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Giáo trình Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 2: Travel – Tiếng anh thương mại | Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 2: Travel – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 2: Travel - Listening


A. Listen to Sholto Smith, Area Sales Director for Hyatt Hotels, talking about how the company meets the needs of business travellers. Listen to the first part and tick which of the following he mentions.

Location of hotels    Good links with underground networks   Close to the airport   Totally non-smoking    Good restaurant     Close to client's office    Technology     Internet     Business centre    Swimming pool     Translation services    Free transport to hotel


Đáp án:

Location of hotels    

Good links with underground networks  

Close to the airport

Close to client's office   



Business centre

Translation services


B. Listen to the second part and complete the notes on the ways hotels are adding value to their guests' stay.

.......... (1) on a daily basis

Membership to the ........................ (2)


Transportation to and from the .............. (3)

A shuttle service to:

a) the ……………. (4)

b) the ...............(5) in which the client works


Đáp án:

1. Breakfast

2. health club

3. airport

4. local department store

5. offices


C. Listen to the third part and summarise the future developments in the business travel market that Sholto mentions.


Đáp án:

Technology: high-speed Internet, television on demand, lower cost telephone calls

Environmental policies: water conservation, low-energy lighting in bedrooms

Vocabulary Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 2: Travel – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. Match the words and phrases which have the same meaning. For each pair, decide which is British English and which is American English.

1. subway

2. city centre

3. carry-on baggage

4. one way

5. return

6. freeway

7. rest room

8. elevator

9. coach class

10. timetable

11. car park

12. queue

13. check

14. reservation

15. ground floor


a) line

b) lift

c) public toilet

d) schedule

e) economy class

f) single

g) first floor

h) bill

i) booking

j) round trip

k) downtown

I) motorway

m) underground

n) hand luggage

o) parking lot


Đáp án:

1. m

2. k

3. n

4. f

5. j

6. l

7. c

8. b

9. e

10. d

11. o

12. a

13. h

14. i

15. g


B. Use the American English words or phrases from Exercise A to complete this text.

My last overseas business trip was a nightmare from start to finish. First of all, there was a delay on the way to the airport, as there was an accident on the……………...(1). When I got there, I found the lower level of the airport ............ (2) was flooded. Next, my ............ (3) was too big and heavy, so I had to check it in. When we arrived, the …......... (4) was closed, and there were no cabs at all. After a long time trying to figure out the .............(5) and waiting in ............ (6) for 40 minutes, we finally got a bus .............. (7) and found the hotel. Then there was a problem with our room ….........(8), and, would you believe it, the ........... (9) wasn't working, and our rooms were on the fifth floor.


Đáp án:

2. parking lot

3. carry-on baggage

4. subway

5. schedule

6. line

7. downtown

8. reservation


C. Listen to the recording and check your answers to Exercise B.

Language Review Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 2: Travel – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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A. Complete each dialogue with the correct form of going to or will.


A. Have you decided where to hold the sales conference?

B. Yes, we .......... book the Emory Centre in Atlanta.


A. I can't find my passport.

B. OK, you look in your bag, and I…………. check the back seat of the car.


A. What are you planning to do in Tokyo?

B. We .......... meet our agent to discuss next year's advertising budget.


A. I'm afraid the flight's been cancelled.

B. I need to get there tonight. I ........... take the train. I think it leaves at nine.


A. The Hertz counter is a good place to meet.

B. OK, I ........... wait for you there.


Đáp án:

1. 're going to

2. 'll

3. 're going to

4. 'll

5. 'll


B. Choose the correct tense (present continuous or present simple) to complete the sentences.

1. We stay / are staying at the Ritz for next week's conference.

2. According to the timetable, the coach deports / is deporting from Victoria at 8:00, reaches Lille at 12:30 and arrives in Paris at 13:30.

3. Excuse me, what time is the conference beginning / does the conference begin?

4. What do you do / are you doing on Tuesday afternoon?

5. What time is this train getting / does this train get to Osaka?

6. Next time, I travel / am travelling to Madrid by train.


Đáp án:

1. are staying

2. departs

3. does the conference begin

4. are you doing

5. does this train get

6. am travelling


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