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Video bài nghe Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 8: Marketing – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 8: Marketing - Listening


A. Richard Turner is the European Marketing Manager for a pharmaceutical company. Listen to the first part of the interview and answer these questions.

1. What is very important when you market to doctors?

2. How much time do marketing people usually have with doctors?

3. What are 'rational' advantages?

4. What are 'emotional' advantages?


Đáp án:

1. Spending quality time face-to-face with them

2. Five or 10 minutes

3. Why doctors should use this product compared to the ones they've been using in the past

4 The benefits of the product for doctors' patients, and how it will make them have easier lives


B. Richard talks about 'the regulatory environment'. This is where the authorities have official powers to control the production and safety of drugs. Listen to the second part and complete this audio-script extract.

I think the biggest ............ (1) for us is the regulatory environment. The laws that we need to follow are quite ............(2) - and quite rightly so. We in the pharmaceutical industry have the same interests as the doctor. We want to help ........... (3) lead better lives.

We have to present the data in a ............(4) and balanced way, not to overstate the advantages of our ............(5). Because we're trying to develop ............(6) which are consistent across many different countries across Europe ... it's often a challenge ...


Đáp án:

1. challenge

2. strict

3. patients

4. fair

5. products

6. campaigns


C. Listen to the third part and say if these statements are true (T) or false (F). Correct the false ones.

1. The key to good marketing is being able to speak directly to patients.

2. Marketing people are gaining from all the benefits of the Internet and new communication methods.

3. Companies are starting to look at using technology such as the iPad when presenting data to doctors.


Đáp án:

1. F (They are not allowed to promote products directly to patients.)

2. F (Although they would love to use all the benefits and opportunities that the Internet and the new communication methods offer, they are not able to use them as much as they would like.)

3. T


D. Listen to the final part and put these stages in the correct order.

a) Peak sales 

b) Clinical trials 

c) Present data to the doctor

d) Scientist comes up with an idea


Đáp án:

d) b) c) a)

Vocabulary Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 8: Marketing – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. For each group of words below (1-5):

• fill in the missing vowels to complete the word partnerships;

• match each of the three word partnerships to the correct definition (a-c).

1. market r _ s _ _ rch            a) the percentage of sales a company has

                s _ g m _ n t            b) information about what customers want and need

                  s h _ r e                   c) a group of customers of similar age, income level and social group

2. consumer b _ h _ v _ _ _ r a) description of a typical customer

                        p r _ f _ l _ b) where and how people buy things

                        g _ _ d s c) things people buy for their own use

3. product I _ _ n c h a) introduction of a product to the market

                        I _ f _ c y c l _ b) length of time people continue to buy a product

                        r _ n g _ c) set of products made by a company

4. sales f _ r _ c _ s t a) how much a company wants to sell in a period

                        f _ g _ r _ s b) how much a company thinks it will sell in a period

                        t _ r g _ t c) numbers showing how much a company has sold in a period

5. advertising c _ m p _ _ g n a) a business which advises companies on advertising and makes ads

                        b _ d g _ t b) an amount of money available for advertising during a particular period

                        _ g _ n c y c) a programme of advertising activities over a period, with particular aims


Đáp án:

1. market         research - b

                        segment - c

                        share - a

2. consumer    behaviour - b

                        profile - a

                        goods - c

3. product        launch - a

                        life cycle - b

                        range - c

4. sales            forecast - b

                        figures - c

                        target - a

5. advertising   campaign - c

                        budget - b

                        agency - a


B. Mark the stress on the word partnerships in Exercise A. Listen and check your answers.


Đáp án:

'market re'search

'market 'segment

'market 'share

con'sumer be'haviour

con'sumer 'profile

con'sumer 'goods

'product 'launch

'product 'lifecycle

'product 'range

'sales ' forecast

'sales 'figures

'sales 'target

'advertising cam'paign

'advertising 'budget

'advertising 'agency

Language Review Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 8: Marketing – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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A. Correct the grammatical mistakes in these sentences.

1. What means market position?

2. How much it cost?

3. Why you don't sell it on eBay?

4. When the cars must be recalled?

5. Did you went to the farmers' market last week?

6. Is coming your boss tomorrow?


Đáp án:

1. What does market position mean?

2. How much does it cost?

3. Why don't you sell it on eBay?

4. When must the cars be recalled?

5. Did you go to the farmers' market last week?

6. Is your boss coming tomorrow?


B. The letter below is part of an authentic consumer survey on wines.

1. Write the words in the questions in the correct order.

2. Answer the questions.


Đáp án:

1. Which group do you belong to?

2. How old are you?

3. Which wines do you prefer?

4. How often do you drink wine?

5. How much do you usually spend on a bottle of wine?

6. Do you have a personal wine cellar at home?

7. How many bottles of wine have you bought during the last year?

8. Which wine-growing areas do you know?

9. When selecting wine, do you take into account the various growing areas?

10. Which taste do you prefer?


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