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Giáo trình Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 12: Products – Tiếng anh thương mại | Học Hay

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Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 12: Products - Listening


A. Four people were asked the question 'What is the best thing you have ever bought?'. Listen and, for each speaker, note what the product is, and why they think it was a great buy.


Đáp án:

1. Ford Mustang: it's eye-catching; fast and furious; virtually maintenance-free; comfortable; reliable; gives great performance; has great interior and exterior; is fun to drive

2. Trampoline: had hours of fun; been good for parties; weather-proof and durable; lasted over 12 years; good form of exercise; strong rigid frame, high-quality springs

3. Laptop chair: copies shape of your body when stretched out; aluminium and plastic frame; lots of pillows to support body; monitor suspended in front to prevent neck strain; keyboard and mouse designed for user's lap; curved frame provides back support; eye-catching; popular with design-conscious friends

4. Arab scarf: can be a sarong, scarf, turban, beach towel, bath towel, bag; dries in 15 minutes



B. James Wallman is Editor of LS:N, a lifestyle news network which follows trends and innovations in the retail and technology sectors. Listen to the first part of the interview and complete his notes for answering the question 'What makes a product great?'.

1. It should be easy to .............

2. It should solve a ............ or fulfil a ............ (example: ........................ ).

3. It should be ............ , ............ and make your life ............ and make things .............

Đáp án:

1. use

2. problem; need; electric car

3. functional; helpful; easier; better


C. James was asked which product of recent years has been the most exciting. Listen to the second part and correct the three mistakes in this summary of what he says.

It's the Testa Roadster. This is the new gas vehicle which goes from 0 to 60 mph in 34 seconds. I drove one from Paris to Cannes, and it was very exciting. The response from the accelerator is instant.

Đáp án:

It's the Tesla Roadster. This is the new electric vehicle which goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. I drove one from Nice to Cannes, and it was very exciting. The response from the accelerator is instant


D. Listen to the third part and answer these questions.

1. What product does James expect to see in the near future?

2. What does he sometimes not like about driving?

3. Where does he not like driving?

4. Which companies are mentioned?

5. What is the comparison with the 747 plane?

Đáp án:

1. The driverless car

2. Can be boring

3. In cities

4. General Motors, Google, Audi

5. You will be able to either drive the car yourself

or let the car drive itself, just like a 747 plane



E. Listen to the final part and complete this information about James Wallman.

his favourite product

the colour of this product

his job

what he is writing

uses Skype to talk to friends in which places?

Đáp án:

his favourite product Mac computer
the colour of this product black
his job journalist
what his is writing a novel
uses Skype to talk to his friends where? New York and Australia


F. Listen to the final part again and complete these extracts.

It connects me to ............ (1), because obviously I have ............(2) at home. When I go to a ...........(3) I have Wi·Fi, I take it with me when I go on ............(4) and I go to places that have Wi-Fi.

So for me, my ............ (5) and its connection to the ............ (6) and its connection to ............(7) around the world, makes it invaluable and makes my life more ............(8) and more ............(9).

Đáp án:

1. e-mail

2. Wi-Fi

3. cafe

4. holiday

5. computer

6. Internet

7. people

8. connected

9. fun

Vocabulary Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 12: Products – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. Check that you know the meaning of the adjectives below. Think of a product that matches each word. Compare your ideas with a partner. How many were the same?

attractive • comfortable • economical • efficient • expensive • fashionable   healthy • popular • practical • pure • reliable • safe


Đáp án mẫu:

I think French clothes are so attractive - I really like this year's summer collection in the La Redoute catalogue.

The main thing about Nike trainers is that they are comfortable- I can't wear ordinary shoes any more. The new Mini is very economical - it does 100 kilometres on six litres of petrol.

Hybrid cars are very efficient. They use far less petrol than normal cars.

Rolex watches are expensive - but they're worth the money.

Flared jeans are very fashionable at the moment ­ Levi's new range is very good.

Milk is often advertised as a healthy drink option.

If you want an example of a popular newspaper, look at The Sun in the U K - it sells over three million copies a day and is read by more than five million people.

The furniture at lkea is practical- you take it home and put it together yourself, so you don't have to wait for it to be delivered.

Bottled water companies usually claim that their product is very pure.

Japanese cars are famous for being reliable - I've had a Toyota for 10 years and it has never broken down.

