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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 8: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.


Questions 147-148 refer to the following notice.

Area Traffic Alert and Transportation Authority Update

The Regional Transportation Authority will begin repairing and replacing signs on Highway 675 in January. The new signs are designed to be more reflective and thus easier to read. They will also be better located.

Most of the activity will entail partial closures of thruway lanes at night when the traffic volume is lowest. Vehicular traffic during the daytime will not be affected. The work is expected to last six to eight weeks; all scheduled activities are weather dependent.


147. What is the purpose of the notice?

(A) To warn about increased traffic

(B) To outline work-zone safety tips

(C) To describe an improvement project

(D) To announce plans for a new highway

148. What is a feature of the new signs?

(A) They will last much longer.

(B) They come in many colors.

(C) They are significantly larger.

(D) They offer improved readability.


Questions 149-150 refer to the following form.

Lorene Industries
Reimbursement Request Form

Name: Timothy Oswell
Supervisor’s name: Laura Cho
Department: Advertising
ID: 8123976
Position: Project manager
Itemized expenses:





Travel to meeting



Lunch with Yannick Le Mignon, Mazzira Group



Return travel to office


Total reimbursement:     £61

Funds will not be issued to employees without itemized receipts. Credits for Claimed reimbursements will be added to the employee’s regular biweekly paycheck. Amounts over £100 will not be processed during the current pay period. Instead, they will be reimbursed at the end of the following quarter.

Employee signature: Timothy Oswell
Supervisor signature: Laura Cho
Form received date: 30/1
Receipts attached? Yes
Finance department reimbursement officer approval: Tia Jegerfalk


149. What can be reimbursed using the form?

(A) Only amounts less than £100

(B) Only transportation costs

(C) Only charges submitted with a receipt

(D) Only the expenses of senior staff members

150. What is suggested about Mr. Oswell?

(A) He used a company credit card.

(B) He gets paid at the end of every week.

(C) He conducted business with a new client.

(D) He will receive a credit with his next paycheck.


Questions 151 -1 53 refer to the following e-mail.

To: All Staff
From: Takashi lmura
Sent: Thursday October 07, 9:04 AM.
Subject: Elevator inspections


The City Code Enforcement Office will perform annual elevator inspections beginning at 11:00 A.M. tomorrow. — [1] —. The purpose is to ensure that our elevators meet all safety requirements. Our elevators are well maintained, so I do not anticipate any problems.

There will be periods when individual elevators will be out of service. — [2] —. However, at least one elevator in the building will be in service at any given time. The testing is officially scheduled to last until 2:00 PM. I will send an e-mail to let you know when all elevators are in service again. — [3] —. A message will also be posted on the building’s Facilities Web site.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the inspection process, and we will work to minimize the impact on staff and clients using the building. — [4] —.

Takashi Imura, Building Supervisor


151. How often are the elevators inspected?

(A) Once a month

(B) Every six months

(C) Once a year

(D) Every two years

152. Why might the inspection be inconvenient for staff and clients?

(A) Offices on the top floor will be closed after 11:00 A.M.

(B) An elevator they often use may not be working.

(C) The elevators will be out of service until 2:00 P.M. Monday.

(D) Officials may have to operate some elevators for riders.

153. In which of the positions marked [1]. [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

”Thank you for your patience, and let me know if you have any questions.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 154-155 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Katie Milerre: (10:36 A.M.)
Mr. del Mar, I’m finalizing the catering order for next month’s client—appreciation banquet. We haven’t received responses from our clients at Hartford and Mason Law Firm. Should I call to confirm with them?

Alberto del Mar: (10:38 A.M.)
No, that’s not necessary. I spoke with Mr. Hartford yesterday, and he told me they won’t be able to make it. They’ll be traveling out of state for an appointment that day.

Katie Milerre: (10:39 A.M.)
I see. Would you like me to have a gift basket sent to their office since they won’t be attending?

Alberto del Mar: (10:41 A.M.)
Yes. Please also include a gift card to the restaurant where the banquet is being held and an invitation to attend lunch with me there at a later date.

Katie Milerre: (10:42 A.M.)
Certainly. I will bring the card to your office this afternoon for a signature.

Alberto del Mar: (10:42 A.M.)
Thank you, Katie.


