plumbing Supply locations, customers will be able to come to our stores to return purchases made online. For a complete refund, the return must be made within 30 days of purchase and must be accompanied by a receipt. In addition, the merchandise must be returned in the original packaging, and all components must be included. After 30 days, refunds will be limited to in—store credit only. Defective items may be exchanged for the same item only.


149. What will happen on March 1 ?

(A) A shipment will be returned.

(B) A new policy will go into effect.

(C) A promotional sale will take place.

(D) A customer survey will be published.

150. What is NOT a requirement for a complete refund?

 (A) The return must be made at the original purchase location.

 (B) The return must be made within a certain time frame.

(C) The item must be returned with all its components.

(D) The item must be returned in the original packaging.


Questions 151-152 refer to the following information.


Springfield Community School

Computer Courses

Internet Safety

This course teaches students everything they need to navigate the Web safely.

Course ID

Class Time




249800: 01

Tuesday 5:30—7:30 PM

Patrick McCann


249800: 02

Saturday 1:00—3:00 PM

Nora Farid



 Spreadsheet Basics

This course teaches the basics of online spreadsheets. Students will learn how to create effective charts for calculating and analyzing data clearly and easily.

Course ID

Class Time



225810: 01

Thursday 5:30—8:30 PM.

Remi Sanders


225810: 02

Sunday 1:00—4:00 PM.

Nora Farid



151. Why would people enroll in the course taught by MS- Sanders?

(A) To practice designing Web sites

(B) To improve their Internet searches

(C) To get tips on creating spreadsheets

(D) To learn how to advertise on the Internet

152. What is indicated about Ms. Farid?

 (A) She also teaches children.

 (B) She is Ms. Sanders’ supervisor.

 (C) She teaches twice a week.

 (D) She used to work as a data analyst.


Questions 153-154 refer to the following text-message chain.

Sally Witham (4:47 P. M. )
Hi Wakiko. I Just finished up here at the Kyoto store. I’ll be on the train that arrives in Tokyo at 11: 35 tomorrow n1o1‘ning.How should I get to you1 a location?

Wakiko Ohara (4:48 P. M. )
I’ll  have an associate pick you up at the station. How do things look in Kyoto?

Sally Witham (4: 49 P. M. )
The Kyoto store is doing a great job it has everything that we at the home office are looking for. Athletic shoes and sandals are displayed according to specifications, and sales associates are friendly and knowledgeable.

 Wakiko Ohara (4:51 P. M. )
You should like things here, too. Do you Want to begin your Visit after lunch say at 2: 00?

Sally Witham (4:52 P. M. )
Sounds good. See you tomorrow.


153. Why did Ms. Witham contact Ms. Ohara?

(A) To review sales figures

(B) To arrange a store visit

(C) To discuss employee performance reviews

(D) To determine the most convenient train to take

154. At 4:51 P.M., what does Ms. Ohara most likely mean when she writes, “You should like things here, too”?

(A) The Tokyo store is being run according to corporate policy.

(B) Ms. Witham will find the athletic shoes she needs.

(C) Ms. Ohara‘s associate is always punctual.

(D) The Tokyo store is located next to apopular restaurant.


Questions 155-157 refer to the following report.


Structure: Blaine River Drawbridge                                          Location: Ridgeline Highway, KM 147

Main span material: Steel girder                                                                Owner: State Highway Agency

Age of structure: 30 years                                                            Report completed by: Vivian Tulio

                                                                                                                Date: October 17


The bridge is overall structurally sound. Inform Department of Transportation about small cracks in asphalt.

Bridge component


Key to ratings

Support elements


1 Failed; immediate Closure required



2 Deteriorated; may fail soon

Road surface


3 Shows deterioration but still functions within acceptable parameters

Drainage features


4 Shows minor wear

Safety barriers


5 New condition

Sidewalk or walkway


6 Not applicable


155. What did Ms. Tulio most likely do?

 (A) Make repairs

(8) Hire a contractor

(C) Perform an inspection

(D) Authorize a construction plan

156 What part of the structure is in most need of maintenance?

(A) The support elements

(B) The road surface

(C) The drainage features

(D) The safety barriers

157. What is probably true about the Blaine River Drawbridge?

(A) It was not designed for pedestrian use.

(B) It will be closed for the month of October.

