Sách Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 6: Money – Học Hay (Phần 2)

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Giáo trình Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 6: Money – Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 6: Money – HocHay

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Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 6: Money - Skills


A. Work in pairs. Student A, read the text (on picture 2) aloud to Student B. Student B, listen to Student A while reading the text on picture 1.
Correct any incorrect information.






B. Write all the numbers from the correct version of the article in Exercise A in full, according to the way they are pronounced.


Đáp án:

125 points: a hundred and twenty-five points

1.8 per cent: one point eight per cent

5,756.9: five thousand, seven hundred and fifty six point nine

189.1 points: a point hundred and eighty-nine point one

1 1.9 per cent: one point nine per cent

9,538: nine thousand, five hundred and thirty-eight

1 2.9 per cent: two point nine per cent

599p: five hundred and ninety-nine pence

5.2 per cent: five point two per cent

225'/4p: two hundred and twenty-five and a quarter pence

149p: one hundred and forty-nine pence

5.8 per cent: five point eight per cent

4023/4p: four hundred and two and three-quarter pence

2.5 per cent: two point five per cent

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Reading Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 6: Money – HocHay


A. Find idiomatic expressions in the article heading (page 55) which mean:

1. someone who does a lot of complicated business transactions

2. a young person who is very skilled or successful at something.


Đáp án:

1. wheeler-dealer

2. whizz-kid


B. Read the article and complete the profile.

Name (1)
Age (2)
Job (3)
Duties (4)
Company (5)
Work location (6)
IQ (7)
Personality / Strengths (8)
Current area of specialisation (9)


Đáp án:

1. Kieran Prior

2. 29

3. Finacial Analyst

4. Running a group of European equities and derivatives

5. Goldman Sachs

6. London

7. 238

8. Determined, smart, perceptive, likes challenges

9. Focusing on 20 companies



C. Find words in bold in the text that mean the following.

1. a financial market in which prices are falling

2. people who deal in shares and bonds

3. someone who carefully examines the financial state of a company

4. sudden and quick change

5. the area of a financial market where a particular company does business

6. the capital that a company has from shares rather than from loans

7. the careful examination of the performance of companies and stocks

8. the part of the economy made up by companies

9. the profit that a company makes in a particular period of time

10. things such as options or futures based on underlying assets such as shares, bonds and currencies


Đáp án:

1. bear market

2. traders

3. financial analyst

4. volatility

5. trading desk

6. equities

7. research analysis

8. business sector

9. earnings

10. derivatives


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Giáo trình Market Leader Intermediate – Unit 6: Money – Học Hay (Phần 2)



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