154. What is indicated about Mr. Hartford?

(A) He is unable to attend an upcoming event.

(B) He will contact Ms. Milerre in the afternoon.

(C) He is organizing a conference.

(D) He has not made travel plans yet.

155. At 10:39 A.M., what does Ms. Milerre most likely mean when she says, "I see"?

(A) She is looking at some information about a client.

(B) She understands an explanation provided by Mr. del Mar.

(C) She is currently viewing some photographs of gift baskets.

(D) She knows that Mr. del Mar wants her to purchase a card.


Questions 156-157 refer to the following information.


l have spent most of my life in the woods of rural Colorado, where l have always looked to the beauty of nature for inspiration. My plates, bowls, and cutting boards are hand carved from pieces of wood that were foraged from fallen trees that I discovered while on various hikes through the forest.

Each object in my wooden kitchenware collection is one of a kind and has been carved to bring out the natural curves and grain patterns of the wood. These unique pieces can last a lifetime if stored and treated properly. They should never be left to soak in water, as prolonged exposure to water will cause them to warp. It is also a good idea to apply a light coat of mineral oil from time to time to prevent the colors from fading. For more tips on how to best protect your natural wood product from deterioration, visit www.hollyhollingsworth.com. Thank you for purchasing my products!

Holly Hollingsworth



Where would the information most likely be found?

(A) Inside a package with a product

(B) Near a piece of art in a museum

(C) In an article in a nature magazine

(D) In an advertisement in a newspaper

157. According to the information, what can readers do on a Web site?

(A) Browse new items available for sale

(B) Compare the different types of wood

(C) Read detailed product-care instructions

 (D) Learn about wood-carving techniques


Questions 158-160 refer to the following form.

Pernely Hotel

Thank you for choosing Pernely Hotel for your recent event! Please take a moment to fill out this survey. We hope you will share your positive experience with associates and friends. If we receive a booking based on your referral, we will give you a 5% discount on the cost of your next event.

Customer name and e-mail: Aika Otani, a.otani@bipmail.com
Event date: April 6
Event location: Oakwood Dining Room
Please rate the following aspects of your experience with us. (N/A = not applicable)







Quality of food






Quantity of food






Friendliness of staff






Room setup/atmosphere






Overnight accommodations








The Pernely event coordinator provided excellent support in putting this annual event together. The Food was delicious—the guests raved about the roast chicken! The dining room got quite noisy as it flled up. We will plan to use Perhely again next year, though we will definitely request a different room.


158. How can Ms. Otani become eligible for a discount?

(A) By booking an event before April 6

(B) By referring someone who books an event

(C) By reserving a block of hotel rooms

(D) By completing an online survey

159. What problem did Ms. Otani experience?

(A) There was too much noise.

(B) There was not enough food.

(C) The menu was limited.

(D) The room was small.

160. What is NOT indicated on the form?

(A) The guests enjoyed the food.

(B) The event was held in the Oakwood Dining Room.

(C) Many of Ms. Otani’s guests stayed overnight.

(D) A Pernely Hotel staff member helped with planning.


Questions 161-163 refer to the following article.

CAPE TOWN (26 October)-Locally based Roebling Vision announced yesterday that it will be merging with Novianto Technology, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. This action will allow Roebling Vision to expand its research division to include a team that Specializes in cutting-edge vision technology.

“There is no doubt that we will be releasing new eyewear solutions in the upcoming year,” said Roebling Vision CEO Obakeng Van Dyk. “With our joint efforts, there will be no limit to what we can do.”

Before the two companies join forces, Roebling Vision’s laboratories in Johannesburg will be expanded to be able to accommodate a much larger workforce.

Headquartered here in Cape Town, Roebling Vision has centres throughout the country. Its popularity grew about ten years ago, after several South African celebrities began wearing Roebling glasses. The company is best known for manufacturing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Less known is the fact that it also has a small division devoted to research and technology located in Johannesburg.


161. What is the purpose of the article?

(A) To critique new types of eyewear

(B) To report on the opening of a vision center

(C) To announce the uniting of two companies

(D) To discuss recent fashion trends

162. What will Roebling Vision do soon?

(A) Increase its laboratory capacity

(B) Move its headquarters to Nairobi

(C) Discontinue a product line

(D) Hire a new CEO

163. The phrase “devoted to" in paragraph 4, line 8, is closest in meaning to

(A) admiring of

 (B) focused on

 (C) elected to

 (D) supported by


Questions 164-167 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Marguerite Ogus (9:30 A.M.)
Hi, team. How are we progressing on the free Healthy Lifestyle series for our employees?

