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Giáo trình Market Leader Advanced – Unit 6: Ethics – Tiếng anh thương mại – Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Advanced – Unit 6: Ethics – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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Market Leader Advanced – Unit 6: Ethics - Business Skills




A. Listen to two podcasts by the agony aunt about the situations. Did you come to the same conclusions? What do you think of her response?



B. Complete each of these extracts from the podcasts with between three and six words in each gap.

Friends in business

1. Of course, it's not always easy ………….

2. Whether one of the suppliers is a friend or not is …………..

3. …………., I'd want to go for the best price.

4. On the other hand, your friend should understand that …………..

5. …………. to speak to your boss.

Spoilt for choice

6. Most readers seem to think …………..

7. You have to and cons …………..

8. Do you really want to …………. by working for an unethical company?

9. …………., I doubt if you'll be happy at the fair-trade company for long.

10. What you finally decide …………..

11. …………., is your first job won't be your last.


Đáp án:

1. to do the right thing

2. neither here nor there

3. If it was up to me

4. you're in a tricky situation

5. Another thing you could do is

6. this is a clear-cut case

7. weigh up the pros

8. put your reputation at risk

9. On the other hand

10. is up to you

11. What I would say, though


C. Look at the expressions in the Useful language box below. Which ones are more diplomatic or neutral? Which ones sound more forceful and direct?




Another thing you could do is…

You might like to…

The important thing is to…

Oh dear, that’s a tricky one.

If it were up to me, I’d…

You have to weigh up the pros and cons.

On the other hand, …

On balance, I think …

What I would say, though, is…

I wouldn’t do that if…

Are you sure you really want to…?


Đáp án:

Expressions that sound more diplomatic/neutral

Another thing you could do is ...

You might like to ...

What you finally decide is up to you.

Oh dear, that's a tricky/tough one.

You have to weigh up the pros and cons.

On the other hand, you might ...

On balance, I think you should ...

Expressions that sound more forceful/direct

The most important thing is to ...

If it were up to me, I'd ...

What I would say, though, is ...

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Are you sure you really want to ...?

Reading and Language Market Leader Advanced – Unit 6: Ethics – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay



A. What do you think a whistle-blower is? Read either of the articles on the opposite page quickly and choose the correct definition (a, b or c).

a) someone who behaves illegally or immorally in order to get promotion

b) someone who sells company secrets and commercial information to rival organisations c) someone who reveals dishonest or illegal practices at the place where they work


Đáp án:

Definition c)

(Definition a) is a red herring. There isn't a specific word in English for this. Definition b) is an industrial spy, someone who commits industrial espionage.)

The term whistleblower derives from the practice of English policemen, who would blow their whistles when they noticed the commission of a crime. The whistle would alert other law enforcement officers and the general public of danger.


B. Read and answer these questions, then tell each other about your answers.

1. What type of company did the whistle blower work for?

2. What type of wrongdoing did the whistle blower expose, and how?

3. Did the person blow the whistle internally or externally?

4. Do we know if the whistle-blower gained financially from the situation?

5. What, if anything, do the two whistle blowers have in common?


Đáp án:

1. Sherron Watkins worked for Enron, the world's biggest energy trader at the time. David Franklin worked for the pharmaceutical company Parke·Davis, later bought by Pfizer.

2 Sherron Watkins uncovered accounting fraud. She first exposed the fraud via an anonymous memo and later spoke to the founder and Chairman in person. David Franklin exposed illegal and fraudulent marketing of a drug. He took the company to court.

3 Sherron Watkins was an internal whistleblower. David Franklin was an external whistleblower who reported the wrongdoing outside the company.

4 Yes, David Franklin has become a millionaire.

5 There are no obvious traits that they have in common other than that they are both whistleblowers.


C. Read both articles and find the words or expressions which have a similar meaning to the following.

Article 1

1. stuck in a bad situation and unable to get out or make progress (paragraph 1)

2. discovered something by chance and unexpectedly (paragraph 4)

3. find the courage (paragraph 4)

4. started being in charge of something such as a business or organisation (paragraph 5)

5. refused to consider someone's idea, opinion, etc. because you think it is not serious, true or important (paragraph 5)

6. dishonestly changes official records and figures in order to steal money or give people false information (paragraph 7)

7. finally tell the truth about something you have been hiding (paragraph 7)


Article 2

8. to state in a court of law that you are responsible for a crime (paragraph 1)

9. to end an argument or solve a disagreement (paragraph 1)

10. officially gave information to someone in authority (paragraph 1)

11. a very large amount of money paid to a professional person for their work (paragraph 2)

12. repayment of money to someone when their money has been spent (paragraph 4)

13. gave a document to a court of law so that it could be officially recorded and dealt with (paragraph 5)

14. when someone obeys a law, rule, agreement or demand (paragraph 7)


Đáp án:

1. mired

2. stumbled across

3. work up the guts

4. taken the helm

5. dismissed

6. cooks the books

7. come clean

8. plead guilty

9. to settle

10. reported

11. hefty (speaker's) fees

12. reimbursement

13. filed a (whistleblower's) lawsuit

14. compliance


D. Read this extract from a discussion between two people, commenting on Article 1. If you had been in Sherron Watkins's position, would you have done anything differently?

A: Don't you think Sherron Watkins should have done something sooner? She herself says she should've seen the warning signs.

B: Maybe it was a case of too little, too late. She could've gone outside the company. But with the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to criticise.

A: Yes, I would've gone to the company's auditors.

B: I doubt that would've helped. The auditors were taken to court after Enron collapsed and went out of business too.

E. What language is used in Exercise D to hypothesise about and comment on the past, to criticise past actions and to express regret?


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