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Giáo trình ETS TOEIC – Test 9: Reading (Phần 2) – Học Hay

Part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

 Questions147-148 refer to the following invoice.


Invoice 3987

Shawqi Office Services, Dubai, UAE

Report requested in English

18 October

Jenkins Press

P.O Box 2291

Dubai, UAE



On 14 October, replaced bulb and repaired paper tray on copier per call received on 12 October. Replaced copy ink in two machines. Performed routine yearly maintenance on five copiers per existing service contract.


Labor cost

AED 330.00

Paper tray

AED 50.00


AED 30.00

Copy ink

AED 220.00


AED 630.00


Total amount must be received by 31 October.

Thank you for your business!


147. What is indicated about Jenkins Press?

(A) It has several offices around the world.

(B) Its copiers get checked every year.

(C) Its office equipment is outdated.

(D) It is a new customer of Shawqi Office Services.

148. When is payment due?

(A) October 12

(B) October 14

(C) October 18

(D) October 31


Questions 149-151 refer to the following advertisement.

Harbour View Apartment—Porthmadog, Wales

This one—bedroom apartment is perfect for a holiday escape! Located in a quiet area, it boasts a patio with a lovely view of the harbour. Recently renovated, the unit includes an eat—in kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave, and coffeepot; bathroom with walk—in Shower; and a living room with a large—screen TV. Other amenities of the property include:

·         Short distance to restaurants and shops

·         Five—minute walk to the beach

·         Public gardens and historic sites within a 20-minute drive

·         Heat and electricity included

·         Towels and bed linens provided on-sile

Daily cleaning service available (extra fee)
Wireless Internet access (extra fee)
Reserve this lovely gem now! Signing a contract by March 30 will reduce the rental cost by 10 percent. To sign a contract, contact Dylan Barrett at dbarrett@telarentals.co.uk.


149. Who would the advertisement most likely interest?

(A) Business travelers

(B) Residents of Porthmadog

(C) Property investors

(D) Short-term vacationers

150. What is indicated about the rental fee?

(A) It includes tours of historic places.

(B) It does not cover all of the apartments features.

(C) It includes vouchers to use at local restaurants.

(D) It requires a minimum 30 percent deposit in advance.

151. Why should an individual contact

Mr. Barrett by March 30 ?

(A) To get a discount on rent

(B) To schedule apartment renovations

(C) To rent the last available property

(D) To sell the property before the end of the season


Questions 152-153 refer to the following text—message chain.


Jason Salter (1:45 P_M.)
Liz, the meeting is starting in fifteen minutes. Where are you?

Liz Ortiz (1:47 RM.)
The train has been stopped on the tracks for a while. There seems to be some kind of problem. I still hope to make the meeting.

Jason Salter (1:50 RM.)
Okay. I’ll save you a seat.

Liz Ortiz (1:59 P.M.)
There’s just been an announcement. There’s a disabled train up ahead. It’ll be awhile.

Jason Salter (2:00 RM.)
Don’t worry. If there are any questions for our department, I’ll handle them.

Liz Ortiz (2:01 RM.)
Thanks. I’ll call you later.



152. What is suggested about Mr. Salter?

(A) He is leading the meeting.

(B) He commutes to work by train.

(C) He has many questions for Ms. Ortiz.

(D) He works in the same department as

Ms. Ortiz.

153. At 1:59 P.M., what does Ms. Ortiz imply when she writes, “It'll be awhile"?

(A) The meeting is running late.

(B) She is still preparing her notes.

(C) She will likely miss the meeting.

(D) She has not boarded the train yet.


Questions 154-155 refer to the following e-mail.

E-Mail Message

From: tbogosian@sarrlhasconvention.com
To: pradalaily@dmcv.com
Date: 22 March
Subject: Your reservation
Attachment:  Prada party


Dear Ms. Prada,

Thank you for choosing Sardha’s Banquet Hall to host your event on 30 August. Unfortunately, West Hall will be under renovation in August, and we will be unable to accommodate your group in that room. However, your party will fit comfortably in East Hall. This room features floor—to—ceiling windows and a full view of the river. The 15 percent deposit we have received will hold the reservation.