Peter Jellis (9:31 A.M.)
As we discussed at our lunch meeting in the cafeteria in February, we’re starting with nutrition.

Taewon Yoon (9:31 A.M.)
I talked to Adam Rickert, who writes the column on healthy living for our hospital newsletter.

Peter Jellis (9:32 A.M.)
So are we on target to start the series on March 1, Taewon?

Marguerite Ogus (9:33 A.M.)
Marvelous. I remember seeing his interview on television about the need for quality sleep. Is he comfortable with presenting live in front of people?

Peter Jelljs (9:34 A.M.)
Well, last month he delivered a major conference presentation.

Taewon Yoon (9:34 A.M.)
Yes. Adam Rickert committed to doing the first three sessions in the series.

Marguerite Ogus (9:35 A.M.)
Good. What about the room?

Peter Jellis (9:36 A.M.)
The atrium on the north side of the hospital has been reserved through May for the full series.

Taewon Yoon (9:37 A.M.)
And we have already chosen the second topic in the series: physical fitness.

Marguerite Ogus (9:38 A.M.)
Excellent. Let’s move on to picking the third speaker of the series, who will discuss the importance of social relationships in our April sessions.


164. What is suggested about the speaker series?

(A) It will include lunch.

(B) It will be held in a hospital.

(C) It will be open to the public.

(D) It will be shown on television.

165. At 9:33 A.M., what does Ms. Ogus mean when she writes, “Marvelous“?

(A) She is satisfied with the latest newsletter.

(B) She is pleased that Mr. Jellis has joined the chat.

(C) She is happy with Mr. Yoon’s choice of speaker.

(D) She is glad to speak as part of the series.

166. When is Mr. Rickert scheduled to speak?

(A) In February

(B) In March

(C) In April

(D) In May

167. According to the chat, what topic will most likely NOT be discussed in the speaker series?

(A) Physical exercise

(B) Eating well

(C) Sleep habits

(D) Healthy relationships


Questions 168-171 refer to the following report.

Residential Audit

Prepared for customer: Darrah Henninger

Property address: 337 Barrel Street, Hempstead, NY 1 1550

Reason for audit request: The customer reported unusually high energy bills and an inefficient cooling system during the warmest months.

Date of visit: August 26

Inspection summary: The building size is approximately 366 square meters, and there is an exterior air—conditioning unit on the west side of the structure. — [1] —. The unit was installed new and is six years old.

The size of the cooling unit is more than sufficient for the building size. — [2] —-. However, the return air flows through a vent that is too small. Expanding the current vent size or creating an additional vent on an adjacent wall will correct this issue.

The building has a vaulted metal roof that is poorly insulated. Reinsulating the roof is recommended. — [3] —. The use of ceiling fans on the upper level should be avoided in the warm months. Because the roof is not insulated well, the fans use an excessive amount of energy to combat the heat transfer through the ceiling during the summer, and therefore the rooms cannot be adequately cooled.

This audit has been performed by a certified energy auditor. — [4] —.

Audit prepared by: Kevin Anders


168. Why most likely did Ms. Henninger request the audit service?

(A) She would like to enlarge her living space.

(B) She needs some heating equipment  repaired.

(C) She is interested in purchasing a property.

(D) She wants to lower her summer energy costs.

169. What is indicated about the air-conditioning unit?

(A) It is an adequate size.

 (B) It has a satisfactory venting system.

(C) It is a discontinued model.

(D) It has been producing warm air.

170. What does Mr. Anders advise about the ceiling fans?

(A) They should be replaced.

(B) They should be reinstalled in other locations.

(C) They should be used instead of the air-conditioning unit.

(D) They should be turned off for part of the year.

171. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“This should be a top priority.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 172-175 refer to the following conference schedule.

Conference Schedule for May 25


7:00-8:00 A.M.                                   Registration (main auditorium, ground floor)

8:00-9:15 A.M.                                   Software Solutions

Learn about the latest and best software systems for keeping track of fleets and product shipments and for facilitating communication between drivers and dispatchers.


