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Video ETS TOEIC Listening: Test 9 – Học Hay

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ETS TOEIC - Test 9: Listening - HocHay

Part 1

Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book. When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture. Then find the number of the question on your answer sheet and mark your answer. The statements will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time.




Part 2

Directions: You will hear a question or statement and three responses spoken in English. They will not be printed in your text book and will be spoken only one time. Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


7. What does the holiday package include?

(A) No, it’s not.

(B) It includes your flight and hotel room.

(C) From the main post office.

8. When'll the factory inspection take place?

(A) On March fifteenth.

(B) A safety checklist.

(C) We just ran out.

9. Where can I buy tickets for the next exhibit tour?

(A) At the first window.

(B) Last Thursday.

(C) No, it's too much.

10. Isn't our new coffee excellent?

(A) Cream and sugar, please.

(B) Yeah—l like it a lot.

(C) We don't have to.

11. When is the new copier arriving?

(A) Next Friday.

(B) Yes. l just came back.

(C) In the break room.

12. There're boxes in the storage room, aren‘t there?

(A) The total is four dollars.

(B) Yes, he left for the day.

(C) No, I used the last one.

13. Karen, would you finish the presentation sildes?

(A) Sure, when do you need them?

(B) Several members of the team.

(C) I already bought a present.

14. Will you be dining here, or would you like your food to go?

(A) I heard that’s not true.

(B) She met him at lunch.

(C) We'd like to eat here.

15. Why is Alan working from home?

(A) Because he's expecting a delivery.

(8) | live on Twentieth Street.

(C) A retail business.

16. We’re leaving at five for the holiday party.

(A) Just a few groceries.

(B) I have to work late tonight.

(C) Did you have a good time?

17 How did you manage to fix your computer?

(A) By installing a software update.

(B) I think he's a good manager.

(C) They're very expensive.

18. Should I take the train to the conference center?

 (A) Thank you.

(B) I can carry that.

(C) Yes, it's very fast.

19. Didn‘t you buy more postage stamps last week?

(A) The post office on the corner.

(B) Yes, but we already used them.

(C) A few years old.

20. I think last year's technology trade show was better.

A) This is my first time here.

(B) Laptop computers.

(C) The Seattle office.

21. May I borrow your stapler?

(A) A thirty-page contract.

(B) As soon as I'm finished with it.

(C) I always stay there.

22. Who should present their research at the seminar?

(A) I think Lucy's data is impressive.

(B) In the conference room.

(C) Ten copies of this report, please.

23. Why have our sales decreased recently?

(A) Sure, I can slow it down.

(B) Turn right at the next corner.

(C) The vice president is investigating it.

24. How is your new department manager doing at his job?

(A) He's only been here a week.

(B) Yeah, everyone in the company.

(C) I’d like to order that too.

25. Do you know if there’s a break after this talk?

(A) I spoke to him yesterday.

(B) I’ll check the schedule.

(C) The administration building.

26. Where can I charge my mobile phone?

 (A) A wireless device.

(B) Every day at three o’clock.

(C) Plug it in by the lamp.

27. Which room can we use for Thursday's client reception?

 (A) To get to Tokyo.

(8) About ten more workers.

(C) We‘ll need a large space for the food.

28.  Are you going to accept the transfer to New York City?

(A) That one over there.

(B) I'm Waiting to hear about the salary.

(C) He's from London originally.

29. Should we call the client before or after the staff meeting?

 (A) How long do you think it'll take?

(B) A recently signed contract.

(C) I don't think he did.

30. This purchase order needs a signature.

 (A) Takeshi can do it.

(B) The delivery should be on time.

(C) A refundable payment.

31. It wasn't supposed to rain today, was it?

(A) The channel six forecast.

(B) The price was a little too high.

(C) You can borrow my umbrella.

Part 3

Directions: You will hear some conversations between two or more people. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speakers say in each conversation. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The conversations will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


32. Where does the man work?

(A) At a grocery store

(B) At an office supply store

(C) At a gift shop

(D) At an advertising firm

33. Why does the woman call the business?

(A) To ask about a product

(B) To confirm a delivery

(C) To praise an employee

(D) To inquire about job openings

34. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Provide a coupon

(B) Update a Web site

(C) Meet with a client

(D) Speak to a manager


35. What does the woman ask about?

(A) The time of an event

(B) The name of a client

(C) The location of a meeting

(D) The cost of an order

36. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) Some equipment is not working.

(B) Some documents are missing.

(C) An agenda is incorrect.

(D) An employee is absent.

37. What does Steve ask for permission to do?

(A) Revise a contract

(B) Make some announcements

(C) Complete a purchase

(D) Leave work early


38. What did the woman recently do?

(A) She moved to a new area.

(B) She published a book.

(C) She participated in a news conference.

(D) She purchased a mobile phone.