As indicated when you completed your request through our Web site, your total price of $1,600 includes a full-course meal that includes appetizers, soup or salad, main course, and dessert. Attached to this e—mail please find a copy of the menu presented to guests with options for appetizer and main course.

Tomas Bogosian

General Manager


154. What is one purpose of the e-mail?

(A) To cancel a reservation

(B) To apologize for an error

(C) To indicate a room change

(D) To request an extra deposit

155. What is suggested about Ms. Prada?

(A) She has paid her bill in full.

(B) She eats at Sardha’s regularly.

(C) She works in the food industry.

(D) She made the reservation online.


Questions 156-157 refer to the following memo.

To: All Employees
From: IT Supervisor
Subject: OS Update
Date: 27 May

All company computers in the Melbourne and Victoria offices require an update to the operating system. This update will prepare our computers for the new version of our accounting software, which should arrive in the first week of July. Technicians will install the new operating system beginning on 3 June. We expect the process to be completed around 16 June, providing time to work out any bugs with the operating system before the accounting software is uploaded.

Completing the entire process will require you to log in so that we can verify the system is working as anticipated. Therefore, if you plan to go on holiday during this period, please inform IT Support immediately of the dates you will be out so that we can plan an alternate date to accommodate your schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact IT Support staff at extension 48.


156. When is the installation of the operating

system expected to be finished?

(A) In the first week of June

(B) In the middle of June

(C) At the end of June

(D) In the first week of July

157. Who is asked to contact IT Support?

(A) Employees who do not need the accounting software

(B) Accountants already using the new operating system

(C) Staff who work outside the offices

(D) Employees who are taking time off


Questions 158-160 refer to the following letter.

Clarke—Ellis Construction
#20 Murphy Industrial Park
St. Michael BBZ3028
Full-service commercial contractor serving all of Barbados

4 June

Ida Gutierrez
Darling Cove Inn
Mango Drive
Folkestone 31324017

Dear Ms. Gutierrez,

Thank you for contacting Clarke-Ellis Construction for your roofing project. — [1] —. After inspecting the property, I have confirmed that the inn’s main root is in good condition and requires no repairs at this time. However, the root of the inn’s porch appears to be at least twenty years old and is worn beyond repair. — [2] —. Clarke-Ellis Construction can remove and dispose of the existing porch roof and install a new one. The replacement will be comparable to the quality, style, and colour of the inn's main root. We will Lise only commercial-grade leak barriers, insulation, and shingles manufactured by West Indies Weatherproofing, Inc. The estimated total cost, inclusive of labour and materials, is $3,260. — [3] —. Additional fees would apply should you want us to make other improvements, such as painting the porch or replacing porch screens.

 Please call me at the number above to discuss scheduling or any questions you have about the work. — [4] —. I hope to hear from you soon.


Grayson Clarke

Grayson Clarke, Co-owner, Clarke-Ellis Construction


158. Why did Mr. Clarke write the letter?

(A) To provide a work proposal

(B) To ask for a project extension

(C) To request an inspection report

(D) To submit a revised cost estimate

159. What is indicated about West Indies Weatherproofing, Inc.?

 (A) It is installing a new porch at Darling Cove Inn.

(B) It provides painting services.

(C) It produces roofing materials.

(D) It is owned by Clarke—Ellis Construction.

160. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

 “It must be replaced."

(A) [1]
(B) [2]
(C) [3]
(D) [4]

Questions 161-164 refer to the following advertisement.

Position: Assistant Editor

Date Posted: March 15


Goldhorse Press, an independent book publishing company focusing on North American gardening, has provided gardening advice for home gardeners for over 50 years. We are currently seeking an assistant editor to join our expanding team in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer an excellent benefits package that includes medical and dental insurance.


Assist editors in the acquisition of titles with mainstream appeal; develop manuscripts, collaborate with outside support, and work closely with two managing editors.