Instructor: Nicklas Massen

9:30-10:30AM                                    Air Cargo Units

Explore new insights into air cargo operations in the areas of domestic and overseas transport, calculating rates and charges, safeguarding valuable items, and troubleshooting possible complications.


Instructor: Ezinne Chioke


10:45—11:45 A.M.                           Effective Driver Training

It’s the law! The National Transportation Council holds employers responsible for ensuring that all drivers are familiar with government laws and requirements. The latest rule updates will be addressed as will tips on how to organize an effective training program.


Instructor: Ching—Lien Wu

12:00—1:00 RM.                               Maintaining Vehicle Fleets

Examine recent trends in managing fleets of vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, and delivery equipment), which include anticipating and controlling the costs associated with vehicles, mechanics, drivers, vendors, and fuel consumption.


Instructor: Nicklas Massen

All sessions will be held in the Geneva Conference Room on the fourth floor, except the 12 PM. session, which will be held in the Harkness Conference Room on the second floor. Presenters who need help setting up should see Facilities staff in room G14.


172. Who most likely would attend the conference?

(A) Transportation company owners

(B) Computer software programmers

(C) Truck and bus drivers

(D) Business management professors

173. What is NOT a subject likely to be covered during the 9:30 A.M. session?

(A) Pricing

(B) International shipments

(C) Solving common difficulties

(D) Improving staff communication

174. When will the session on following regulations be held?

(A) At 8:00 A.M.

(B) At 9:30 A.M.

(C) At 10:45 A.M.

(D) At 12:00 PM.

175. Where will Ms. Chioke lead her session?

 (A) In the main auditorium

 (B) In the Geneva Conference Room

 (C) In the Harkness Conference Room

 (D) In room G14


Questions 176-180 refer to the following sales report and e-mail.


Placid Moon Coffee

March Sales Report—Prepared April 4 by Cora Lin, Store Manager

In-Store Sales of All Products




Coffee, whole bean, one-pound bags


Overall, sales revenue was higher. Bags of whoIe-bean Misty Heights Blend were a top seller, bringing in just over $3,000.

Coffee, prepared drinks


A number of drinks were not offered while the espresso machine was being serviced Sales should recover in April.

Tea, prepared drinks


Sales are comparable with previous months.

Bottled drinks


Sales are comparable with previous months.

Baked goods


This is a 7 percent increase from last month.

Retail (nonperishable goods)


Placid Moon Coffee mugs are still out of stock as our vendor has not yet fulfilled our order.

March Promotion

Customer loyalty program


Few loyalty discount cards were distributed to customers this month. We should better train staff in promoting this benefit.


To: coralin@placidmooncoffee.com

From: tyrellharris@placidmooncoffee.com

Date: April 4, 6:23 PM.

Subject: Re: March sales report


Thank you for promptly submitting your March report. I’m pleased with the strong sales of the new whole-bean product we introduced last month. Let’s keep a Close eye on sales of this coffee blend through April. WC may be able to add it to our regular lineup.


I like your suggestion regarding the customer loyalty program. In addition, I propose putting up a poster advertising the cards by the registers and another one in the employee lounge. Please inform me at the end of the month if these efforts have an impact.


Finally, I have good news to share. Yukihiro Asakawa began serving our Bold Macaw Variety at his flagship restaurant in December, and he now wants Placid Moon to be the exclusive provider for all his restaurants. This expansion of our business is all thanks to you, since you introduced Mr. Asakawa to our coffee not long ago.


Tyrell Harris

Placid Moon Coffee, Owner


176. What product sold less than expected?

(A) Prepared coffee drinks

(B) Prepared tea drinks

(C) Bottled drinks

(D) Baked goods

177. What problem does Ms. Lin have?

(A) Some desserts did not sell as desired.

(B) Some mugs have not been delivered.

(C) Some coffee beans are out of stock.

(D) Some posters have unclear information.

178. What does Ms. Lin recommend?

(A) A better espresso machine should be purchased.

(B) The customer loyalty program should be discontinued.

(C) Part-time staff should be hired on a permanent basis.

(D) Employees should receive additional training.

 179. What is suggested about the Misty Heights Blend?

(A) It was offered for the first time in March.

(B) It will no longer be sold by Placid Moon Coffee

(C) It is more expensive than other types of coffee.