39. What does the man say about Dr. Chan?

(A) She is available on weekends.

(B) She speaks several languages.

(C) She conducts research.

(D) She works for a university.

40. What does the man say he will do?

(A) Arrange a client luncheon

(B) Move some furniture

(C) Give the woman a business card

(D) Show the woman an informational video

41. What did the man do last week?

(A) He conducted a safety inspection.

(B) He competed in an athletic tournament.

(C) He took a family vacation.

(D) He led a city government meeting.

42. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

(A) Methods of training employees

(B) Methods of paying for parking

(C) How to use protective equipment

(D) How to choose an insurance policy

43. What will the man probably do next?

 (A) Charge a credit card

(B) Approve a budget

(C) Pick up a new uniform

(D) Demonstrate a mobile application


44. Who is Ken Jacobs?

(A) An architect

(B) A chef

(C) A furniture designer

(D) A theater owner

45. What priority does the woman mention?

(A) Using local products

(B) Reducing expenses

(C) Finding qualified employees

(D) Providing mere seating

46. What will the speakers do next?

(A) Walk around a building

(B) Estimate some prices

(C) Look at some plans

(D) Discuss permit requirements


47. What product are the speakers discussing?

(A) An electric tool

(B) Alight fixture

(C) A safety helmet

(D) A laptop computer

48. Why does the men say, “I have the warranty right here”?

(A) To indicate that he is confused

(B) To prove that he is correct

(C) To finalize a purchase

(D) To decline an offer

49. What does the man suggest the woman do?

(A) Have an item repaired

(B) Read a manual

(C) Take some photographs

(D) Complete a survey


50. Where do the speakers work?

(A) At a call center

(B) At a travel agency

(C) At a repair shop

(D) At a shipping facility

51. Why does the women say, “Ten new customers is a lot“?

(A) To support a decision

(B) To praise a colleague

(C) To request a promotion

(D) To express concern

52. What does the man offer to do?

(A) Speak with a supervisor

(B) Provide some feedback

(C) Check some inventory

(D) Order some tools


53. What are the speakers discussing?

(A) A job transfer

(3) A trade show

(C) A market survey

(D) A new product

54. What did the men's team do to stay competitive?

{A} They worked more efficiently,

(B) They used inexpensive materials.

(C) They recruited top candidates.

(D) They offered discounts.

55. What will the women do next?

(A) E-mail some managers

(B) Order some equipment

(C) Schedule a team meeting

(D) Confirm a reservation


56. What is the woman's job?

(A) Travel agent

(B) Pilot

(C) Journalist

(D) Lawyer

57. What did the women do East week?

(A) She toured a facility.

(B) She received a business loan.

(C) She attended a trade show.

(D) She conducted job interviews.

58. What problem does the woman mention?

(A) A flight was canceled.

(B) An office was closed.

(C) Some signatures are missing.

(D) More photographs are needed.


59. What does the company went to do?

(A) Hold a focus group

(B) Expand into new markets

(C) Hire an architect

(D) Develop a new Web site

60. Why did the woman invite the man to the meeting?

(A) To present the results of data analysis

(B) To develop a slide show for clients

(C) To announce a new store location

(D) To prepare for a shareholders’ meeting

61. What will the meeting attendees most likely do next?

(A) Report on individual progress

(B) Look at some design plans

(C) Discuss some marketing ideas

(D) Create a project timeline


Flight  722

Bristol to London


Date: June 17

Gate: 56

Seat:  8C

Departure: 9:30 A.M.

Arrival: 11:22 A.M


62. Look at the graphic. What information has just changed?

(A) June 17

(B) 56

(C) 80

(D) 9:30 A.M.

63. What has caused the change?

(A) A flight is overbooked.

(B) A computer is not working.

(C) Weather conditions are poor.

(D) A flight crew has arrived late.

64. What does the woman give to the man?

(A) A meal voucher

(B) A Web site address

(C) A password

(D) A receipt


Rose Bloom Hotel, January 18

Maintenance Tasks


Paint walls

Orchid Room

Repair the television

Room 156

Replace lightbulbs

Lilac Conference Room

Install new carpet

Room 444


65. Why does the woman apologize?

(A) She damaged an Item.

(B) She arrived late to work.

(C) She missed a meeting.

(D) She forgot to file a report.