-          Bachelor’s degree in a related field

-          Minimum of one year of experience in the publishing industry

-          Ability to pay close attention to detail

-          Comfortable working as a team member

-          Some experience in gardening preferred

-          Immediate availability

E-mail resume and salary requirements to humanresources@goldhorsepress.com.


161. What title would most likely be published by Goldhorse Press?

(A) Growing Your Baking Business

(B) A Tour Guide to North Carolina

(C) Planting Perennial Flowers

(D) The Efficient Executive

162. What is indicated about Goldhorse Press?

(A) It is hiring two assistant editors.

(B) It provides insurance to employees.

(C) It publishes trade journals.

(D) It is a newly established company.

163. What is a requirement for the advertised position?

(A) A passion for gardening

(B) An aptitude for noticing details

(C) A master’s degree in a related field

(D) An ability to work without supervision

164. What are applicants asked to do?

(A) Submit a job application form

(B) Submit a list of references

(C) Indicate availability

(D) Indicate desired pay


Questions 165-168 refer to the following online chat session.


Derek Marshall [8:19 A.M.]
Hi, everyone. I wanted to give an update on our merger with Ridgewood, Inc., and see if you have had any meetings.

Mai Chung [8:20 A.M.]
Have we worked out which of our Derek Boutique locations will stay open?

Derek Marshall [8:21 A.M.]
[Yes, Derek Boutique will keep 35 stores open with the full line of clothing. The other 12 will move their inventory to the Ridgewood, Inc., locations.

Nikita Tamboli [8:22 A.M.]
When should the moves be scheduled? This month?

‘Derek Marshall [8:23 A.M.]
No, the 12 locations don’t need to be vacated until the end of next month. Could you schedule this for five weeks from now?

Anthony Rossi [8:24 A.M.]
I met over lunch with my managers earlier this week, including the two that I just hired.

Nikita Tamboli [8:25 A.M.]
That would work.

Mai Chung [8:27 A.M.]
I’ll be meeting with the managers on my staff, too, to review the transition plan.

Derek Marshall [8:28 A.M.]
This is good work, everyone.

Anthony Rossi [8:29 A.M.]
When will the whole process be complete?

Derek Marshall [8:30 A.M.]
Within about 6 months.


 165. Where do the writers most likely work?

(A) At a marketing

(B) At a clothing company

(C) At a real estate agency

(D) At a newspaper publisher

166. How many stores will be closing?

(A) 5

(B) 6

(C) 12

(D) 35

167. At 8:25 A.M., what does Ms. Tamboli most likely mean when she writes, “That would work”?

(A) The current inventory will be doubled.

(B) Ridgewood, Inc., will close in two weeks.

(C) Mr. Marshall will meet with the managers.

(D) She can schedule the moves in the proposed time frame.

168. What is suggested about Ms. Chung and firm Mr. Rossi?

(A) They supervise other employees.

(B) They often shop at Ridgewood, Inc.

(C) They recently went to lunch together.

(D) They have concerns about the merger.


Questions 169-171 refer to the following article.

From the Shadows to the Limelight
By Calum Ellwood

Dr. Esther Nujoma. an agricultural biotechnologist with the Namibia Institute of Applied Sciences, is the author of several books on the practical applications of biotechnology. — [1] —. According to book critic Paige Kinnock of the London Daily Register, “Dr. Nujoma has increased the public’s awareness of the role of biotechnology in daily life through her ability to translate highly complex scientific material into simple language.”

Her latest work, Shining Behind Shadows, marks a departure from her usual Subject matter. — [2] —. Rather, the book highlights the lives and careers of twelve of her peers from Africa and Asia, The idea came to her three years ago at a conference in Chile. As Dr. Nujoma recalls, “Listening to one speaker after another, I realized that many of my colleagues are from regions of the world, such as Africa and Asia, that were underrepresented.” — [3] —.

The book is quite compelling. Dr. Nujoma brings to life the stories of how her peers were drawn to the profession and the effort they pour into their work. The book does, however, fall short in one respect: it provides insights only into the lives and careers of those working in the field of agricultural biotechnology. I would have welcomed the stories of those specializing in animal, marine, or medical biotechnology, too. [4] —. Even so, Dr. Nujoma has again succeeded in creating a work that speaks to experts and laypeople alike.