Organic cleaning products for the home are safe to use



B. Complete this chart with adjectives with the opposite meanings to those in Exercise A.




Đáp án:

un- in- im-














C. Complete the sentences below with the words from the box.

best hard high high high long well

1. IBM manufactures ………….-tech computer products.

2. Timberland makes a range of ............-wearing footwear.

3. Hermes produces ..........-quality fashion accessories.

4. Coca-Cola and Pepsico both developed ............- selling soft drinks.

5. Duracell sells ............- lasting alkaline batteries.

6. Levi jeans are a ............- made clothing product.

7. Ferrari make ............- performance sports cars.

Đáp án:

1. high

2. hard

3. high

4. best

5. long

6. well

7. high


D. Look at this list of products. Which of the adjectives from Exercises A, B and C (including opposites) could you use to describe them?

bottled water

an MP3 player


a pair of jeans

a four-wheel-drive car

a perfume

a fast-food product

a laptop computer

Đáp án:

Bottled water: popular, pure, best-selling

MP3 player: high-tech, best-setting, fashionable

Soap: expensive, pure, high-quality

Pair of jeans: fashionable, popular, expensive

4wD car: comfortable, economical, efficient

Perfume: attractive, expensive, best-selling

Fast-food product: popular, unhealthy

Laptop: high-performance, efficient, inexpensive


E. Match the verbs (1-8) to their meanings (a-h). Then put the verbs into a logical order to show the lifecycle of one of the products from Exercise D.

1. launch

2. test

3. promote

4. manufacture

5. modify

6. discontinue

7. design

8. distribute

a) to stop making

b) to build or make

c) to introduce to the market

d) to change in order to improve

e) to try something in order to see how it works

f) to make a plan or drawing

g) to increase sales by advertising, etc.

h) to supply to shops, companies, customers

Đáp án:

1. c

2. e

3. g

4. b

5. d

6. a

7. f

8. h

Language Review Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 12: Products – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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A. Use this chart to make passive sentences. Then make similar sentences about products from your own country.

Diamonds    Microchips


Electronic goods    Coffee

Leather goods    Oil Rice

Watches    Coal

Mobile phones







Poland   Kuwait    Japan

the United States

Finland    Switzerland

Malaysia      Brazil

Spain    South Africa

Zambia    China


Đáp án:

Diamonds are mined in South Africa.

Microchips are produced/manufactured/made in the United States.

Semiconductors are produced/manufactured/made in Malaysia.

Electronic goods are produced/manufactured/made in japan.

Coffee is produced/grown in Brazil.

Leather goods are produced/manufactured/made in Spain and Zambia.

Oil is produced/refined in Kuwait.

Rice is produced/grown in China.

Watches are produced/manufactured/made in Switzerland.

Coal is mined in Poland.

Mobile phones are produced/manufactured/made in Finland.



B. Change these active sentences into the passive so that they sound more natural.

1. Somebody opened the Channel Tunnel in 1994.

2. They have chosen the new design.

3. Thousands of people see this website every day.

4. The employers asked the staff for their opinions.

5. A mechanic is repairing my car at the moment.

6. Somebody has found the missing file.

7. Somebody made this watch in Switzerland.

Đáp án:

1. The Channel Tunnel was opened in 1994

2. The new design has been chosen.

3. This website is seen by thousands of people every day.

4. The staff were asked for their opinions (by the employers).

5. My car is being repaired at the moment.

6. The missing file has been found

7. This watch was made in Switzerland



C. This article describes how a glass-making company produces some of its products. Complete it with passive forms of the verbs in brackets.

Our first glass products ........... (1) (launch) 30 years ago, and for the last 20 years, our production ............(2) (control) by computers. Some of the operations ........... (3) (perform) by robots. This keeps our prices competitive, because unit costs ............(4) (reduce), as we gain from economies of scale. In the last five years, some of our products ............(5) (manufacture) in China.

We produce a special type of glass, which ............(6) (design) to have a fire-polished finish and to be distortion-free. At the start of the process, the raw materials such as sand, soda, ash and limestone ............(7) (weigh). Then they ............(8) (blend) and ...........(9) (feed) continuously into a melting furnace. Recycled glass ............(10) (also feed) into the furnace in order to reduce waste.

The raw materials ............(11) (melt) inside the furnace. The molten glass ............ (12) (cool) and then it ............(13) (test) for stress. Customer orders ............ (14) (feed) into the computer, and sizes ............(15) (modify) to suit the needs of the customers. Finally, the glass ............(16) (cut), the panes of glass ............ (17) (load) into lorries and then they ..........(18) (distribute).

Our new self-cleaning glass ........... (19) (promote) recently by some of the biggest names in the building industry at the recent Wonderful Homes exhibition.

Đáp án:

1. were launched

2. has been controlled

3. are performed

4. are reduced

5. have been manufactured

6. is/has been designed

7. are weighed

8. are blended

9. (are) fed

10. is also fed

11. are melted

12. is cooled

13. is tested

14. are fed

15. are modified

16. is cut

17. are loaded

18. are distributed

19. has been/was promoted


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