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Giáo trình English Grammar in Use – Unit 76: all/every/whole | Học Hay

Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 76: all/every/whole – Học Hay

A. everybody/everyone/everything và all

- everybody/everyone/everything … đi với động từ số ít; còn all đi với động từ số nhiều

  • Everybody was happy. or Everyone was happy. (not all were happy)
  • He thinks he knows everything. (not knows all)
  • Our holiday was a disaster. Everything went wrong. (not all went wrong)

- Không dùng all đứng một mình như thế này: all were happy, he knows all

- All được dùng theo những cách sau:

all + noun (all cars, all my money etc.)

all of + us/you/them

we/you/they … all …

all about …

all … = the only thing(s)


All my friends were happy.

All of us were happy.

We were all happy.

He knows all about computers.

All I’ve eaten today is a banana.
(= the only thing I’ve eaten today)


B. whole and all

- Whole = complete, entire (trọn vẹn, toàn bộ, tất cả, nguyên vẹn). Phần lớn whole được dùng với danh từ số ít.

  • Did you read the whole book? (= all the book, not just a part of it)
  • Emily has lived her whole life in the same town.
  • I was so hungry, I ate a whole packet of biscuits. (= a complete packet)

- Không dùng whole với danh từ không đếm được (water, food, money etc.); mà dùng all thay vào đó.

  • Did you spend all the money I gave you? (not the whole money)
  • I read all the information carefully. (not the whole information)

- Các đại từ, mạo từ  (the/my/a ) được dùng trước whole.

  • I read the whole book.
  • I read all the information.

C. every day / all day / the whole day

- Every được dùng để diễn tả mức độ một sự việc diễn ra (every day / every ten minutes etc.):

  • When we were on holiday, we went to the beach every day. (not all days)
  • The bus service is excellent. There’s a bus every ten minutes.
  • We don’t see each other very often – about every six months.

- All day hoặc the whole day = toàn bộ một ngày, từ buổi sáng tới buổi chiều

  • We spent all day on the beach. or We spent the whole day …
  • Dan was very quiet. He didn’t say a word all evening. or … the whole evening.

- Lưu ý: ta dùng all day (không phải all the day), all week (không phải all the week)

- all the time và every time:

  • They never go out. They are at home all the time. (= always, continuously- luôn luôn)
  • Every time I see you, you look different. (= each time, on every occasion- mỗi lần)


Every/everybody/everyone/everything đi với động từ số ít, nhưng dùng đại từ ở số nhiều (they/them/their)

  • Every seat in the theatre was taken.
  • Everybody said they enjoyed themselves. (= everybody enjoyed himself or herself)

Bài tập Ngữ pháp tiếng anh luyện thi TOEIC – Unit 76: all/every/whole – Học Hay

A Complete these sentences with all, everything or everybody/everyone.

1 It was a good party. Everybody had a great time.

2 All I’ve eaten today is a banana.

3 …………….has their faults. Nobody is perfect.

4 Nothing has changed. …………is the same as it was.

5 Kate told me………… about her new job. It sounds interesting.

6 Can …………write their names on a piece of paper, please?

7 Why are you always thinking about money? Money isn’t………… .

8 I’m really exhausted. ………… I want to do is sleep.

9 When the fire alarm rang, ………… left the building immediately.

10 Amy didn’t say where she was going. …………she said was that she was going away.

11 We have completely different opinions. I disagree with …………she says.

12 We all did well in the exam. …………in our class passed.

13 We all did well in the exam. …………of us passed.

14 Why are you so lazy? Why do you expect me to do …………for you?

B Write sentences with whole.

1 I read the book from beginning to end. => I read the whole book.

2 Everyone in the team played well.


3 Paul opened a box of chocolates. He started eating. When he finished, there were no chocolates left in the box.

He ate…………

4 The police came to the house. They were looking for something. They searched everywhere, every room.


5 Everyone in Ed and Jane’s family plays tennis. Ed and Jane play, and so do all their children.


6 Sarah worked from early in the morning until late in the evening.

7 Jack and Lisa had a week’s holiday by the sea. It rained from the beginning of the week to the end of the week.

It …………

Now write sentences 6 and 7 again using all instead of whole.

8 (6) Sarah …………

9 (7) …………

C Complete these sentences using every with the following:

five minutes       ten minutes       four hours          six months          four years


1 The bus service is very good. There’s a bus every ten minutes .

2 Tom is ill. He has some medicine. He has to take it………… .

3 The Olympic Games take place………… .

4 We live near a busy airport. A plane flies over our house………… .

5 Martin goes to the dentist for a check-up………… .

D Which is right?

1 Did you spend the whole money / all the money I gave you? (all the money is correct)

2 Eve works every day / all days except Sunday.

3 I’m tired. I’ve been working hard all the day / all day.

4 It was a terrible fire. Whole building / The whole building was destroyed.

5 It’s a very sad song. Every time / All the time I hear it, it makes me cry.

6 I don’t like the weather here. It rains every time / all the time.

7 When I was on holiday, all my luggage / my whole luggage was stolen.

Đáp án


3 Everybody/Everyone

4 Everything

5 all

6 everybody/everyone

7 everything

8 All

9 everybody/everyone

10 All

11 everything

12 Everybody/Everyone

13 All

14 everything


2 The whole team played well.

3 He ate the whole box (of chocolates).

4 They searched the whole house.

5 The whole family plays tennis. or … play tennis.

6 Sarah/She worked the whole day.

7 It rained the whole week.

8 Sarah worked all day.

9 It rained all week.


2 every four hours

3 every four years

4 every five minutes

5 every six months


2 every day

3 all day

4 The whole building

5 Every time

6 all the time

7 all my luggage


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