(D) It has a stronger flavor than other blends.

180. What is most likely true about Ms. Lin?

(A) She agreed to take on an added responsibility.

(B) She requested a new espresso maker from Mr. Harris,

(C) She recommended products to Mr. Asakawa.

(D) She renovated the employee lounge.


Questions 181-185 refer to the following article and online application.

Audition for a TV Baking Show


DUNMORE, PA—Think you have what it takes to be the next baking star? Get your cake pans and pastry brushes ready because the popular baking competition show, Toni’s Baking Ace, has just scheduled auditions for its fifth season!


Toni’s Baking Ace has become a huge TV bit since it premiered five years ago. The show is named for its celebrated host, pastry chef Adrianna Toni. Long before becoming a TV celebrity, she founded multinational bakery Chain TKL Creations and published Dolce Dancing, a dessert cookbook that has become a classic.


If you are an amateur baker, that is, if you have never baked as part of a business, you stand a Chance of appearing on Toni’s Baking Ace. The first step is to complete an online application. The show’s producers will select about 50 promising candidates and send each an invitation for 2111 in—person interview. Those who make it through this first round will attend an intensive two-day baking audition in front of the TV judges. From this audition, sixteen lucky finalists will be selected as participants to compete for the Baking Ace title!


Have your baked goods always impressed your family and friends? Do not hesitate to submit your application-and get baking! 







Audition Application

Name: Dennis Fatah

Phone: 414655-0112

E-mail: difarah@chemail.com


Current Occupation:

I have been working as a high school chemistry teacher for the past nine years.

When did you begin to bake, and how did you learn?

I started baking with my father when I was five years old. He loved to bake for family and friends, and I became his kitchen assistant. I can remember researching cooking techniques, watching baking shows, and developing some of my own recipes.

Do you have a specialty item?

Pies, especially because I like to experiment with new pie filling.

Why do you want to be on the show?

I am passionate about baking. I have been watching Toni’s Baking Ace since it first aired, and it has greatly increased my own skills, as I have tried out many top recipes that I’ve seen on the show. Last week a friend heard about this audition, and she persuaded me to submit an application.

Have you ever marketed and sold any baked goods?

My formal baking experience amounts to donating cupcakes to be sold at our school’s annual Christmas sale to support the school’s sports programs.

Please upload a 60—second Video introducing yourself and showing a baked creation of yours. Go to the Video tab to upload your Video.



181. What does the article indicate about Toni’s Baking Ace ? .

(A) It accepts teenagers as contestants.

(B) It often selects international participants.

(C) It awards prize money to winners.

(D) It is hosted by a famous author.

182. In the article, the word “hit” in paragraph 2, line 2, is closest in meaning to

(A) success

(B) impact

(C) expense

(D) encouragement

183. What requirement is mentioned in the online application?

(A) Signing a contract

(B) Passing a baking speed competition

(C) Including an introductory video

(D) Participating in a past contest

184. What does Mr. Farah state in his application?

(A) He has a kitchen assistant.

(B) He is an educator.

(C) He has never watched the show.

(D) His father will soon appear on the show.

185. Why most likely does Mr. Farah give details about an annual event?

(A) To show how popular his baking is

(B) To indicate he is familiar with contests

(C) To provide evidence that he is not a professional baker

(D) To prove he can bake with limited equipment


Questions 186-190 refer to the following Web page, form, and e-mail.



Advertise with Lanark Theater!


When you place an advertisement in our printed programs, your business will be seen by thousands of our patrons. Our upcoming season has just been announced, and we have an exciting lineup of theater, music, and dance groups that will perform throughout the year. You can feature your business in our programs for a full year or a partial year and also choose the size of your advertisement. The basic advertising options are as follows.



Full Page

Half Page

Quarter Page

Full year (12 months)




Half year (6 months)




Quarter year (3 months)




One—time advertisement





Keep in mind that full-year advertisers receive a special discount card that is good for 15% off tickets for any Lanark Theater event for the duration of the advertising contract!


To get started, submit an advertisement request form. We will contact you to help you select the most suitable advertising package. The request form can be found at www.lanarktheater.org/advertisement-request.




