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Giáo trình English Grammar in Use – Unit 96: like & as | Học Hay

Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 96: like & as – Học Hay

A. Like

- Like = similar to, the same as

  • What a beautiful house! It’s like a palace. (not as a palace)
  • Be careful! The floor has been polished. It’s like walking on ice. (not as walking)
  • It’s raining again. I hate weather like this. (not as this)
  • ‘What’s that noise?’ ‘It sounds like a baby crying.’ (not as a baby crying)

- Trong những ví dụ trên, like là giới từ, theo sau nó sẽ là danh từ/đại từ/V-ing

- Like còn có nghĩa là ví dụ, như là = such as:

  • I enjoy water sports, like surfing, scuba diving and water-skiing. or
  • I enjoy water sports, such as surfing …

B. As

- As = in the same way as, in the same condition as.

- As + subject (S) + verb (V):

  • I didn’t move anything. I left everything as it was.
  • You should have done it as I showed you.

- Like cũng được dùng theo cấu trúc tương tự (+ subject + verb):

  • I left everything like it was.

- As và like

  • You should have done it as I showed you. or … like I showed you.
  • but You should have done it like this. (not as this)

- Ta thường dùng as usual / as always/the same as

  • You’re late as usual.
  • As always, Nick was the first to complain.
  • Your phone is the same as mine. (not the same like)


- As (+ subject + verb) đôi lúc còn mang ý nghĩa khác, ví dụ như sau động từ “do”

  • You can do as you like. (= do what you like)
  • They did as they promised. (= They did what they promised.)

- Ta thường dùng as you know / as I said / as she expected / as I thought etc. :

  • As you know, it’s Emma’s birthday next week. (= you know this already)
  • Andy failed his driving test, as he expected. (= he expected this before)

- Like thường không được dùng trong cách nói trên, trừ trường hợp like I said

  • As I said yesterday, I’m sure we can solve the problem. or Like I said yesterday …


- As cũng có thể đóng vai trò là giới từ (as + noun), nhưng ý nghĩa của nó khác với like

As a taxi driver, I spend most of my working life in a car.

(I am a taxi driver, it’s my job.)


Everyone in the family wants me to drive them to places. I’m like a taxi driver.

(I’m not a taxi driver, but I’m like one.)


- As (giới từ) = in the position of, in the form of etc. (với tư cách là, trong vị trí là)

  • Many years ago I worked as a photographer. (I was a photographer)
  • Many words, for example ‘work’ and ‘rain’, can be used as verbs or nouns.
  • London is fine as a place to visit, but I wouldn’t like to live there.
  • The news of the tragedy came as a great shock.

Bài tập Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 96: like & as – Học Hay

A In some of these sentences, you need like (not as). Correct the sentences where necessary. Write ‘OK’ if the sentence is correct.

1 It’s raining again. I hate weather as this. => I hate weather like this.

2 You should have done it as I showed you. => OK

3 Do you think James looks as his father?

4 He gets on my nerves. I can’t stand people as him.

5 Why didn’t you do it as I told you to do it?

6 As her mother, Katherine has a very good voice.

7 You never listen. Talking to you is as talking to the wall.

8 I prefer the room as it was, before we decorated it.

9 I’ll phone you tomorrow as usual, OK?

10 She’s a very good swimmer. She swims as a fish.

B Which goes with which?

1 I won’t be able to come to the party.

2 I like Tom’s idea.

3 I’m fed up with my job.

4 You drive too fast.

5 You don’t have to take my advice.

6 I couldn’t get a seat on the train.

a It was full, as I expected.

b As I’ve told you before, it’s boring.

c As you know, I’ll be away.

d You can do as you like.

e Let’s do as he suggests.

f You should take more care, as I keep telling you.

1 c







C Complete the sentences using like or as + the following:

a beginner          blocks of ice       a palace                a birthday present

a child         a theatre            winter                     a tour guide


1 This house is beautiful. It’s like a palace .

2 My feet are really cold. They’re…………….. .

3 I’ve been playing tennis for years, but I still play…………. .

4 Marion once had a part-time job…………. .

5 I wonder what that building is. It looks…………. .

6 My brother gave me this watch ………….a long time ago.

7 It’s very cold for the middle of summer. It’s…………. .

8 He’s 22 years old, but he sometimes behaves…………. .

D Put in like or as. Sometimes either word is possible.

1 We heard a noise like a baby crying.

2 I wish I had a car…………. yours.

3 Hannah has been working ………….a waitress for the last two months.

4 We saw Kevin last night. He was very cheerful, ………….always.

5 You waste a lot of time doing things ………….sitting in cafes all day.

6 ………….you can imagine, we were very tired after such a long journey.

7 Tom showed me some photos of the city ………….it was thirty years ago.

8 My neighbour’s house is full of interesting things. It’s ………….a museum.

9 In some countries in Asia, ………….Japan, Indonesia and Thailand, traffic drives on the left.

10 The weather hasn’t changed. It’s the same ………….yesterday.

11 You’re different from the other people I know. I don’t know anyone else…………. you.

12 The news that they are getting married came ………….a complete surprise to me.

13 This tea is awful. It tastes…………. water.

14 Suddenly there was a terrible noise. It was ………….a bomb exploding.

15 Right now I’m working in a shop. It’s not great, but it’s OK…………. a temporary job.

16 Brian is a student, ………….most of his friends.

Đáp án


3 … like his father

4 … people like him

5 OK

6 Like her mother …

7 … like talking to the wall

8 OK

9 OK

10 like a fish


2 e

3 b

4 f

5 d

6 a


2 like blocks of ice

3 like a beginner

4 as a tour guide

5 like a theatre

6 as a birthday present

7 like winter

8 like a child


2 like

3 as

4 as

5 like

6 As

7 as

8 like

9 like or such as

10 as

11 like

12 as

13 like

14 like

15 as

16 like


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Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 96: like & as – Học Hay



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