Sách Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 - Test 1: Reading – Học Hay

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Sách Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 - Test 1: Reading – Học Hay

Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

101. Departmental restructuring will be discussed at the ------- monthly meeting successor at yesterday’s meeting.

(A) Next

(B) Always

(C) Soon

(D) Like


102. To keep ------- park beautiful, please place your nonrecyclables in the available cans

(A) Our

(B) We

(C) Us

(D) Ours


103. Mr. Hardin ------- additional images of the office building he is interested in leasing restaurant was noisy.

(A) Informed

(B) Asked

(C) Advised

(D) Requested


104. A team of agricultural experts will be brought ------- to try to improve crop harvests

(A) Because

(B) Either

(C) Between

(D) Together


105. The board of Galaxipharm ------- Mr. Kwon’s successor at yesterday’s meeting.

(A) Named

(B) Granted

(C) Founded

(D) Proved


106. If your parking permit is damaged, bring it to the entrance station for a_______

(A) Replacement

(B) Replacing

(C) Replace

(D) Replaces


107. Mr. Ahmad decided to reserve a private the room for the awards dinner ------- the restaurant was noisy.

(A) Rather Than

(B) In Case

(C) Such As

(D) Unless


108. Ms. Jones has provided a ------- estimate of the costs of expanding distribution statewide.

 (A) Conserve

 (B) Conserves

 (C) Conservative

 (D) Conservatively


109. Each quarter, Acaba Exports sets ------- sales goals for its staff.

(A) Compact

(B) Wealthy

(C) Faithful

(D) Realistic


110. Ms. Garcia was delighted to receive -----that her company soon will be featured in the In Town Times magazine.

(A) Notify

(B) Notification

(C) Notifying

(D) Notifies


111. Children under  five years of age are eligible ------- free vision tests.

(A) Over

(B) Down

(C) For

(D) Out


112. Drivers on the Partan Expressway are reminded to drive ------- throughout July because of the ongoing construction work.

(A) Caution

(B) Cautiously

(C) Cautious

(D) Cautiousness


113. The committee will resume its weekly meetings ------- Ms. Cheon returns from Scotland on September 17.

(A) That

(B) Once

(C) As Well

(D) Then


114. The ------- initiative aims to provide public transportation for commuters living in the outer suburbs.

(A) Proposed

(B) Proposing

(C) Proposal

(D) Propose


115. Yesterday's storm ------- interrupted the services of the Duddula, Inc., satellite communications system.

(A) Annually

(B) Anytime

(C) Whenever

(D) Temporarily


116. Even though Cabrera Pictures and Marcella Images make very different films, ------- are successful movie studios.

(A) Several

(B) Everybody

(C) Some

(D) Both


117. --------of tasks can make a manager’s job easier and help other employees learn new skills.

(A) Reputation

(B) Foundation

(C) Delegation

(D) Permission


118. Proceeds from the sale of Delcrest Corporation were equally ------- among the founder's three daughters.

(A) Divisions

(B) Dividing

(C) Divide

(D) Divided


119. ______higher than average ticket prices, every performance of Aiden North's new play is sold out for the next six months.

(A) Throughout

(B) Except for

(C) Despite

(D) Prior to


120. Ricardo Sosa, the executive chef at Restaurant Ninal, responds to guests’ suggestions -------.

(A) Respect

(B) Respects

(C) Respectfully

(D) Respected


121, Mr. Koster is negotiating the ----- -- of the new contract with Arban, Inc.

(A) Scope

(B) Turn

(C) Grip

(D) Drive


122. The equipment-use guidelines ------- on our internal corporate Web site.

(A) May Find

(B) Can Be Found

(C) Have Found

(D) Have To Find


123. Professor Han created spreadsheets to calculate the farm’s irrigation needs ------- .

(A) Dominantly

(B) Precisely

(C) Relatively

(D) Widely


124. For hiring purposes, five years of professional experience is ------- to having achieved certification.

(A) Reasonable

(B) Appropriate

(C) Equivalent

(D) Significant


125. South Regent Aviation is adopting measures to reduce fuel expenses by ------- cargo loads.

(A) Light

(B) Lighten

(C) Lightly

(D) Lightening


126.________ the most challenging aspect of accepting a new position is negotiating a salary that is both fair and satisfying.

