Sách Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication – Tiếng anh thương mại – Học Hay (Phần 1)

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GIáo trình Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication – Tiếng anh thương mại – Học Hay

Video bài nghe Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

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Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication - Listening


A. Listen to the first part of an interview with Alastair Dryburgh, an expert on communication. Does he think technology makes good communication easier?


Đáp án:

No, he doesn't. He thinks it can make communication both better and worse.


B. Listen again. What four key points does Alastair make about communication?


Đáp án:

1. People have limited attention, so communicate as succinctly as possible.

2. Recognise that communication is about meaning, so don't dump lots of data on people.

3. It's as much about listening as it is about telling things.

4. If communication is going to be effective, there's got to be some sort of emotional connection in it.


C. Listen to the second part of the interview. Alastair gives an example of a company which has used technology to change the way it communicates with customers. Give reasons why it communicates well.


Đáp án:

Amazon communicates well because you always know where you are-you  get confirmation when you order something and further confirmation when the item is sent. They also make suggestions for things you might like to buy, based on what you've bought in the past or on what other people have bought.



D. Listen to the final part, where Alastair is describing a bad customer experience. What mistakes did the company make, and how could they have improved the customer experience?


Đáp án:

The company has introduced a computerised voice mail system that is very frustrating for the user:  it is very difficult to speak to a real person, the options don't correspond to the callers' problems and the caller ends up going round in circles or hanging up. The company should simplify the system and make it easier to get through to a real person.

Vocabulary Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. Which of these words apply to good communicators and which apply to bad communicators? Add two adjectives of your own to the list.

articulate     focused      reserved      coherent      hesitant     responsive     eloquent     inhibited     sensitive     extrovert     persuasive     succinct     fluent     rambling     vague


Đáp án:

Good communicators: articulate, coherent, eloquent, fluent, focussed, extrovert, persuasive, responsive, sensitive, succinct

Bad communicators: hesitant, inhibited, rambling, reserved


B. Which of the words in Exercise A have these meanings?

1. concise

2. reluctant to speak

3. talking in a confused way

4. able to express ideas well

5. clear and easy to understand

6. good at influencing people

7. outgoing

8. eager to react and communicate


Đáp án:

1. succinct

2. inhibited/ reserved

3. rambling

4. articulate

5 coherent

6 persuasive

7 extrovert

8. responsive


C. Complete the extract below from a talk by a communication expert with the verbs from the box.

clarify     confuse      digress      engage      explain      interrupt      listen      ramble

Good communicators really………… (1) to people and take in what is said. They maintain eye contact and have a relaxed body language, but they seldom ............ (2) and stop people talking. If they don't understand and want to ............ (3) something, they wait for a suitable opportunity.

When speaking, effective communicators are good at giving information. They do not ............ (4) their listener. They make their points clearly. They will avoid technical terms, abbreviations or jargon. If they do need to use unfamiliar terminology, they ............ (5) by giving an easy-to-understand example. Furthermore, although they may ............ (6) in order to elaborate a point and give additional information and details where appropriate, they will not ............ (7) and lose sight of their main message. Really effective communicators who have the ability to ............ (8) with colleagues, employees, customers and suppliers are a valuable asset for any business.


Đáp án:

1. interrupt

2. clarify

3. confuse

4. explain

5. digress

6. ramble

7. engage

Language Review Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication – Tiếng anh thương mại – HocHay

A. Complete the idioms below with the words from the box.

bush      grapevine       loop       point       purposes      stick       mouth       nutshell       picture        tail        wall        wavelength


a) to put it in a ............

b) to get straight to the ............

c) to hear it on the ............

d) to put someone in the ............

e) to get the wrong end of the ............

f) to be on the same ............

g) can't make head nor ............ of it

h) to talk at cross-............

i) to beat about the ............

j) to get it straight from the horse's ............

k) to be like talking to a brick ............

l) to keep someone in the ............


Đáp án:

a) nutshell

b) point

c) grapevine

d) picture

e) stick

f) wavelength

g) tail

h) purposes

i) bush

j) mouth

k) wall

l) loop


B. Match the idioms in Exercise A to these definitions.

1. to fail to understand anything

2. to share similar opinions and ideas

3. to give the main facts in a short, clear way

4. to not understand something

5. to delay talking about something

6. to give the latest information

7. to talk about the most important thing

8. to hear about something because the information has been passed from one person to another in conversation

9. to be told something by someone who has direct knowledge of it

10. to try to communicate with an unresponsive person

11. to include someone in group communication

12. to not understand someone


Đáp án:

1. g

2. f

3. a

4. e

5. l

6. d

7. b

8. c

9. j

10. k

11. l

12. h


C. Complete these sentences with the idioms from Exercise A in the correct form.

1. OK, I'll ............. I'm afraid it's the last time we're going to miss a deadline.

2. Paola and I and agree on most things. We seem to be .............

3. A lot happened while you were on holiday. Let me .............

4. I think we are ............. I mean next week, not this week.

5. He never gives you a straight answer. He's always .............

6. I ............ that he's been fired. Is it true?

7. The new organogram is very complicated, but to ............, we still report to the same manager.

8. I'm afraid that isn't right. If you think our biggest problem is communication, then you have .............

9. This document from our subsidiary makes no sense at all. I .............

10. I've tried to get my supplier to give us a discount several times, but they just won't. It's like .............

11. The company is going bankrupt. The CEO told me himself. I heard it .............

12. I'll need regular updates about the progress of the project. I'll also need to know what's going on when I'm away. Please .............


Đáp án:

1. get straight to the point

2. on the same wavelength

3. put you in the picture

4. talking at cross-purposes

5. beating about the bush

6. hear (or heard) on the grapevine

7. put it in a nutshell

8. got the wrong end of the stick.

9. can't make head nor tail of it

10. talking to a brick wall

11. from the horse's mouth

12. keep me in the loop


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GIáo trình Market Leader Upper Intermediate – Unit 1: Communication – Tiếng anh thương mại – Học Hay (Phần 1)



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