66. Look at the graphic. Which maintenance task is a priority?

(A) Painting walls

(B) Repairing the television

(C) Replacing lightbulbs

(D) Install new carpet

67. What is the man looking for?

 (A) A guest list

(B) A conference schedule

(C) Registration forms

(D) Maps of the area












68. What does the woman say she is pleased about?

 (A) Employee performance

(B) Increased sales

 (C) A positive review

(D) A store location

69. Look at the graphic. Which category amount needs to be updated?

(A) Equipment

(B) Marketing

(B) Utilities

(D) Travel

70. What does the man offer to do?

(A) Correct an online catalog

(B) Adjust a budget

(C) Consult another business owner

(D) Postpone a business trip

Part 4

Directions: You will hear some talks given by a single speaker. You will be asked to answer three questions about what the speaker says in each talk. Select the best response to each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. The talks will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


71. What is the topic of the announcement?

(A) Healthy eating options

(B) Exercise sessions

(C) Professional -development courses

(D) Volunteer opportunities

72. What benefit does the speaker mention?

(A) Decreased expenses

(B) Personal satisfaction

(C) Increased productivity

(D) Improved qualifications

73. What should interested listeners do?

(A) Fill out a form

(B) Make a reservation

(C) Send a text message

(D) Get a supervisor’s approval


74. What does the speaker say is unique about a restaurant?

(A) There is live music every night.

(B) Vegetables are grown locally.

(C) Food is prepared at the table.

(D) Customers can pay by mobile phone.

75. According to the speaker, what can the listeners do online?

(A) Check an event calendar

(E) Book a catering service

(C) Get directions to a location

(D) Download a coupon

76. What will begin next month?

(A) A customer loyalty program

(B) A cooking class

(C) A dining room renovation

(D) A hiring event


77. Where most likely are the listeners?

(A) At a board meeting

(B) At an airport

(C) At a television studio

(D) At a convention

78. What does the speaker mean when she says, "this will be your last stop”?

(A) The listeners will want to buy a product.

(B) An event is ending soon.

(C) An itinerary has changed.

(D) A company will no longer sell an item.

79. According to the speaker, what is unique about a product?

(A) The size

(B) The price

(C) The weight

(D) The color


80. What is the news report mainly about?

(A) A tourism initiative

(B) Plans for a city property

(C) The results of an election

(D) The price of housing

81. According to the speaker, why has the local population increased?

(A) A university has been built.

(B) Public transportation has improved.

(C) More jobs are available.

(D) Some historical sites have opened.

82. What does the speaker mean when he says, “they had the highest attendance there ever"?

(A) He has been a reporter for many years.

(B) Future meetings will need to be held somewhere else.

(C) Residents are very interested in a topic.

(D) The city hall has finally been renovated.


83. Why is the speaker calling?

(A) To make a payment

(B) To request a refund

(C) To ask about a return policy

(D) To report a missing item

84. What does the speaker say she is preparing for?

(A) A client meeting

(B) A trade show

(C) A job interview

(D) A staff meeting

85. According to the speaker, what information was incorrect?

(A) An invoice amount

(B ) A telephone number

(C) A mailing address

(D) A credit card number


86. Where does the speaker work?

(A) At a university

(B) At a library

(C) At a publishing company

(D) At an art gallery

87. What does the speaker say he would like to see?

(A) An artist’s biography

(B ) A calendar of events

(C) Some blueprints

(D) Some writing samples

88. According to the speaker, what is the problem with a construction project?

(A) It blocks his view.

(B) It is very noisy.

(C) It has increased traffic.

(D) It is over budget.


89. Why will a group from Korea visit the hotel next week?

(A) To perform a safety inspection

(8) To attend an industry conference

(C ) To research a magazine article

(D) To discuss a possible investment

90. What does the speaker instruct Ms. Carlyle to do?

(A) Find new suppliers

(B ) Arrange a dinner

(C) Train some sewers

(D) Purchase new uniforms

91. Why does the speaker say, “I know Soo-Bin can speak Korean”?

(A) To make a suggestion

(B) To refuse an offer

(C) To make an excuse

(D) To correct a mistake


92. What is being advertised?

(A) A delivery service

(B ) A travel agency

(C ) An employment center

(D ) A driving school

93. What will take place on May 15 ?

(A) A tour

(B) A luncheon

(C) An interview

(D) A seminar

94. What can the listeners do on a Web site?

(A) Register for an event

( ) Read some comments

(C) Download a map

(D) View a price list



95. Look at the graphic. Which market is closed today?

(A) The flower market

(B) The fish market

(C) The handicrafts market

(D) The fruit market

96. What will the listeners do this afternoon?

(A) Meet a city official

(B) Visit a museum

(C) Attend a concert

(D) Take a boat ride

97. What does the speaker recommend that the listeners do next?

(A) Put on their name tags

(B) Take out their cameras

(C) Apply sunscreen

(D) Buy a bottle of water



98. What event is the speaker planning to attend?

(A) A retirement celebration

(B) A job interview

(C) A trade show

(D) A branch opening

99. Look at the graphic. Where is the listener‘s office located?

(A) In Vancouver

(B) In Denver

(C) In Chicago

(D) In Montreal

100. What does the speaker ask the listener to do?

(A) Return a phone call

(B) Provide flight information

(C) Authorize an expense

(D) Verify an address

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