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Giáo trình Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 8: Human Resources – Tiếng anh thương mại | Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 8: Human Resources – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 8: Human Resources - Listening


A. Carys Owen is a director at Hays, the international recruitment specialist. Listen to the first part of the interview and answer the question.

In what ways does a Hays consultant work with a candidate?


Đáp án:

Via a network of global offices; candidates work with a Hays consultant who helps them gain an understanding of the type of role they're looking for, what type of organisation they would like to work for, etc. They also work how to present their CV. Also via the website; candidates can apply for jobs and get advice on applications.


B. Listen to the second part. What are the three key points that Carys makes about preparing for an interview?


Đáp án:

1. Look your best.

2. Research your employer.

3. Look at the duties of the vacancy and match them to your experience.


C. Listen again and complete the gaps.

From the point of view of the actual vacancy, we would always ............ (1) that you look at the ........... (2) within that vacancy and have a think about where in your you might be able to ............ (3) your ability to do that job.


Đáp án:

1. recommend

2. duties

3. previous experience

4. demonstrate


D. Listen to the final part of the interview and answer the questions.

1. What two recent changes has Carys noticed in the job market?

2. In what way does one of the changes give candidates and employees a 'unique opportunity'?


Đáp án:

1. Intervention of online recruitment and websites; need for interim and temporary employees

2. Online recruitment means candidates have access to jobs all over the world.

Vocabulary Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 8: Human Resources – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. Complete the text with the words and phrases in the box.

curriculum vitae (CV)/resume     application form      probationary period      psychometric test     interview     covering letter

These days, many applicants submit their ......... (1) speculatively to companies they would like to work for. In other words, they do not apply for an advertised job, but hope the employer will be interested enough to keep their CV on file and contact them when they have a vacancy. When replying to an advertisement, candidates often All in a(n) ............ (2) and write a (n) ............ (3). The employer will then invite the best candidates to attend a(n) ............(4). Sometimes candidates will take a(n) ............ (5) before the interview to assess their mental ability and reasoning skills. These days, it is normal for successful candidates to have to work a(n) ............ (6) in a company. This is usually three or six months; after that, they are offered a permanent post.


Đáp án:

1. curriculum vitae (CV) /resume

2. application form

3. covering letter

4. interview

5. psychometric test

6. probationary period


B. Match the verbs (1-6) to the nouns (a-f) to make word partnerships.

1. to train  a) a vacancy/post 
2. to shortlist  b) an interview panel
3. to advertise  c) the candidates
4. to assemble  d) references
5. to make  e) new staff
6. to check  f) a job offer


Now decide on a possible order for the events above from the employer's point of view.


Đáp án:

1. e

2. c

3. a

4. b

5. f

6. d


C. Look at the different types of people. Match the descriptions above (1-10) to the adjectives in the box (a-j).

1. is able to come up with ideas a) enthusiastic
2. is respected and listened to by others b) adaptable 
3. is able to see different points of view c) methodical
4. can see how to put ideas into action  d) reliable 
5. is determined to succeed in their career  e) ambitious
6. has lots of energy and often gets excited f) objective
7. is concerned with details and getting things right even if it takes time g) creative 
8. likes to assess and evaluate h) analytical
9. is able to change with new situations i) authoritative 
10. is someone you can trust and depend on. j) practical


Đáp án:

1. g

2. i

3. f

4. j

5. e

6. a

7. c

8. h

9. b

10. d


E. Mark the stress on the adjectives in Exercise D. Then listen and check your answers.

1. Which three qualities listed in Exercise E best describe you?

2. Which of the different types of people have you worked or studied with?

3. Which of the different types of people do you think are easy or difficult to work with?


Đáp án:

1. creative

2. authoritative

3. objective

4. practical

5. ambitious

6. enthusiastic

7. methodical

8. analytical

9. adaptable

10. reliable

Language Review Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 8: Human Resources – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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A. In each of the sentences, two of the verbs are possible and one is incorrect. Cross out the incorrect verb.

1. He ............ to review our complaints procedures.

a) promised 

b) delayed 

c) wanted

2. I ........... improving interpersonal skills training.

a) undertook 

b) suggested

c) recommended

3. ............ to meet the HR Director.

a) decided 

b) didn't mind

c) arranged

4. She ........... to check the redundancy arrangements.

a) refused 

b) failed 

c) put off

5. We ............ to review our policy for anti-bullying in the workplace.

a) consider 

b) hope 

c) plan


Đáp án:

1. b

2. a

3. b

4. c

5. a


B. Match the sentence halves.

1. HR recommends  a) to raise the minimum wage.
2. The company simply can't afford  b) to call me back in a couple of days.
3. This job involves  c) smoking after the programme.
4. The manager seemed impressed by my CV and promised d) working weekends sometimes.
5. Three members of staff stopped  e) to follow a directive given by his superior.
6. He was fired because he refused  f) using the cheapest form of transport.


Đáp án:

1. f

2. a

3. d

4. b

5. c

6. e


C. Choose the most appropriate form of the verb to complete the sentences.

1. HR's new computer programme has stopped working / to work.

2. She was driving in a hurry, but she stopped answering / to answer her mobile phone.

3. Did you remember calling / to call HR yesterday?

4. I can't remember offering / to offer you a raise.

5. I forgot telling / to tell you I'd quit my job.

6. I'll never forget making / to make my first sale.


Đáp án:

1. working

2. to answer

3. to call

4. offering

5. to tell

6. making


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