169. What is NOT indicated about Dr. Nujoma?

(A) She has visited Chile.

(B) She is a talented writer.

(C) She is based out of Namibia.

(D) She was interviewed by the London Daily Register.

170. What does Mr. Ellwood say about Shining Behind Shadows?

(A) It focuses on scientists from Africa and Asia.

(B) It was released three years ago.

(C) It details why Dr. Nujoma chose her career.

(D) It describes various branches of biotechnology.

171. In which of the positions marked [1]. [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“Its focus is not on applying biotechnology in reaI-Iife situations.”

(A) [1]
(B) [2]
(C) [3]
(D) [4]

Questions 172-175 refer to the following notice.

General Information

Beginning on 15 May, the Kingston-Garnet Island Passenger Ferry Service will resume service for eight weeks during the summer season. Ferries run daily every 3 half hour from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The last ferry to Garnet Island will depart at 7:30 p.111. 3The last ferry from Garnet Island will leave at 8 p.m.

Bicycles are permitted on the passenger ferries. Bicyclists should arrive 30 minutes , prior to departure and wait in the special bicycle lane to be loaded first. There are five racks that hold 50 bicycles on every passenger ferry.

No motorized vehicles are permitted on Garnet Island. Overnight parking is allowed in the main ferry terminal lot in Kingston. Rates are $5 per hour for up to 4 hours and a flat fee of $25 for four to 24 hours.

Visit our Web site at www.kgferryservice.com for photographs of the ferry boats, a map of Garnet Island, lists of local attractions on the island, and information about peak—hour fare increases and group discounts.


172. What is indicated about the ferry service?

 (A) It is available only seasonally.

(B) Its boats were recently upgraded.

(C) It takes an hour to reach the island.

(D) It runs more frequently on weekends.

173. What is true about bicyclists on the ferries?

(A) They are last to board the boat.

(B) They must purchase a special ticket.

(C) They cannot travel on the 7:30 PM. trip.

(D) They should arrive at the terminal early.

174. What is not allowed on Garnet Island?

(A) Renting bicycles

(B) Driving cars

(C) Camping overnight

(D) Taking photographs

175. What is indicated about the ferry tickets?

(A) They can be purchased at stores in Kingston.

(B) They are less expensive for children.

(C) They vary in price depending on the time of travel.

(D) They are more expensive it purchased on the boat.


Questions 176-180 refer to the following receipt and e-mail.

Thank you for shopping at Green Stripe Press.


Order Number:                 GSP20896

Customer Information:  Shoebox Mountain

Jason Ho <jasonho@shoebox1nountain.com>

Order Date:                        December 14 (PREPAID: online order)
Expected Delivery:          December 18—20



Item #







Complimentary Wild Animals Calendar

Accounting Record Book ($19.99 each)

$ 0.00




                                                                               Tax @ 6%:

Shipping & Handling:



$ 0.00

$ 8.40

$ 0.00

$ 148.33

There is no charge for shipping and handling for corporate accounts. For questions regarding this order, please contact customerservice@greenstripepress.com.



To: <customerservice@greenstripepress.com>

From: Jason Ho <jasonho@shoeboxmountain.com>

Date: December 18

Subject:  Order #GSP20896


Dear Green Stripe Press,


I am writing regarding my most recent order (#GSP20896), which was delivered today. If you check my original order, you will see that I ordered six accounting record books. You sent us seven copies. I’d like to return the one I didn’t order and have our corporate credit card refunded, together with the shipping cost the return will incur. Let me know how you would like me to proceed.


On a different note, congratulations on the calendar you included in my order! The photos are even more stunning than those in the Ancient Castles calendar you sent us last year. Some staff members saw mine and want copies of their own. Would you mind sending two more our way?


Jason Ho. Owner

Shoebox Mountain



176. Why was Mr. Ho not charged a shipping fee?

(A) He took advantage of a promotion.

(B) He made the purchase for his company.

(C) He picked up his order in person.

(D) He overpaid for shipping on a previous order.

