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Giáo trình Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 1: Brands – Tiếng anh thương mại | Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 1: Brands – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 1: Brands - Listening


A. Chris Cleaver is Managing Director, Business Brands at Dragon Brands. Listen to the first part of the interview and tick the points that he makes.


A brand ...

1. helps people to become familiar with a product.

2. gives a product an identity.

3. increases the sales of a product or service.

4. enables the target consumer to decide if they want the product or not.


Đáp án:

2 and 4


B. Listen to the second part of the interview and answer the question.

What is the main function of a brand?

Đáp án:

A brand's main function is 'to enable you to choose one thing from another - often in markets where there is very little actual difference between, you know, the product’.


C. Listen to the final part. In which two ways has Chris Cleaver's company helped Nokia?


Đáp án:

Chris Cleaver's company has helped Nokia:

·         - with the question of what the Nokia brand represents and how customers relate to it - to get them to think of it as the 'master brand'.

·         - to develop parts of their offer (point out this specialised use of offer) and keeping the brand fresh with multimedia devices, not just 'phones'.


(Point out Chris's use of Firstly and And to signpost these two main ideas.)

Vocabulary Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 1: Brands – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. Match these word partnerships to their meanings.

1. loyalty                        a) the title given to a product by the company that makes it

2. image                         b) using an existing name on another type of product

3. stretching                   c) the ideas and beliefs people have about a brand

4. awareness                  d) the tendency to always buy a particular brand 

5. name                         e) how familiar people are with a brand (or its logo and slogan)


6. launch                       f) the set of products made by a company

7. lifecycle                    g) the use of a well-known person to advertise products

8. range                        h) when products are used in films or TV programmes

9. placement                 i) the introduction of a product to the market

10. endorsement            j) the length of time people continue to buy a product


11. leader                      k) the percentage of sales a company has

12. research                  I) customers of a similar age, income level or social group 

13. share                      m) the best-selling product or brand in a market

14. challenger               n) information about what consumers want or need

15. segment                 o) the second best-selling product or brand in a market


Đáp án:

1. d

2. c

3. b

4. e

5. a

6. i

7. j

8. f

9. h

10. g

11. m

12. n

13. k

14. o

15. l


B. Complete these sentences with word partnerships from Exercise A.

1. No one recognises our logo or slogan. We need to spend more on advertising to raise…………………………

2. Consumers who always buy Sony when they need a new TV are showing ............

3. A fashion designer who launches his o r her own perfume is an example of

4. The ............ of Mercedes-Benz is such that its products are seen as safe, reliable, luxurious, well made and expensive.

5. George Clooney advertising Nespresso is an example of ............

6. A ........... consists of introduction, growth, maturity and decline.

7. Tesco's wide ............ means that it appeals to all sectors of the UK market.

8. The use of Aston Martin cars and Sony computers in James Bond films are examples of ............

9. Microsoft is the ........... in computer software.

10. In countries with ageing populations, the over·60s age group is becoming an increasingly important .............

11. Pepsi is the ........... in carbonated soft drinks.

12. Focus groups and consumer surveys are ways of conducting ............

Đáp án:

1. awareness

2. loyalty

3. stretching

4. image product

5. endorsement

6. lifecycle

7. range

8. placement market

9. 1eader

10. segment

11. challenger

12. research


Language Review Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 1: Brands – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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A. Which of the time expressions below do we usually use with the present simple? Which do we usually use with the present continuous? Which are used with both?

usually   often   at the moment   this year   nowadays   these days   every day   once a month   six months ago   now   currently


Đáp án:

usually (PS)

every day (PS)

often (PS)

this year (PC)

now (PC)

nowadays (PC)

currently (PS and PC)

these days (PS and PC)

once a month (PS)

at the moment (PS and PC)


B. Complete these sentences with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.


a) At the moment, eBay ........... (work) with brand owners to remove fake items.

b) eBay ........... now (spend) $20m a year analysing suspicious sales.


a) Louis Vuitton usually ............ (sell) its products through authentic Louis Vuitton boutiques.

b) At the moment, Louis Vuitton ...... (negotiate) with Hubert de Givenchy.


a) Both Apple and BlackBerry ........... (launch) important new products this year.

b) These days, a lot of people ........... (have) a BlackBerry.

Đáp án:


a) is working

b) spends (or spend) (Explain that you can treat a company as singular or plural.)


a) sells (In this case, the singular must be used to agree with its products.)

b) is negotiating (or are negotiating but this wouldn't be consistent with the previous sentence)


a) are launching

b) have (because have is not used in the continuous in this context; are having would be very strange here)



C. Complete this text with the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

The Google brand ............ (1) (grow) rapidly. According to the Millward Brown Brandz report, it ............ (2) (hold) first place in the list of top 100 brands. In fact, the IT field ......... (3) (dominate) the top-ten corporate brands. Google ............ (4) (operate) websites at many international domains, the most popular being www.google.com, and ………..... (5) (generate) revenue by providing effective advertising opportunities. Google always ........... (6) (focus) on the user, and consumers usually ............ (7) (see) Google as quite trustworthy.

Nowadays, companies ............ (8) (begin) to recognise that brands are amongst their most valuable assets. They understand that brands .......... (9) (become) ever more powerful in driving business growth. Strong brands ........(10) (generate) superior returns and protect businesses from risk. Google currently ........... (11) (hold) the top position, but it has to keep innovating if it wants to remain number one. BlackBerry and Apple are the two fastest-growing brands in the top 100, and China Mobile ...........(12) (grow) steadily, too.

Đáp án:

1. is growing

2. holds

3. dominates

4. operates

5. generates

6. focuses

7. see

8. are beginning

9. are becoming

10. generate

11. holds

12. is growing


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