(A) Perhaps

(B) Outside

(C) Every

(D) While


127. Complaints about its new line of kitchen appliances led Loxevo, Inc., to adapt higher ------ for assessing quality.

(A) Standards

(B) Features

(C) Risks

(D) Institutions


128. The chief engineer noted that constructing another bridge would be more ------ than repairing the existing structure.

(A) Economy

(B) Economics

(C) Economically

(D) Economical


129. Jansen Bus Company drivers are expected to complete regular trainings ------- maintaining their state licenses.

(A) In Addition To

(B) According To

(C) Inside

(D) Within


130. Ms. DeSoto ------- all employees to come to last week’s budget meeting even though only officers were obligated to attend.

(A) To Have Urged

(B) Had Urged

(C) Will Have Urged

(D) Was Urged



Part 6

Directions: Read the texts that follow. A word, phrase, or sentence is missing in parts of each text. Four answer choices for each question are given below the text. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

Questions 131-134 refer to the following notice.


Lakeview Railway Onboard Bicycle Policy

Would you like to use your bicycle to explore the Lakeview Corridor Scenic Area? Our trains have the (131)____ you need to safely transport your bike. When booking your ticket, just remember that reservations (132)_______. for both you and your bicycle. Reserve your bicycle spot (133)____. There are a limited number of storage racks on each train. You are responsible for stowing your bike securely. (134)_______ Lakeview Railway does not take responsibility for bicycles lost or damaged aboard our trains.


(A) stock

(B) equipment

(C) property

(D) revenue


(A) require 

(B) requiring

(C) are required.

(D) were required


(A) early

(B) again

(C) more

(D) instead


(A) Folding bicycles have become more common.

(B) Additional service fees may apply

(C) You can obtain route maps at most stations.

(D) You must also supply your own bike lock.


Questions 135-138 refer to the following letter.

Corelli's Bakery

15 Middlemass Street

Youngstown, Ohio 44515

Dear Valued Customer:

 For the last three years we have charged the same wholesale prices for our baked goods, including cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies. We regret that sharply rising prices for our raw ingredients, such as sugar and fruit, have forced us to raise our prices by 5 percent (135)______ August 1. We have made every attempt to avoid this price increase. (136)_______ we refuse to compromise on the quality of our products. Using the best ingredients available will allow us to provide the delicious desserts your restaurant guests have come to expect (137)______

We appreciate your (138)_____ and look forward to continuing to serve you.


Tony Corelli, Owner



(A) actual

(B) future

(C) practical

(D) effective


(A) Similarly

(B) Therefore

(C) However

(D) Accordingly


(A) We believe you will see that our products are still a great value.

(B) Our efforts to stay profitable have not been successful.

(C) We hope our competitors will raise their prices too.

(D) Our products are healthier than traditional baked goods.


(A) supportive

 (B) support

(C) supporter

(D) supports


Questions 139-142 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Noora Abadi

From: Alexis Palmer

Subject: Informational interview

Date: 4 February

Dear Ms. Abadi:

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday about careers in the aerospace industry.

Your (139)_____ were helpful and have inspired me to seek additional work experience in the field before I apply to graduate school.

I will consult the Web sites you recommended for job opportunities. As you also suggested, I will

(140)_______ a membership in the Eastern Aeronautics Professional Association. (141)_____. I appreciate the information you shared about the organization's conference at the end of the month.

Thank you again for your (142)______ assistance.


Alexis Palmer



(A) insights

(B) surveys

(C) improvements

(D) revisions


(A) resolve

(B) predict

(C) consider

(D) advertise


(A) I look forward to networking with other professionals in the field.

(B) My membership will expire at the end of the year.

(C) I will be giving a presentation at the conference.

(D) I would like to apply for the position soon


(A) generosity

(B) generous

(C) generously

(D) generousness



Questions 143-146 refer to the following letter.


15 October

GPO Box 985



Dear Ms. Wilson,

On behalf of the Australia Wildlife Park Association, thank you for your donation of 40 AUD to our national park. (143)_____.Individual contributions have helped it stay open to visitors for more than 50 years, Our goal is to keep the park system running effectively for future (144)____ to enjoy.


Enclosed please find a copy of our brochure, which lists various programmes (145)______ to benefit both park visitors and our wildlife habitats. Please consider (146)_____one of these programmes in the future. The money would be used wisely and would be deeply appreciated.


Akosua Masika, Membership Chair



(A) The association grants scholarships for those studying zoology.

(B) Supporters like you help preserve the park for public use.

(C) We hope you enjoyed your visit to the park today.