(C) It does not have the required signage.

(D) It is the oldest bridge on the Ridgeline Highway.


Questions 158-160 refer to the following article.

Subway Sound to be Upgraded

BOSTON (April 1)—The public address systems at selected subway stations are scheduled to be refurbished, the Transit Authority announced this week. The systems are used to make announcements to commuters both on the platforms and in the stations.

Local commuters welcomed the news, although for some it was long overdue.

“It can be pretty difficult to understand the announcements at some of the stations I use most frequently,” said Ian Miller, who has taken the subway to work nearly every week for the past eighteen years. “I had heard the reports about it on TV, and all I can say is that it is about time!”

Some of the systems currently in use are more than 30 years old. Worn—out speakers, wiring, microphones, and amplifiers will be replaced with new, more reliable devices. The work should be completed in October and cost more than $11 million.

oston’s subway system came together in stages over the course of several years. The foundational component of the system’s Green Line first opened 011 Tremont Street in the late 18905. It was the first of its kind in the United States.


158. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To clarify where subway riders can locate information

(B) To describe improvements at some subway stations

(C) To announce the creation of a new subway line

(D) To explain why subway schedules will be revised

159. How does Mr. Miller feel about the plans?

(A) He expects the project to fail.

(B) He is concerned about the cost.

(C) He believes the work is unnecessary.

(D) He has been waiting for the changes.

160. The word “stages" in paragraph 5, line 2, is closest in meaning to

(A) steps

(B) scenes

(C) train cars

(D) platforms


Questions 161-163 refer to the following email

To: All Staff
From: Selene Hong
Date: March 25
Subject: Reminder

Dear  Staff,

1 would like to draw your attention to several new procedures regarding business trip expense reports. — [1] —. Beginning next month, business-related dining receipts must be accompanied by a listing of each dinner attendee. Also, please make sure that you do not include receipts for any non-work-related items or activities with your report. — [2] —. Finally, note that our accounting software will now automatically calculate for you the total to be reimbursed. You need only to upload images of your receipts for the software to do this.

I will be happy to respond to your questions. — [3] —. However, I will be flying to Tokyo this Friday to meet clients, so I will not be checking e-mail that day. — [4] —.


Selene Hong
Assistant Director, Human Resources Department
Datoric Systems.


161. What is indicated about Datoric Systems?

(A) It has increased the spending amount allowed for business dinners.

(B) It will adopt new procedures for filing travel expense reports.

(C) It has office locations in several countries.

(D) It plans to hold a company celebration.

162. Why is the accounting software mentioned?

(A) To highlight a special capability it has

(B) To encourage staff to install it

(C) To help employees log on to it

(D) To point out that it will be replaced

163. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

 “Following these steps will enable us to quickly Issue your reimbursement payment.

 (A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 164-167 refer to the following article.

E-Commerce Opening Doors for African Fashion Industry

ADDIS ABABA (6 May)—Africa’s role as a consumer of fashion has been on the rise in recent years. This trend is largely due to the emergence of e-commerce, which provides Africans the opportunity to buy clothing from retailers with no physical presence on the continent.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the growth of e-commerce is enabling small— scale African designers to also become producers of fashion, as they showcase their collections to consumers worldwide.Af1‘ica11 shopping Web sites like Jumjum and Longa are making the work of African designers available for purchase not just throughout the continent, but also as far away as London and New York. — [1] —.

“African designers are finally gaining visibility,” says Mazaa Absher, founder of Abbi Sportseore, Africa’s fastest—growing athletic footwear company. “We have always had terrific design and production capacity here on the continent, but it was hard getting it out into the world. Now we are generating more sales online than we are in our stores.” — [2] —.

Even as Ms. Absher has transformed her company into an international powerhouse, she continues to highlight the advantages of manufacturing its products in her home city of Nazret. — [3] —. Africa’s strong textile sector and innovative designs combine tradition and wearability, and this formula is allowing companies like hers to set their sights beyond the continent.

“As more cities in Ethiopia- all over Africa-improve their manufacturing capacity, it will become easier to reach the rest of the world," says Ms. Absher. — [4] —.


164. What is the main topic of the article?

(A) New trends in marketing athletic footwear

(B) increased competition in the African clothing market

(C) Recent growth in the African fashion industry

(D) The largest clothing companies in Africa

165. What is indicated about Abbi Sportscore?

(A) It sells its products only online.

