Sách Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 3: Selling – Học Hay (Phần 2)

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Giáo trình Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 3: Selling | Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 3: Selling– HocHay

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Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 3: Selling - Skills


A. You are going to hear a conversation between Martin, Sales Manager of Pulse, an electric-car company, and Chen, an official from the Urban Transport Department of a city in China. Listen and answer these questions.

1. Why does Chen want to buy electric cars for the Transport Department?

2. Which of these do they discuss?

quantity • price • discounts • colours • delivery • warranty • models

3. What will they discuss after lunch?


Đáp án:

1. So that people can rent them to do their shopping and go about their business – they are trying to reduce pollution.

2. quantity, price, discounts, delivery, warranty

3. after-sales service


B.  Listen to the negotiation again and complete these sentences.

1. Chen: Yes, pollution is a big problem here. We're trying all sorts of ideas to reduce it ... I see from your ........................ that a standard two-seater car will cost about €12,000.

2. Martin: If you order 10 vehicles, you'll be paying us about €100,000, minus the 2% ............ we offer a new customer.

3. Martin: We could possibly deliver by late August, all being well.

Chen: Mmm, that might be OK, if you can ........................ by then.

4. Chen: Good, how about the ............ ? We'd like a long period.

5. Chen: What about payment? Do you offer ............ terms?

Martin: I'm afraid not. It's company ............ for a new customer. We need payment by bank transfer on receipt of the goods. Oh, and we ask for a ........................ of 20% of the value of the order.


Đáp án: 

1. price list

2. discount

3. guarantee delivery

4. warranty

5. credit; policy; down payment

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Vocabulary Market Leader Pre-intermediate – Unit 3: Selling– HocHay

A. Choose the correct word (a, b or c) to complete each sentence.

1. A ……………… is another name for a 'producer'.

a) supplier

b) distributor

c) manufacturer

2 Suppliers often sell large quantities of goods to ............ , who do not usually sell directly to consumers.

a) wholesalers

b) retailers

c) manufacturers

3. We offer a ............ to customers who buy in bulk.

a) refund

b) discount

c) delivery

4. We ask consumers who are not fully satisfied to ............ goods within seven days.

a) discount

b) refund

c) return

5. In order to get a full ............ , customers must send back goods in the original packaging.

a) discount

b) refund

c) return

6. Goods will be ............ within 24 hours of your order.

a) dispatched

b) purchased

c) exchanged

7. Goods are kept in our ............ until ready for delivery.

a) stock

b) storage

c) warehouse

8. Products and services offered at a large discount are generally a (n) .............

a) sale

b) bargain

c) offer


Đáp án:

1. c

2. a

3. b

4. c

5. b

6. a

7. c



B. Combine phrases from Box A with words from Box B to make word partnerships. Use the definitions (1-8) below to help you.


  after-sales     cooling-off     credit-card       interest-free      loyalty-card    method of       money-back    out of


   credit       details      guarantee     payment    period      scheme   service     stock


1. the time when you can change your mind and cancel an order cooling-off period

2. the name, number and expiry date on your payment card

3. the way you pay for the goods you want

4. when you can pay some time after you buy, but at no extra cost

5. when the goods you require are not available

6. a promise to return your money if you are not happy

7. the help you get from a company when you start to use their product

8. method for customers to obtain a discount on future purchases from the same organisation


Đáp án: 

1. cooling-off period

2. credit-card details

3. method of payment

4. interest-free credit

5. out of stock

6. money-back guarantee

7. after-sales service

8. loyalty-card scheme


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