(D) Interested parties can volunteer to clean wildlife habitats.


(A) generations

(B) lifestyles

(C) committees

(D) planners


(A) designer

(B) designs

(C) designing

(D) designed


(A) researching

(B) organizing

(C) leading

(D) funding

part 7

Directions: In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, e-mails, and instant messages. Each text or set of texts is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (B) on your answer sheet.


Questions 147-148 refer to the following Web page.


Crescent Moon Bistro

Located along the eastern shore of Canawap Bay, the Crescent Moon Bistro is a unique venue a for birthday parties, weddings, corporate gatherings, and a host of other social events. Our chefs work with you to craft a perfect menu, while our coordinators will see to it that your event is superbly organized. Rental pricing is based on the date, type of event, and number of attendees.

You are welcome to tour our facility on October 10 from 11:00 AM. to 2:00 PM. Meet with our coordinators and culinary staff, and sample items from our creative menu. Admission is free, but registration is required. We are offering 25% off on any booking made during this open house on October 10,


147. What is being advertised?

(A) A vacation rental

(B) Anew hotel

(C) An event space

(D) A summer camp

148. What will be offered on October

(A) A discounted reservation rate

(B) A special concert

(C) A famous recipe book

(D) A class by a famous chef


Questions 149-150 refer to the following memo.

To: Processing Plant Managers

From: Sunlight Sugar Executive Board

Date: June 15

Subject: News


We are pleased to announce that, following our strongest quarter in over three years, we were ranked as the number-two sugar distributor in the region in the June I edition of Sugar Industry Times. We are extremely grateful to all our employees, who helped make this possible through their hard work and dedication.

To celebrate this achievement, we would like to recognize employees with a bonus to be added to their July 15 paycheck. Plant managers at each location should inform staff at the next plant meeting on July 1. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals.


149. What is indicated about Sunlight Sugar?

(A) It is changing the payday schedule.

(B) It publishes the Sugar industry Times.

(C) It was established more than three years ago.

(D) It was previously the number-one  distributor of sugar.

150. When will plant managers announce an employee bonus?

(A) On June 1

(B) On June 15

(C) On July 1

(D) On July 15


Questions 151-152 refer to the following online chat discussion.

Eula Santos [10:02 A.M.]

Good morning, I purchased two tickets to Friday night's performance. However, my business trip was rescheduled, and ] won’t be in London on Friday. Can T get a refund for this purchase?

Mai Tong, Customer Service [10:04 A.M.]

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, the Mosella Palladium’s policies do not allow refunds, We offer exchanges for tickets of equal or lesser value. You can view our entire season, which has a variety of music, dance, and theatre, at www.mosellapalladium.co.uk.

Ella Santos [10:07 A.M.]

T reviewed the season schedule before contacting you. Can you switch the tickets now, or must I call your phone number? I’ve already made a selection.

Mai Tong, Customer Service [10:08 A.M,]

T can help with that. What would you like to see instead?

Ella Santos [10:10 A.M.]

I’d like two tickets to the Gaperstein Orchestra on 22 October.


151. What most likely is the Mosella Palladium?

(A) A sports stadium

(B) A performance venue

(C) A dance company

(D) A theatrical group

152. At 10:08 a.m., what does Ms. Tong mean when she writes, “l can help with that"?

(A) She will send a brochure.

(B) She will arrange a phone call.

(C) She can process a refund.

(D) She can exchange some tickets.


Questions 153-154 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Ted Lee <ted.lee@comconnecting.com>

From: Agnalde Paes <apaes@ manosinc.com> I

Date: May 3

Subject: Interview

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for your interest in the master electrician position here at Manos Contracting, Inc. Your résumé is very impressive, and I would like to schedule an in-person interview sometime next week. Does next Tuesday afternoon work for you? I am usually in the office until 6 p.m. If Tuesday is not convenient, perhaps Wednesday morning would be acceptable? Any time after 9 a.m. works for me. My office is on the second floor of our main building, which is located at the end of Elkton Street. Since this is only our first meeting in the interview process, I do not expect it to last longer than one hour. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Agnaldo Paes

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Manos Contracting, Inc.


153. What is probably true about Mr. Lee?

(A) He is moving to a new town.

(B) He is an experienced electrician..

(C) He has recently received professional certification.

 (D) He will be offered a job at the interview.

154. When is Mr. Paes most likely NOT available for an interview?

(A) Tuesday at 3:15 p.m

(B) Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

(C) Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

(D) Wednesday at 11:30 a.m.