(B) It manufactures its shoes in Nazret.

(C) It will be moving its main offices soon.

(D) It was the first shoe company in Ethiopia.

166. What is suggested about the Jumjum and Longa Web sites?

(A) They sell only handcrafted goods.

(B) They receive orders from around the world.

(C) They offer free shipping to London and New York.

(D) They are planning to open retail stores.

167. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3] and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“The city boasts four garment factories, with a fifth scheduled to be built this year in nearby Wonji.“

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 168-171 refer to the following text-message chain.

Gary Park (10:23 A.M.)
I e—mailed you the cover design for our September issue a few minutes ago. Did you receive it?

Jill Riley (10:26 A.M.)
Yes, but is this the latest version? I thought we agreed that the background color should be lighter so the article titles are more visible.

Gary Park (10:28 A.M.)
I forgot7sorry about that! I’m just now sending the file with the most recent version.

Jill Riley (10:30 A.M.)
Opening it now... That’s more like it. I’ll forward it to Graphics and request a sample printout.

Jill Riley (10:35 A.M.)
Good morning, Mr. Ojeda. Our new cover design is ready. When do you think you’ll have a chance to work on it?

Frank Ojeda (10:38 A.M.)
Send it to me now. I’ll have a print copy ready for your approval after lunch.


168. Where do the people most likely work?

(A) At a bookstore

(B) At a public library

(C) At a television studio

(D) At a magazine publisher

169. Why does Mr. Park apologize?

(A) He sent the wrong file.

(B) He used an old e-mail address.

(C) He missed a project deadline.

(D) He lost an important document.

170. At 10:30 A.M., what does Ms. Riley most likely mean when she writes, “That’s more  like it”?

 (A) The budget is more reasonable.

(B) The color looks better.

(C) The story is more interesting.

(D) The schedule is more realistic.

171. What will Mr. Ojeda do by the afternoon?

(A) Approve a marketing plan

(B) Produce a sample

(C) Repair a printer

(D) Make copies of an agreement


Questions 172-175 refer to the following letter.

8 February

Ms. Mala Chelvi
60 J alan Tun Razak
54200 Kuala Lumpur

Dear Ms. Chelvi,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been nominated as a finalist for the Small Business Challenge competition this year. Now in its fifth year, this competition is designed to highlight innovative products and services launched by young entrepreneurs. The Web application that you developed, which provides a means of matching charitable organizations with volunteers, earned one of the top scores from our panel of judges.

In the next round of the challenge, you will participate in a live presentation about your product before a panel of expert judges. The three people with the best presentations will receive one-time grants of MYR 10,000 each to invest in their businesses.

Please go to sbc.org/competition and submit an outline of your presentation, a brief video that clearly illustrates the use of your application, and a passport-sized photograph of yourself. You will also need to sign a consent form allowing us to use your name and photo, if needed, in promotional materials on our Web site. The deadline for submission of these materials is 10 March.

Best regards,

Felix Pang
Chairperson, Small Business Challenge Committee


172. What is the purpose of the letter?

(A) To seek volunteers for an event

(B) To notify a contest finalist

(C) To sell business consultation services

(D) To offer a small-business loan

173. What does Ms. Chelvi most likely specialize in?

(A) Law

(B) Technology

(C) Finance

(D) Marketing

174. The word “illustrates“ in paragraph 3, line 2, is closest in meaning to

(A) represents

(B) translates

(C) lightens

(D) decorates

175. What is Ms. Chelvi asked to do by March 10 ?

 (A) Update a Web page design

 (B) Give a presentation

 (C) Sign a consent form

(D) Pay a fee


Questions 176-180 refer to the following e-mail and receipt.


To: riedewald@parasur.net.sr
From: client_services@mhf.ca
Date: April 2, 12:21 15.11/12
Subject: Your feedback

Dear Mr. Riedewald,


Thank you for filling out the McMann Home Furnishings (MHF) survey. To show our appreciation, we have added reward points to your account. They can be applied to the purchase of products offered online as well as those offered in our retail stores. Clearance items and these priced $15.00 and above may not be purchased using credits.