Lanark Theater

Advertisement Request Form

Name: Louise Sanderson

E-mail: l.sanderson@stanmorebistro.com

Phone: 716—555—0145

Company: Stanmore Bistro


Have you advertised with us before? No


How did you learn about this advertising opportunity?

I frequently see performances at Lanark Theater. Not too long ago, I noticed that a friend’s business is being advertised in your programs. He is the owner of Braedale Apparel, and he has highly recommended that I advertise my own business in your program as well. I certainly think that Lanark Theater patrons would enjoy dining at my bistro!


What type of advertisement are you interested in?

Full year ____ Half year  ___X___   Quarter year ____ One-time ___ Not sure ___


What is your maximum budget? $850



To: Maeiej Ritchie <m.ritchie@braedaleapparel.com>
From:  Rosa Chokphel <rosa.chokphel@lanarkthcaterorg>
Subject: Advertisement renewal
Date: December 13


Dear Mr. Ritchie,


Thank you for renewing Braedale Apparel‘s advertisement package for the upcoming season. You are once again confirmed for a quarter-page advertisement for the full year. We at Lanark Theater could not fulfill our mission of offering the community rich and thought-provoking artistic performances without the help of local businesses like yours!


We also want to thank you for your recent referral. Because of your recommendation, Louise Sanderson will be advertising in our programs. Your support is greatly appreciated!



All the best,

Rosa Chokphel

Marketing Associate, Lanark Theater



186. What is the purpose of the Web page?

(A) To promote upcoming shows

(B) To review recent performances

(C) To announce advertising opportunities

(D) To profile the lineup of performers

187. What is mentioned about Lanark Theater?

(A) It offers a variety of artistic performances.

(8) It advertises in a local newspaper.

(C) It has only recently opened.

(D) It features performances exclusively from local groups.

188. What type of business does Ms. Sanderson own?

(A) An advertising company

(B) A clothing store

(C) A theater

(D) A restaurant

189. What advertisement option will Ms. Sanderson most likely purchase?

 (A) A full-page advertisement

 (B) A half—page advertisement

 (C) A quarter-page advertisement

(D) A one—time advertisement

190. What is suggested about Mr. Ritchie?

 (A) He is a co-owner at Stanmore Bistro.

 (B) He will receive discounted tickets.

 (C) He has upgraded his advertising package.

 (D) He prefers music performances to dance performances.


Questions 191-195 refer to the following Web page and e-mails.






Summer Program


After viewing our world—class art exhibits, come and enjoy some free music during Cheverly Art Museum’s tenth annual Summer Concert Series. From July 14 through August 4, musical performances will be held either on our Atrium Stage near the main entrance or on our Chillum Stage in the outdoor plaza. Concerts are held from 7—9 PM. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door, if still available.


July 14 Atrium Stage

Local trio Killaloe Sounds will start our series off with lively traditional Irish music.

July 21 Atrium Stage

Renowned jazz pianist Lillian Cathey will play soulful songs from her Keyboard Sway recording, which has been a best seller for over five years.

July 28 Chillum Stage

The nationally renowned Tulla Stompers play traditional American folk music. The performance will feature Rhianon Lewis on lead vocals, Hector Freeman on banjo,  you Truman on mandolin, and Wyatt Davenport on fiddle.

August 4 Chillum Stage

The Hennessy String Quartet will play selections from their recent recording, Summertime Classics.



To: Rhianon Lewis <rhianon.lewis@tgd.com>

From: James Sabo <j.sabo@cheverlyartmuseum.com>

Subject: Summer concert performance

Date: July 17


Dear Ms. Lewis:

I am the program coordinator for the Cheverly Art Museum. We are so excited to have you perform with us this season. Our concerts are always well received and well attended.


Please note that we run a sound check onstage an hour before each performance to make sure that all equipment is working properly, so we recommend that musicians arrive by at least two hours before the scheduled start time. Also, if you or your bandmates need tickets for friends or family members, please let me know, and I will be happy to coordinate it. Tickets are no longer available, but we have a few seats reserved that I can offer you.


I look forward to meeting you!


James Sabo

Program Coordinator, Cheverly Art Museum



To: James Sabo <j.sabo@cheverlyartmuseum.com>

From:  Rhianon Lewis <rhianon.lewis@tgd,com>

Subject: RE: Summer concert performance

Date: July 17


Hi, James,


Thanks for the information. I will be driving with the group from Arlington, so we are all set for transportation. We plan to arrive at 5:30 pm.