177. What is true about Mr. Ho’s order?

(A) It was damaged in transit.

(B) It included fragile items.

(C) It was paid for by check.

(D) It was delivered on time.

178. According to the e-mail, what was Mr. Ho sent by mistake?

(A) A castle book he did not order

(B) A calendar for last year

(C) An incorrect refund check

(D) An extra accounting book

179. What is one reason Mr. Ho wrote the e-mail?

(A) To offer praise for an item

(B) To complain about a price

(C) To order some photo albums

(D) To recommend a graphic designer

180. In the e-mail, the phrase “our way" in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) in our style

(B) to our address

(C) at our expense

(D) for our benefit


Questions 181-185 refer to the following contact form and e-mail.


Contact the Hilgrave Historical Commission


Name: Roger Witmondt

E-mail: roger@witmondtlocations.com



l work as a movie location scout. At this time, I need to find a location for a client’s short film. The film will be set in the early 19305, and I understand that Hllgrave has some interesting architecture from that era.


Could you suggest places I should visit when I am in Hilgrave next month? Specifically, lam looking for a vacant building with an old—fashioned storefront that has distinctive details like stripe-patterned awnings and framed display windows. While having easy access to electricity would be ideal, it is not critical; my client has a generator that can be used if necessary. My client’s aesthetic requirements are the most important consideration. Thank you for your assistance.



To: roger@witmondtlocations.com

From: brandi_schaertl@hilgravehistoricalcommission.org

Date: 28 September

Subject: The information you requested

Attachment: Hilgraye Sites


Dear Mr. Witrnondt,

Thank you for reaching out to the Hilgrave Historical Commission. The attached brochure lists the main areas of historical interest in Hilgraye. Some buildings may not meet all your requirements. but they might be worth considering.


One building that is not on the attached list is the old record store at 188 Main Street. It has been closed to business for the past ten years or so, but it seems to meet your criteria. The owner, Luke Nylund, is currently using it for storage; I would be happy to put you in touch with him. I doubt you will have trouble getting permission from him to use the Space. While Hilgrave was once a bustling town, these days there are fewer businesses in Operation. Many of the town’s residents would appreciate the attention a short film might bring to the area.

Best regards,


Brandi Schaertl



181. Why is Mr. Witmondt looking for a filming location in Hilgrave?

(A) It is known for its scenic mountain views.

(B) It is a short distance from his office.

(C) Its business district has appeared in other films.

(D) Its buildings represent a particular time period.

182. On the contact form, the word “critical" in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to

(A) judgmental

(B) essential

(C) sustainable

(D) available

183. What is implied about 188 Main Street?

(A) It was once used as a residence.

(B) It is frequently visited by tourists.

(C) It has several floors.

(D) It has decorative design features.

184. What does Ms. Schaertl offer to do?

(A) Advertise a forthcoming film

(B) Arrange to have a building cleaned

(C) Connect Mr. Witmondt with a building’s owner

(D) Help Mr. Witmondt acquire necessary permits from the town

185. What does Ms. Schaertl suggest that Hilgrave needs?

(A) More publicity

(B) Additional parking

(C) A storage facility

(D) A business directory


Questions 186-190 refer to the following e—mails and Web page.

To: Cornelia Payne <cpayne@roughwing.co.uk>

From: Pragya Mehta <pmehta@airsky.in>

Subject: Lecture

Date: 18 January

Attachment:  Notes


Dear Cornelia,


I am sorry for the late notice, but I will not be able to join you for the lecture. My new position at the university in Mumbai requires me to remain on campus.


Although I know you are fully prepared to deliver the lecture on your own, I have attached a copy of the notes I had prepared for the presentation. After you review them, let me know if there is anything else I can add.


I had very much looked forward to traveling to Freeport, The Bahamas, for the first time and to seeing you again. I certainly miss working with you at [he City University.


Good luck with the lecture.




To: Ezra Halton <ehallon@ansonhouse.org>

From: Cornelia Payne <cpayne@1‘ot1ghwing.eo.uk>

Subject: Information

Date: 20 January


Dear Mr. Halton,


I am pleased to confirm that 19 March works well for the lecture at the Anson House. As I had mentioned to you over the phone, I will be giving the lecture on my own.