To use your reward points for an online purchase, select the items you would like to purchase and then check out. At the bottom of the page, select “Apply credits.” The value of the applied credits will appear on your order receipt as a special discount.


If you would prefer to use reward points at one of our retail locations, you can do so by logging in to your account on our Web site. Go to the My Rewards page, and then select “Print as a coupon.” The coupon will have a bar code that can be scanned at the store’s checkout counter.



Client Services, McMann Home Furnishings



Online Order #1157

McMann Home Furnishings Store

March 19, 11:31A.M.


Hand—Painted Picture Frame

Quantity: 1

Price: 10.00

Special Discount: -10.00


Sailboat Ceramic Mug

Quantity: 4

Price: 40.00

Clearance Discount: -20.00


Floral Blanket

Quantity: 1

Price: 25.00


Photo Album

Quantity: 1

Price: 34.00

Seasonal Item Discount: ~17.00


Item total: 62.00

Shipping: Free

Total: 62.00



176. According to the e-mail, how did Mr. Riedewald receive reward points?

(A) He won an online contest.

(B) He participated in a customer survey.

(C) He spent a certain amount of money.

(D) He returned an item.

177. In the e—mail, the phrase "filling out” in paragraph 1, line 1, is closest in meaning to

(A) emptying

(B) supplying

(C) completing

(D) expanding

178. How can customers apply their reward points in an MHF retail store?

(A) By entering their account number

(B) By entering their phone number

(C) By scanning a coupon’s bar code

(D) By going to the Client Services Department

179. According to the receipt, what is true about Mr. Riedewald?

(A) He paid for delivery of the items.

(B) He purchased the items in the evening.

(C) He paid over $70 for all items combined.

(D) He purchased only one item at regular price.

180. What item did Mr. Riedewald most likely purchase using reward credits?

(A) The picture frame

(B) The ceramic mug

(C) The floral blanket

(D) The photo album


Questions 181-185 refer to the following letter and order.


Two Swan Press

72 Holywell Road, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ

4 December


Mr. Albert Morello

17 Peyton Avenue

Kingston 5

Jamaica, WI.


Dear Mr. Morello:


Enclosed please find your royalty payment for Understanding Our Oceans. You should have recently received an e-mail that listed the sales figures and the royalties due. to you for the print and electronic versions of your book.


We are proud to announce that Two Swan Press was given the Publisher of the Year Award by the UK Book Industry in October. We thank the authors who have worked with us since our founding live years ago.


All Two Swan Press authors are entitled to an author discount 0140 percent off any title 011 our Web site. Simply use the code AUX1417 for your discount.


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind regards,

Sarah Wicklin






Special December Offer-free shipping on all orders over £35


Name:  Duncan Booth

E-mail: Inbooth @silvertech.eo.uk

Date of purchase:  12 December

Ship to: Duncan Booth

321 Maslin St.

Coatbridge MLS lLZ, Scotland, UK


1  Business in Our Lives by Elaine Schuyler   £75.00

Discount Applied (AUX 1417)                           - 30.00

Balance Due                                                            £45.00

Paid by Credit Card ***5732


Items from multiple orders may be combined in the same package. We will notify you when your order has shipped.



181. What is a purpose of the letter?

(A) To ask Mr. Morello to write a book

(B) To explain an enclosed contract

(C) To notify Mr. Morello of a payment

(D) To describe an updated personnel policy

182. What was sent in a previous message to Mr. Morello?

(A) Incorrect contact information

(B) Detailed sales numbers

(C) A list of suggested changes

(D) A link to an electronic book

183. What does Ms. Wicklin mention about Two Swan Press?

(A) It moved to a new location in October.

(B) It has launched a new program for its fifth anniversary.

(C) It has won an industry award.

(D) It has decided to focus on scientific publications.

184. What is suggested about Mr. Booth?

(A) He is a Two Swan Press author.

(B) He wrote Business in Our Lives.

(C) He is an acquaintance of Mr. Morello.

(D) He has purchased items from Two Swan Press before.

185. What is indicated about the order?

(A) It has been delayed.

(B) It has not yet been paid.

(C) It contains multiple books.

(D) It includes free shipping.


Questions 186-190 refer to the following e-mail, form, and article.