Questions 155-157 refer to the following Web page.


155. What is true about Mazullo's Bridgeport shop?

(A) It has recently expanded.

(B) It is under new management.

(C) It does not offer delivery.

(D) It was the first location to open.

156. What is indicated about Mazullo’s pizzas?

(A) They are reasonably priced.

(B) They are imported from Chicago.

(C) Their sauce is made from a family recipe.

(D) Their vegetable toppings come from Mazullo-owned farms.

157. What is NOT included with a deep-dish pizza order?

 (A) Garlic roils

 (B) Pasta

 (C) Toppings

(D) A beverage


Questions 158-160 refer to the following letter.


158. Who most likely is Mr. Stevenson? 

(A) A driver

(B) A mechanic

(C) A medical assistant

(D) A city official

159. What is Mr. Stevenson asked to do by phone?

(A) Extend his medical leave

(B) Schedule an examination

(C) Contact his supervisor

(D) Inquire about weather conditions

160. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

“To that end, we need you to complete one more task before beginning employment with us next month”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]


Questions 161-163 refer to the following article.

161. What does the article mainly discuss?

(A) The benefits of a leadership training program

(B) A successful electronics company

(C) The appointment of a new CEO

(D) A company opening in Durban

162. What is indicated about Ms. Walters?

(A) She worked in several departments at Cermak & Holden.

(B) She was hired by Rolidge Motors after finishing university.

(C) She was a professor before starting her own company.

(D) She specializes in saving struggling companies.

163. Which of Ms. Walters’ qualifications is mentioned by both Mr. Hsing and Ms. Bekwa?

(A) Her popularity among colleagues

(B) Her innovations at Cermak & Holden

(C) Her academic credentials

(D) Her reputation as a business leader


Questions 164-167 refer to the following e-mail.

164. According to the e-mail, when can residents expect to use water again?

(A) At 7:00 a.m.

(B) At 11:00 a.m.

(C) At 3:00 p.m.

(D) At 5:00 p.m.

165. Who most likely is Mr. Kim?

(A) A plumber

(B) A building manager

(C) A construction worker

(D) A customer-service agent

166. What potential issue does Mr. de la Rue mention?

 (A) There could be an additional maintenance charge.

(B) There could be a leak in the main water line

(C) There might be problems with the water flow.

(D) There might be a follow-up check in a week

167. What is indicated about the resident of Jigye Apartments?

(A) They should call a specific number with any concerns.

(B) They should try to decrease their water usage.

(C) They have complained to the Customer Service desk.

(D) They have scheduled a tenant meeting on January 12.


Questions 168-171 refer to the following memo.


168. What is the memo mainly about?

(A) A merger with another company

(B) The hiring of several new staff

(C) A temporary closing for renovations

(D) The opening of a new branch

169. What are staff invited to do?

(A) Join a local business group

(B) Attend a celebratory gathering

(C) Review information on a Web site

(D) Submit ideas for better customer service

170. What is one achievement Mr. Rees-Yates mentions?

(A) An award nomination

(B) A positive review in a local publication

(C) An invitation to a popular event

(D) An unexpected increase in investment

171. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?

 “Most Leesburg staff have already been recruited.”

(A) [1]

(B) [2]

(C) [3]

(D) [4]



Questions 172-175 refer to the following online chat discussion.

172. Who most likely is Mr. Li?

(A) A landscaping crew member

(B) A delivery coordinator

(C) A warehouse worker

(D) A facilities supervisor

173. Why will Ms. McGonagle contact Mr. Li?

(A) To schedule a visit with him

(B) To obtain parking assistance

(C) To get a list of directions to the office

(D) To advise him of transit delays

174. What is likely to happen on May 9?

 (A) Some Derryco employees will work at home.

(B) Derryco will be closed for business.

(C) Ms. McGonagle will stay in a local hotel.

(D) Mr. Deegan will cancel a conference call.

175. At 9:14 a.m., what does Mr. Li mean when he writes, “the crew comes out rain or shine’?

(A) The weather forecast is probably wrong.

(B) The outdoor work will proceed as” scheduled.

(C) Larkin Landscaping employs an outstanding group of workers.

(D) Derryco employees should prepare for bad weather.


Questions 176-180 refer to the following Web page and e-mail.