My publisher, Alphagamma Press, will be sending 30 copies of my most recent work, coauthored with Dr. Pragya Mehla, to your institution. You and I will both receive an e—mail confirmation from Alphagamma when the books ship. They should arrive at least a week before the lecture.


I look forward to meeting you soon.


Cornelia Payne






Speaker Series

Contact Us

The Anson House

Freeport, The Bahamas

Speaker Series

Tickets for lectures are $35 each or may be purchased at a reduced rate of $90 for the series of three. Complimentary refreshments will be served. Reservations are not required but are recommended.


7 March, 7 :00—8z30 P.M., Ms. Janelle Pears

Go behind the scenes of Anson House with historian Janelle Pears, who is a lifelong resident of Freeport. Ms. Pears describes the daily life of the original residents of Anson House.


12 March, 7:00-8:30 P.M., Mr. Gregory Li

Our master gardener speaks about the challenges of restoring historic gardens. He has worked in gardens in Charleston, South Carolina, and Paris, France.


19 March, 7:00—8:30 P.M., Dr. Cornelia Payne

Dr. Payne discusses her most recently published book, The Transatlantic World of the Nineteenth Century, coauthored with Dr. Pragya Mehta. Dr. Payne has taught at the City University of Stoke-on—Trent in England for nearly 25 years.



186. Why did Dr. Mehta send the e-mail to

Dr. Payne?

(A) To cancel a vacation plan

(B) To request lecture notes

(C) To confirm a meeting

(D) To offer an apology

187. According to the second e—mail, what did Dr. Payne do?

(A) Arrange a delivery

(B) Give Mr. Halton a gift

(C) Revise her presentation

(D) Announce an address change

188. What is indicated about Alphagamma Press?

(A) It has headquarters in The Bahamas.

(B) It regularly ships materials to Anson House.

(C) It published The Transatlantic World of the Nineteenth Century.

(D) It is paying Dr. Payne’s travel and accommodation expenses.

189. Where were Dr. Mehta and Dr. Payne most likely colleagues?

(A) In Mumbai

(B) In Freeport

(C) In Stoke-on-Trent

(D) In Charleston

190. What is indicated about the Speaker Series in the Web page?

(A) Discounts are unavailable.

(B) Reservations are optional.

(C) Events are held in the morning.

(D) Refreshments are not included.


Questions 191-195 refer to the following advertisement, e-mail, and press release.


CRYN Group: We find the best employees for your company.


Posted: November 25

Position title and codes:

- Director of Operations, Tl..00l5

- Marketing Director, TI..0023

- Quality Control Director, TLOll27

- Director of Category Management. TL0045

To apply: Send your resume to mdoro@cryngroupeacom with posting number 2098 in the subject line.



Our client plans to chart an aggressive growth path in Latin America, where it plans to start operations next year. It is a well—established company widely known for marketing consumer—health products in North America, and more recently in Europe and Asia.



Candidates must have a formal business degree and a proven management record in at least one international setting. Experience with online sales and marketing preferred.


To: Sven Arvidson <sarvidson@barkent.de.com>

From: Maria Doro <mdoro@cryngroup.ca.com>

Re: Posting number 2098 4

Date: December 10


Dear Mr. Arvidson,


Thank you for submitting your résumé. I’d like to schedule a preliminary telephone conversation with you as soon as possible to determine whether you would be a good Choice for our client. I would particularly like to discuss whether you would be prepared to work at our client’s new facility overseas.


Let me know if you are available for a 30-minute phone call sometime between 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 RM. EST on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Please respond to me by e—mail at your earliest convenience.


Maria Doro

CRYN Group



For immediate release                                                 For further information, contact Julie Dryden at 416-555-0103


Tayerson Ltd. Names New Director


Toronto, April 5 -Tayerson Ltd. continues to staff its new international outpost, which Opens 011C month from today. In this case, the lucky candidate is Sven Arvidson. “Category Management is a relative new area - and one that I’m sure I’ll enjoy exploring and developing as director,” Mr. Arvidson said. “As a major online marketer of nutritional supplements, Tayerson is poised to lead the way toward better living while becoming a more vibrant, more profitable corporation.”


