Sách Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 85: quite, pretty, rather & fairly – Học Hay

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Giáo trình English Grammar in Use – Unit 85: quite, pretty, rather & fairly | Học Hay

Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 85: quite, pretty, rather & fairly – Học Hay


Quite và pretty có ý nghĩa gần giống nhau (mức độ < ‘very’, nhưng  > ‘a little’)

  • I’m surprised you haven’t heard of her. She’s quite famous. or She’s pretty famous.
    (= less than ‘very famous’, but more than ‘a little famous’)
  • Anna lives quite near me, so we see each other pretty often.

- Pretty thường được dùng trong văn nói hơn là văn viết

- Quite đừng trước mạo từ a/an

  • We live in quite an old house. (not a quite old house)

- Quite (but not pretty) thường được dùng theo những cách sau đây:

quite a/an + noun (without an adjective):

  • I didn’t expect to see them. It was quite a surprise. (= quite a big surprise)

quite a lot (of …):

  • There were quite a lot of guests at the wedding.

quite + verb, nhất là like và enjoy:

  • I quite like tennis, but it’s not my favourite sport.


- Rather tương đương với quite và pretty. Rather thường được dùng với ý nghĩa tiêu cực (điều mà chúng ta nghĩ là không tốt)

  • The weather isn’t so good. It’s rather cloudy.
  • Paul is rather shy. He doesn’t talk very much.

- Khi rather được dùng cho ý nghĩa tích cực (good/nice etc.), nó có nghĩa là không bình thường ‘unusually’ hoặc bất ngờ ‘surprisingly’:

  • These oranges are rather good. Where did you get them?


- Fairly mang mức độ nhẹ hơn quite/rather/pretty. Nếu ta nói một điều gì đó fairly good, thì có nghĩa là nó không tốt lắm, và chúng ta có thể làm nó tốt hơn.

  • My room is fairly big, but I’d prefer a bigger one.
  • We see each other fairly often, but not as often as we used to.


- Quite còn có nghĩa là hoàn toàn ‘completely’.

  • ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes, quite sure.’ (= completely sure)

- Quite có nghĩa là ‘completely’ với một số tính từ, đặc biệt là:

sure /right /true /clear/ different/ incredible /amazing

certain/ wrong /safe/ obvious /unnecessary/ extraordinary /impossible

  • She was quite different from what I expected. (= completely different)
  • Everything they said was quite true. (= completely true)

- Quite (= completely) được dùng với một số động từ

  • I quite agree with you. (= I completely agree)

- not quite = not completely:

  • I don’t quite understand what you mean.
  • ‘Are you ready yet?’ ‘Not quite.’ (= not completely)

- So sánh ý nghĩa của từ quite

  • The story is quite interesting. (= less than ‘very interesting’)
  • The story is quite true. (= completely true)

Bài tập Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 85: quite, pretty, rather & fairly – Học Hay

A Complete the sentences using quite … . Choose from:

famous                 hungry                 late        noisy    often     old          surprised


1 I’m surprised you haven’t heard of her. She’s quite famous .

2 I’m…………. . Is there anything to eat?

3 We go to the cinema ……….– maybe once a month.

4 We live near a very busy road, so it’s often………. .

5 I didn’t expect Lisa to contact me. I was………. when she phoned.

6 I went to bed ……….last night, so I’m a bit tired this morning.

7 I don’t know exactly when this house was built, but it’s………. .

B Put the words in the right order to complete the sentences.

1 The weather was better than we had expected.

It was quite a nice day (a / nice / quite / day).

2 Tom likes to sing.

He has ………. (voice / quite / good / a).

3 The bus stop wasn’t near the hotel.

We had to walk ………. (quite / way / a / long).

4 It’s not so warm today.

There’s ………. (a / wind / cold / pretty).

5 The roads were busy.

There was ………. (lot / traffic / a / of / quite).

6 I’m tired.

I’ve had ………. (pretty / day / a / busy).

7 Sarah hasn’t been working here long.

She ………. (fairly / started / recently).

C Use your own ideas to complete these sentences. Use rather + adjective.

1 The weather isn’t so good. It’s rather cloudy .

2 I enjoyed the film, but it was………. .

3 Chris went away without telling anybody, which was………. .

4 Lucy doesn’t like having to wait. Sometimes she’s ………..

5 They have some lovely things in this shop, but it’s………. .

D What does quite mean in these sentences? Tick (X) the right meaning.


more than ‘a little’, less than ‘very’ (Section A)


(Section D)

1 It’s quite cold. You need a coat.

2 ‘Are you sure?’ ‘Yes, quite sure.’

3 Anna’s English is quite good.

4 I couldn’t believe it. It was quite incredible.

5 My bedroom is quite big.

6 I’m quite tired. I think I’ll go to bed.

7 I quite agree with you.






E Complete these sentences using quite … . Choose from:

different              impossible         right       safe       sure       true


1 I didn’t believe her at first, but in fact what she said was quite true .

2 You won’t fall. The ladder is………. .

3 I’m afraid I can’t do what you ask. It’s………. .

4 I completely agree with you. You are………. .

5 You can’t compare the two things. They are………. .

6 I think I saw them go out, but I’m not………. .

Đáp án


2 quite hungry

3 quite often

4 quite noisy

5 quite surprised

6 quite late

7 quite old


2 quite a good voice

3 quite a long way

4 a pretty cold wind

5 quite a lot of traffic

6 a pretty busy day

7 started fairly recently


Example answers:

2 rather long

3 rather strange

4 rather impatient

5 rather expensive


3 more than a little …

4 completely

5 more than a little …

6 more than a little …

7 completely


2 quite safe

3 quite impossible

4 quite right

5 quite different

6 quite sure


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