To: All Staff
From: Personnel Department
Date: June 20
Subject:  Mentoring Program
Attachment:  Application


Employees who have been with Broadside Electronics for less than eighteen months are invited to apply to participate in a new mentoring program that will match a maximum of ten junior employees with long—term company veterans. The goal is that junior employees will sharpen corporate skills, better understand company culture, and develop a more focused career path. Mentees will be assigned to a mentor based strictly on their work assignment and professional interests. The pairs will meet at mutually convenient times throughout the year, from three to five hours per month.


To be considered for participation in this initiative, complete the attached application and return to Mentoring Program Director Tim Wrigley at t.wrigley@broadsideelee.com by July 1. Mr. Wrigley will send notification of his selections by July 15.




Name: Caro Drummond

Extension: 144

Division: Sales


Professional areas of interest:

I am most interested in learning about our markets abroad and developing my soles- presentation abilities for these international markets. I am also interested in general career guidance.


Best workdays and times for meeting:

Any weekday morning except Monday.



The Boardside Company Newsletter

Mentoring Program Sees Results


Long-time employee and Vice President of Sales Alena Russo was intrigued when a Personnel Department director approached her about mentoring a less experienced employee under a program that began last year. She is glad to have accepted the assignment. “After working with Ms. Drummond, I am more satisfied with my own duties, because I know I have helped a professional who is just getting started.  I only wish that I had had someone looking out for me in my early years,” remarked Ms. Russo.


Ms. Drummond explains that she “needed pointers on how to make better sales pitches." She reports that her sales are up by 20 percent now. She better understands the opportunities Broadside Electronics has to offer and what is required to become a manager. “Thanks to Ms. Russo, I have been able to define my career goals, and I am a happier person when I arrive to work every day.”


New mentorship pairs are now being formed. Interested parties should contact Tim Wrigley in the Personnel Department.



186. What does the e-mail indicate about the mentoring program?

(A) It is popular industry—wide.

(B) The number of participants is limited.

(C) It is designed for staff in the sales division.

(D) Participants must attend an orientation meeting.

187. How will the junior employees most likely be selected?

(A) They will be chosen from a management-training group.

(B) They will undergo competitive interviews.

(C) They will be evaluated by Mr. Wrigley.

(D) They will be recommended by a local business school.

188. What is suggested about Ms. Drummond?

(A) She has worked at Broadside Electronics for less than eighteen months.

(B) She has just transferred from another department.

(C) She has received a positive annual review.

(D) She has made many successful presentations abroad.

189. What is most likely true about Ms. Russo?

(A) She is planning to retire soon.

 (B) She has international sales experience.

 (C) She has mentored many junior employees.

 (D) She recently joined the hiring team.

190. What benefit from the mentoring program have both Ms. Drummond and Ms. Russo enjoyed?

(A) Increased job satisfaction

(B) Quick promotions

(C) Paycheck bonuses

(D) Clearer career goals


Questions 191-195 refer to the following Web site, online form, and e—mail.







Temporary Fencing Service


Need a temporary fence installed at your residence, workplace, or special event? Our expert team will deliver and install chain-link fencing on the booked date and time. When the fence is no longer needed, we will take it down and haul it away. Like our residential and commercial fencing, our temporary fences are obtained from the best manufacturers using the finest materials. Our fences have a tidy, sturdy, professional appearance that local residents and businesses appreciate. We also see to all legally required inspections and certifications.


Ready for a price quote? Contact us today via our Online Quote service. Be sure to provide the following information so we can provide an accurate estimate:


1. The preferred height of your fence (Be aware that local regulations commonly allow a maximum height of three metres.)
2. The perimeter of the area you need to enclose

3. The number of gated entrances needed

4. The number of days the fence needs to be up



Name: Marguerite Carhart

Phone: (0117) 555—9102

Installation Address: 438 Stretford Way, Bristol BS5 7TB

E-mail: mcarhart@stockporteventcentre.co.uk

Today’s date: 8 August


Fence Details:

I need a temporary three-metre—tall fence installed around the Stockport Event Centre within the next two weeks. This is to prevent the public from entering while we make renovations from 18 to 30 August: Two gates are needed so that workers and vehicles may enter and leave the location.