Mr. Arvidson has held several key management positions throughout his career, most recently at Barkent Pharmaceutical in Germany. He was also a partner at MSZ Consulting Group , where he provided marketing guidance to leading consumer—product companies in Canada and China.



191. According to the advertisement, what  qualification is not required of applicants?

(A) A degree in business

(B) Previous employment in a managerial position

(C) Experience working overseas

(D) Online sales and marketing experience

192. What most likely is the location of the position for which Mr. Arvidson applied?

 (A) Latin America

(B) North America

(C) Europe

(D) Asia

193. What does Ms. Doro ask Mr. Arvidson to provide in his reply?

(A) Information on his leadership skills

(B) His availability for an interview

(C) A current résumé

(D) The names of two references

 194. What job code did Mr. Arvidson most likely reference in his application?

(A) TL0015

(B) TLOO23

(C) TL0027

(D) TLOO45

195. According to the press release, what does Tayerson Ltd. sell?

(A) Medical devices

(B) Accounting software

(C) Nutritional supplements

(D) Exercise equipment


Questions 196-200 refer to the following brochure, e-mail, and schedule.


FGJ’s Business Expert Series

Prospect Data Purchasing

45-Minute Webinar

11 May, 2:30 PM.


Every department in an organisation needs information to make business decisions. Marketing professionals in particular rely on accurate data about potential customers to be successful. In this Webinar, Briana Carrera, chief financial officer of Pile One Market Data, explains how to avoid the pitfalls of acquiring incomplete data and provides tips on what to ask your prospective data provider to ensure that your next batch of data leads lo the results you want.



To: Sandra Lescure

From: Gino Stelleti

Date: 12 May

Subject: Subject: FGJ’s Webinar


Dear Sandra,

You had asked me to give you a report on the Webinar I attended yesterday about acquiring data. To be honest, even though the facilitator was clearly knowledgeable, she did not tell me anything I didn’t already know. I was hoping that she would show us the differences between the many types of databases out there, but she never touched on that topic. I am not so sure all these Wobinars are useful; in the end, they always seem to bc steering us to purchase from one particular company or another—in this case it was Pile One. Having said that, the new schedule just came out, and there is another Webinar coming up soon that I am hoping will provide the information I want about how to store and sort data. I have already signed up for it; I will keep you posted about what I learn.





Upcoming 45-Minute Webinars in FGJ’s Business Expert Series


Basics of Market Research

1 June, 9:30 A.M.

Ed Quinones


Tips for Accelerating Sales

12 June, 9:30 A.M.

Cameron Stone


What is Market Automation?

5 July, 11:00 A.M.

Ed Quinones


Choosing the Right Database

17 July, 2:00 PM.

Selina Tucci



The Business Expert Series is organised by Tuyet Nguyen. Please address any questions to her at tnguyen@fgj.org. To access Webinar content, attendance is required as Webinars are not recorded for later viewing.



196. According to the brochure, who would benefit most from the Prospect Data Purchasing Webinar?

(A) A financial analyst

(B) A marketing manager

(C) A customer-service representative

(D) An information-technology specialist

197. What was Mr. Stelleti’s complaint about the Webinar?

(A) He did not like the format.

(B) He did not learn anything new.

(C) He had difficulty hearing everything.

(D) He found the topic to be too complex.

198. What does Mr. Stelleti suggest about Ms. Carrera?

(A) She recently joined a new company.

(B) She has experience managing databases.

(C) She had asked him to sign up for the Weblnar.

(D) She tried to sell her company’s services.

199. When will Mr. Stelleti most likely attend another Webinar?

(A) On June1

(B) On June 12

(C) On July 5

(D) On July 17

200. According to the schedule, what do all of the Webinars have in common?

(A) They cost the same amount.

(B) They are held in the morning.

(C) They last the same amount of time.

(D) They are recorded for future playback.

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