176. What is the purpose of the Web page?

(A) To invite feedback about a service

(B) To announce a business merger

(C) To publicize a successful product

(D) To nominate a product for an award

177. What type of industry does the design team support?

(A) Airline

(B) Technology

(C) Education

(D) City transit systems

178. What characteristic of the Suppliss Seat is NOT mentioned?

(A) It is lightweight.

(B) It supports the feet.

(C) It features a contemporary style.

(D) It has a reclining position.

179. What does the e-mail indicate about the consumer tests?

(A) They have not yet been completed.

(B) They resulted in design changes.

(C) They took place on a specific route. _

(D) They did not meet all safety standards.

180. When will the Suppliss Seat come into regular use? :

(A) In January

(B) In February

(C) In March

(D) In April


Questions 181-185 refer to the following advertisement and e-mail.

181. What is suggested about La Gardina Mall?

(A) It is located in Bay Shore.

(B) It is open only in the summer.

(C) It recently added many new shops.

(D) It features mainly fashion boutiques.

182. In the advertisement, the word “occupied” in paragraph 3, line 3, is closest in meaning to

(A) filled

(B) captured

(C) kept busy

(D) made steady

183. What is the main purpose of the e-mail?

(A) To promote a new botanical garden

(B) To profile a popular company

(C) To inquire about a potential business deal

(D) To ask about job opportunities at a mall

184. What is indicated about Sabatini Leather Goods products?

(A) They are sold online.

(B) They are often discounted.

(C) They are marketed to tourists.

(D) They are manufactured in Glastenbury

185. What will Mr. Sabatini and Ms. Goncalves most likely have to negotiate?

(A) The location of a store

(B) The length of a contract

(C) The size of a retail space

(D) The cost of a monthly lease Questions


Questions 186-190 refer to the following chart, e-mail, and article.

186. What does the chart indicate about all the carpets in the Pleiades Collection?

(A) They will be available in 60 days.

(B) They are currently in stock.

(C) They have different weights.

(D) They are the same size.

187. What carpet did Mr. Sorrell originally order?

(A) Artemis

(B) Hera

(C) Janus

(D) Iris

188. What does Mr. Sorrell originally order?

(A) Delay the hotel’s opening

(B) Select a substitute item

(C) Order some different furniture

(D) Send photographs of the lobby

189. According to the article, what occupied the building prior to The Pavel Hotel?

(A) A library

(B) A visitors center

(C) A courthouse

(D) A café

190. What is indicated about The Pavel Hotel?

 (A) lt opened on schedule.

 (B) It was under construction for nine years.

(C) It is becoming a tourist destination.

(D) It is managed by Ms. Simpson.


Questions 191-195 refer to the following memo, schedule, and e-mail.

191. What reason is given for updating the shuttle bus system?

(A) Optieris employees provided feedback.

(B) The current bus fleet is getting old.

(C) More staff  are coming to work by train.

(D) Optieris has built new facilities on its campus.

192. What will be one change to the bus system from January 2?

(A) Buses will create less air pollution.

(B) Buses will be more frequent.

(C) Each bus will follow a different route.

(D) The first morning bus will run earlier.

193. What bus stop will be added to the route?

(A) Morbrook Station

(B) Nesse Station

(C) East Campus

(D) West Campus

194. Why will Ms. Edgren visit the Optieris campus?

(A) To finalize a contract between her company and Optieris

(B) To run a quality-control check

(C) To attend a training session

(D) To pursue an employment opportunity

195. What time does Ms. Edgren expect to get off her bus at Optieris?

(A) At 7:57 A.M.

(B) At 8:12 a.m.

(C) At 8:27 am.

(D) At 8:42 a.m.


Questions 196-200 refer to the following invoice review, and e-mail


196. What most likely is Mr. Beeby’s job?

(A) Salesclerk

(B) Housepainter

(C) Delivery driver

(D) Real estate agent

197. What item did Mr. Beeby need more of?

(A) Coastland Gray

(B) Linwall Gray

(C) Brightwyn Green

(D) Foxdeil Green

198. Where did Mr. Beeby pick up the item missing from his order?

(A) At the northwest store

(B) At the northeast store

(C) At the southwest store

(D) At the southeast store

199. What is indicated about Bright Now Home?

(A) It has design experts in stores

(B) It provides same-day delivery service.

(C) It sells supplies for building maintenance

200. What is one purpose of Ms. Jones’s e-mail?

 (A) To introduce a new service

 (B) To thank a customer.

 (C) To announce a seasonal sale

(D) To explain a policy change

 (D) It offers coupons on its web site

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