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Giáo trình English Grammar in Use – Unit 51: V+ ing or to... 2| Học Hay

Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 51: V+ ing or to... 2 – Học Hay

1. like / love / hate

- Khi nói về những hành động được lặp đi lặp lại, ta có thể dùng V -ing hoặc to … sau những động từ nè.

  • Do you like getting up early? or Do you like to get up early?
  • Stephanie hates flying. or Stephanie hates to fly.
  • I love meeting people. or I love to meet people.
  • I don’t like being kept waiting. or … like to be kept waiting.
  • I don’t like friends calling me at work. or … friends to call me at work.


- Ta dùng V-ing khi nói về tình huống mà đã/đang xảy/diễn ra.

  • Paul lives in Berlin now. He likes living there.
    (anh ta sống ở đó và bây giờ anh ta thích điều đó)
  • Do you like being a student? (you are a student – do you like it?)
  • The office I worked in was horrible. I hated working there. (I worked there and I hated it)

- Like to do vs Like doing: like V-ing có nghĩa là thích thu say mê thứ gì đó còn like to-V có nghĩa là thích vì thấy nó tốt và có ích.

  • I like doing something
  • I like to do something = I choose to do it (but maybe I don’t enjoy it):
  • It’s not my favourite job, but I like to clean the kitchen as often as possible.


2. would like / would love / would hate / would prefer

- Would like / would love etc. thường được theo sau bởi to V

  • I’d like (= I would like) to go away for a few days.
  • What would you like to do this evening?
  • I wouldn’t like to go on holiday alone.
  • I’d love to meet your family.
  • Would you prefer to eat now or later?

- I like vs I would like (I’d like):

  • I like playing tennis. / I like to play tennis. (= thích chung chung)
  • I’d like to play tennis today. (= muốn chơi ngày hôm nay)

- Would mind + V -ing:

  • Would you mind closing the door, please? (not mind to close)

3. I would like to have (done something)

- I would like to have done something = cảm thấy hối tiếc vì đã không làm (không thể làm) điều gì đó

  • It’s a shame we didn’t see Anna. I would like to have seen her again.
  • We’d like to have gone away, but we were too busy at home.

- Chúng ta dùng cấu trúc tương tự đằng sau would love / would hate / would prefer:

  • Poor David! I would hate to have been in his position.
  • I’d love to have gone to the party, but it was impossible.

Bài tập Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 51: V+ ing or to... 2 – Học Hay

A Write sentences about yourself. Do you like these activities? Choose from these verbs:

like / don’t like love       hate      enjoy    don’t mind


1 (flying) I don’t like flying. or I don’t like to fly.

2 (playing cards)

3 (being alone)

4 (going to museums)

5 (cooking)

6 (getting up early)

B Make sentences using -ing or to … . Sometimes either form is possible.

1 Paul lives in Berlin now. It’s nice. He likes it.

(He / like / live / there) He likes living there.

2 Jane is a biology teacher. She likes her job

(She / like / teach / biology)

3 Joe always has his camera with him and takes a lot of pictures.

(He / like / take / pictures)

4 I used to work in a supermarket. I didn’t like it much.

(I / not / like / work / there)

5 Rachel is studying medicine. She likes it.

(She / like / study / medicine)

6 Dan is famous, but he doesn’t like it.

(He / not / like / be / famous)

7 Jennifer is a very careful person. She doesn’t take many risks.

(She / not / like / take / risks)

8 I don’t like surprises.

(I / like / know / things / in advance)

C Complete the sentences with a verb in the correct form, -ing or to … . In two sentences either form is possible.

1 It’s fun to go to new places – I enjoy travelling .

2 ‘Would you like ………………..down?’ ‘No, thanks. I’ll stand.’

3 The music is very loud. Would you mind ……………it down?

4 How do you relax? What do you like…………… in your spare time?

5 When I have to take a train, I’m always worried that I’ll miss it. So I like…………… to the station in plenty of time.

6 I enjoy ……………busy. I don’t like it when there’s nothing to do.

7 I would love ……………to your wedding, but I’m afraid I’ll be away.

8 I don’t like ……………in this part of town. I want to move somewhere else.

9 Do you have a minute? I’d like ……………to you about something.

10 If there’s bad news and good news, I like ……………the bad news first.

11 Shall we leave now, or would you prefer ……………a little?

12 Steve wants to win every time. He hates…………… .

D Write sentences using would … to have (done). Use the verbs in brackets.

1 It’s a shame I couldn’t go to the party. (like) I would like to have gone to the party.

2 It’s a shame I didn’t see the programme. (like)

3 I’m glad I didn’t lose my watch. (hate)

4 It’s too bad I didn’t meet your parents. (love)

5 I’m glad I wasn’t alone. (not / like)

6 We should have travelled by train. (prefer)

Đáp án


Example answers:

2 I don’t mind playing cards.

3 I don’t like being alone. or … to be alone.

4 I enjoy going to museums.

5 I love cooking. or I love to cook.

6 I hate getting up early.


2 She likes teaching biology.

3 He likes taking pictures. or He likes to take pictures.

4 I didn’t like working there.

5 She likes studying medicine.

6 He doesn’t like being famous.

7 She doesn’t like taking risks. or She doesn’t like to take risks.

8 I like to know things in advance.


2 to sit

3 turning

4 doing or to do

5 to get

6 being

7 to come / to go

8 living / being

9 to talk

10 to have / to know / to get / to hear / to be told

11 to wait

12 losing or to lose


2 I would like / I’d like to have seen the programme.

3 I would hate / I’d hate to have lost my watch.

4 I would love / I’d love to have met your parents.

5 I wouldn’t like to have been alone.

6 I would prefer / I’d prefer to have travelled by train.


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Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 51: V+ ing or to... 2 – Học Hay



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