To: mearhart@stockporteventeentre.co.uk

From: hmonlalbo@runklefeneing.eo,uk

Date: 9 August

Subject: Quote Number 080817

Attachment: fencequote_mcarhart


Dear Ms. Carhart,


Thank you for your enquiry. Please see the attached estimate for the work you requested. Note that the price of delivery is included at no further charge unless a rush order—one providing less than three weeks’ notice—is required. This is a rough estimate based on the information you provided. If you ring us at (0117) 555—2938 and provide us with a missing detail, I can give you a more accurate quote.


You might also consider including a plastic curtain with your order. This would be wrapped around and fastened to the fence, hiding the construction site from the view of pedestrians. If this interests you, we can include it in the revised quote.


Best Regards,

Howard Montalbo



191. What does the Web site indicate about fences taller than three meters?

(A) They are made of plastic.

(B) They are usually prohibited by law.

(C) They require special transportation.

(D) They must be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

192. According to the form, why does Ms. Carhart need a temporary fence installed?

(A) To mark a property line

(B) To draw attention to an exhibit

(C) To control a crowd at a special event

(D) To limit public access to a work site

193. What information does Ms. Carhart fail to give about the fence she needs?

(A) The height of the fence to be erected

(B) The dates when the fence is needed

(C) The perimeter of the area to be enclosed

(D) The number of entrances needed

194. What is implied about Ms. Carhart’s fence project?

(A) There will be a charge for delivery.

(B) The project involves work at several job sites.

(C) Extra workers must be hired to install the fence.

(D) Inspectors must first approve the project.

195. Why does Mr. Montalbo recommend adding a curtain?

(A) It would act as a noise barrier.

(B) It would help keep in dust.

(C) It would serve as a visual screen.

(D) It would improve safety conditions.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following e-mail, flyer, and schedule.


To: Daniel Rodrigues Pereira

From: Livia Romero

Subject: I Rompany outing

Date: August 5


Hello Daniel,


I hope you are settling in well. [”111 sure you have had a busy few weeks. Around this time at year, the office manager typically begins arranging our annual company outing. I think we mentioned this during your interview in June. Previously, we have done things like going to a concert and taking a local river cruise. The outing is always great for morale, and everyone looks forward to it.


This year, I think it would be a good idea to get tickets to a sporting event. I know that many staff members are fans of the San Jose Starlings baseball team. It should be an evening game when the team is playing at home. We have 21 budget of $600.00 this year, Looking at the ticket prices, it seems that will be just enough to get a ticket for every staff member.


I’m sure Elise can assist you with this; she has often helped organize the outings. Let me know if you have any questions.



Livia Romero

Director of Administration, Loftgren Consulting



Plan your next event with the San Jose Starlings!

    Discounted tickets are available for groups of ten or more. The more tickets you buy, the more you save 7perfect for family gatherings, company outings, or charity fund—raisers! Get perks such as free tickets for the organizer, discounts on food, and your group's name displayed on the scoreboard.


Group Ticket Pricing

10 tickets: $130.00

3011Ckets: $360.00

50 tickets: $550.00

70 tickets: $700.00


Contact grouptickets@sanjosestarlings.com or call 408—555-0101 for more information.



San Jose Starlings

August Schedule




Opposing team

Home or Away

August 13


1:05 PM.

Aspen Monarchs


August 15


7:05 PM.

Aspen Monarchs


August 19


1:05 PM.

Philipsburg Pinstripes


August 33


7:05 PM.

Philipsburg Pinstripes


Purchase tickets online at www.sanjosestarlings.com/tickets.


196. Why did Ms. Romero send the e-mail to Mr. Rodrigues Pereira?

(A) To tell him about an upcoming budget cut

(B) To invite him to a concert

(C) To introduce him to his new assistant

(D) To ask him to arrange an event

197. What does the e-mail imply about Mr. Rodrigues Pereira?

(A) He recently attended a San Jose Starlings game.

(B) He will be leaving in a few weeks to go on vacation.

(C) He is a professional party planner.

(D) He recently began working for Loftgren Consulting.

198. According to the flyer, what is a benefit of buying tickets as a group?

(A) Reduced ticket prices

(B) Free food

(C) Front-row seating

(D) T-shirts with the team’s logo

199. How many employees does Loftgren Consulting most likely have?

 (A) 10

(B) 30

 (C) 50

 (D) 70

200. On what date could Loftgren Consulting employees attend a game?

(A) August 13

(B) August 15

(C) August 19

(D) August 22

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