On a separate matter, I hope it is not too late to request a change in venue. I came to see the July 14 performance, and the group that performed then showed a video on the screen behind them as they played. My group also has images and videos that we would like to display during our performance. I’ve spoken with the stage manager, and he said that our scheduled space would not allow for such a setup. While these elements are not a necessary part of our show, our audiences have found them to be very powerful; thus, we would love to incorporate them if we can.


Thank you,




191. What does the Web page indicate about the concert series?

(A) It is held every year.

(B) It focuses on classical music.

(C) It is open only to museum members.

(D) It is organized by a well-known artist.

192. According to the Web page, what act has recently recorded music?

(A) Killaloe Sounds

(B) Lillian Cathey

(C) The Tulla Stompers

(D) The Hennessy String Quartet

193. What is suggested about the Tulla Stompers  concert?

(A) It has already sold out.

(B) It will begin two hours early.

(C) It will feature a local guest musician.

(D) It has been moved to a different date.

194. According to the first e-mail, why should musicians arrive early?

(A) To find parking

(B) To sign a contract

(C) To test sound equipment

(D) To select a stage manager

195. What is indicated about Ms. Lewis?

(A) She recorded a song with Lillian Cathey.

(B) She has requested transportation to Cheverly Art Museum.

(C) She has never used video in her performance before.

(D) She attended a performance by Killaloe Sounds.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following table of contents, Web page, and blog post.


Business Outlook Monthly

Articles in the March Issue:

The Right Candidates                                                                                     Page 11

Spot the applicant that will make a difference. Doug Tenor spoke with four managers about their approach to interviewing.

The Right Questions                                                                                       Page 27

How do the big international corporations look for new employees? Lilly Zimble visits three of the biggest HR departments in the world to see what goes into job postings and recruiting.

Being There                                                                                                       Page 38

Gina Pimentel looks at the strengths and weaknesses of virtual conferencing. What is the future for distance meetings, and is this what we want? While useful for brief meetings, will they ever excel for longer interactions? Surprisingly, some studies show that virtual conferencing has little effect on employee engagement.

Benefits of the Phrase Book                                                                       Page 44

Melissa Dyson shares tips on communicating with locals when conducting business abroad. Clients warm to visitors who make the effort to learn some of their language.

Extended Stay                                                                                                   Page 52

Greg McDaniel went to live hotels in five weeks to experience their extended-stay options. He details each hotel’s pros and cons.




The Farol Grande Hotel—Updates


We recently learned that we were reviewed in the March issue of Business Outlook Monthly magazine! The review was performed by an “undercover operation”— the reporter used a fictional name, posed as a regular guest, and stayed with us for five nights—so we didn’t know he was here until we saw the article! Access the magazine here to read the thorough analysis of our facilities: http://www.bom.com/currentissues/march.



Business Outlook Monthly

To the Editor:


I read with interest Gina Pimentel’s take on the status of Videoconferencing and other Virtual meeting technologies. Although I sympathize with the author’s sentiment that Video and conference calls are no real alternative to meetings in person, it seems to be the trend of the future. But even with recent technological advances, in my experience, Videoconferences are most effective for short meetings such as status checks. When it comes to negotiations, however, there is nothing like face—to-face interactions.


-Emre Osman



196. How are the first two articles in the magazine similar?

(A) Both discuss employee hiring practices.

(B) Both focus on new uses of technology.

(C) Both discuss how a new position is advertised.

(D) Both critique negative interview behaviors.

197. On what page is there advice for international travelers?

(A) Page 11

(B) Page 27

(C) Page 38

(D) Page 44

198. According to the Web page, what did the reporter do?

(A) He visited the hotel in March.

(B) He hid his real identity.

(C) He canceled a reservation.

(D) He arrived late at night.

199. Who stayed at the Farol Grande Hotel?

(A) Mr. Tenor

(B) Ms. Zimble

(C) Ms. Dyson

(D) Mr. McDaniel

200. On what do Ms. Pimentel and Mr. Osman agree about virtual meetings?

(A) They increase employee engagement.

(B) They should be phased out in the future.

(C) They should replace in-person meetings.

(D) They work well for quick exchanges of information.

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